Sunday, November 19, 2006

Here Come The Cubs

So maybe the Cubs really do want to start winning.

Talk about a busy start to the offseason - Signed: Manager Lou Pinella, Aramis Ramirez, Kerry Wood, Mark DeRosa, and most recently, the crown jewel of the offensive free agent market - Alfonso Soriano to a solid pipe hitting contract: 8 years - $136 million.

He's a superstar, and in Chicago not only is getting paid like one, the fan base will no doubt welcome him with open arms and treat him like one.

He was a solid Yankee but I think it was right he was dealt away for A-Rod - if not for the value of A-Rod, then for the value we are realizing from Robinson Cano.

The Cubs will no doubt be a winning team again with this free agent signing - what are the odds they'll make the playoffs as soon as 2007?


The Scooter said...

Oh I think they can definately compete for a playoff spot.

I LOVE the moves they've made. Including hiring Pinella. They are going to be a fun team to watch and Sweet Lou will have them playing solid fundamental baseball.

Anonymous said...

Before, getting too excited about the cubs, wait to see what the other clubs in their division will do this off-season. The cubs still need to look at their pitching rotation and bullpen. Bringing back Kerry Wood is not the signing of a savior unless he can last beyond May 1st and Prior has been on the DL almost as much as KW. Granted the cubs have made some good signings - but pitching still wins games.

Crash said...

Unfortunately Anon. is right. It's about pitching, the Cubs don't have any. Wood will transition to the pen. In order to go anywhere they will need Prior to actually give them 30 starts next year. But what a top of the line up Sori, J. Jones, A-Ram and Lee...not bad.

If they get one free agent pitcher they will be in contention. Let's not forget the wild card came out of the weak West. All they have to do is be above .500 to be in the hunt in September.

Anonymous said...

No Nomar for the Yanks - re-signs with the Dodgers..

As it relates to pitching - don't forget they have some guy named Zambrano who's "OK".

And there are still several other pitchers available.

Cubs will make the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Jeter finished 2nd in the MVP race - to a Minn. Twin!

Outrage, perfunctory, outrage!!!!!!!

The Scooter said...

I'm sure Jeter cares more about the early playoff exit than losing out on the MVP.

I have no problem with Morneau, he had a great year and a super great finish. That being said, there was defiantely some Anti NY Bias with the vote. I think they just didn't want to give it to a Yankee two years in a row.

Crash said...

Is there 2 anonymous members posting here...if not then the 1 we've come to love to hate is suffering from split personalty. First he says the Cubs need pitching, then states they have pitching and will make the playoffs...first he hates Jeter, then is upset when he doesn't win the MVP...did you forget to take your meds again???

Keith Law on ESPN has a great rant about what a joke Morneau is as MVP.

Anonymous said...


There does appear to be to anonymous people printing out there. I am not suffereing from split personality. I believe Jeter is overrated as a ballplayer. While you don't want to believe it, Jeter has limited range and does not get to some balls that many shortstops get to. By the way, Larry Bowe in an interview said basically the samething.

While I have been a long time Yankee fan (longer than you have been alive) and have seen many shortstops play for the Yankees - I get tired of all the hype around Jeter. The MVP award going to the Twins Player was a good call.

Just call me Anonymous #1.

old professor said...

Crash I now have a new name so anonymous #2 can still come in as anonymous. By the way sorry for the spelling mistake in my first comment - the word should be two not to. Howerver whether I was anonymous #1 or the old professor, I still think Jeter is overrated as a ballplayer and doesn't display the leadership qualities to be a Captain. (He remained too silent during the A-Rod mess, As the Captain, he should have come out in support of a teammate - Munson, no matter what he thought of Reggie still came out in support of him when the there was a media frenzy. -Now that was a Captain.

The Scooter said...

OLD prof,

I thought you were going to correct your spelling of Larry BOWA.

Your analysis of Jeter is so off base it's almost laughable.

First of all, whatever balls he may not get to when moving to his left, he MORE than makes up for with his incredible range to his right. No shortstop playing today makes the play deep in the hole that Jeter makes on a regular basis.

Next, he is the consumate professional. He doesn't make baserunning mistakes, he doesn't throw to the wrong base, he gets the bunt down, he hits well situationally, he steals bases, and yes his teammates follow him and his coaches love him.

What he is not, is a phony. He came out in support of Giambi because he knew that Giambi at least has some heart. If he were to run interference for A-Rod, his teammates would have seen right through it, and he would have risked losing their respect. Did you ever think that the problem lies with your golden boy? There is a reason, why Seattle was so much better the year after he left, and there is a reason Texas was so much better the year after he left. Hell the Red Sox were better after he left and he only spent about 3 minutes with them.

The fact is, NO ONE comes out in support for A-Rod, because he is a jerkoff; he plays for stats; and he has no stomach for a big game. Maybe that will change. I'm hoping it does, simply because talent wise he may still be the best player in the game and if he gets his head and personality together he can help the Yankees win. If he doesn't, his cancer will fester in the clubhouse and he will bring the entire franchise crumbling to its knees.

And your Munson/Reggie analogy is flawed. Thurm HATED Reggie and he didn't care who knew it, but the reason that Munson had his back was because Reggie SHOWED UP when it mattered. You ever hear the name Mr. October? Now if A-Rod shows some heart and actually shows up for a playoff series or two, I have a feeling that Jeter will be more inclinded to do a little deflection for him.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving Middle Relief, Crash, 57, Anon (1 and/or 2) and even you Prof....and anybody else I missed.

Middle Relief said...

First of all - both analysis provided by Scoot and the Old Man and the Sea are wrong.

What's done is done in 2006. In 2007, A-Rod will either crumble and have an awful year, or he will rise up and put together one of the best offensive years in MLB history - INCLUDING THE PLAYOFFS.

And Happy Thanksgiving.

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