Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Braves Land Gonzalez

Atlanta and Pirates agree - Adam LaRoche (.285, 32 HRs, 90 RBIs) for Mike Gonzalez (54 IP, 64 SO, 24 Sv, 2.17 ERA).

Two good players.

Evidence that the ball club in Queens is asleep at the wheel, and will do what they usually do - 3rd place in the NL East.


57 said...

Please refer to the article titled "Minaya-cal".. we are ALL set and don't need to add to youth (Maine and Perez) and our offense is already tops in the leauge. Mets will be in first place by the All-Star break by 10 games.

Anonymous said...

Check out Jeter and A-Rod's favorite movie under lineup links at

The Scooter said...

They have a ball club in Queens???

Oh I'm sorry....In Yankeeland you have to win at least ONE championship in 20 years to be considered a ball club.

At least Jeter can sit back and watch "his favorite movie" while he is twirling his four championship rings..right before he takes Jessica Biel for a twirl.

Anonymous said...

Any chance the Yanks and Braves now might work a deal involving this kid - or are the Braves truly looking to rebuild the great pitching of the last decade and half?

Anonymous said...

Leo Mazzone was the Braves' best 'pitcher' back in 'the day'. Without his instruction, young pitchers will not develop as quickly as they used to with the Braves. (even though he rocked back and forth in the dugout for the entire game and made me vomit half of the time.)

old professor said...

If the Yankees and Braves begin conversations regarding Gonzales, Melky may want to start packing his bags.

I don't believe the trade for Gonzales is as important for the Yankees as it was a couple of months ago. They have added a number of arms to the pen and now have a veteran presence with the addition of Vizciano. (A well traveled long fly ball relief pithcer, but a veteran presence).

If they still need to tinker with the club through trades or signings, it will be for a proven starting pitcher.

With the pitchers and catchers scheduled to report in a few weeks, does anyone want to start a pool as to how long it will take into training camp before Pavano is on the self due to a hang nail?

I guess Cashman understands that if he can trade Pavano, he won't get much back and the Yankees will have to pay most of the salary, so keep him and hope he can pitch a 10 innings this season and win at least two games.

92 said...

57 - If by "all set" you mean letting other teams sign marquis players and getting better and the Mets getting older and worse... then I would agree with you.

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