Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Bronx to Host '08 All-Star Game

31 years after it hosted its last one, MLB announced that Yankee stadium, at 80 plus years old, will host the 2008 All-Star game as a send off for its final season.

MLB would not confirm or deny that the game will be the Yankees versus the rest of the league match up.

The Early over/under line for the number of pinstripes occupying roster spots is 8.


Anonymous said...

You can put this article at the top of the 'who gives a shit' category.

The Scooter said...

I'll take the over...here count em:

1) Damon
2) Jeter
3) A-Rod
4) Cano
5) Hughes
6) Dontrelle Willis
7) Jose Tabata
8) Mariano
and for # 9 and # 10 YOUR FAVORITE AND MINE......wait for it.......Karstens and Rasner

Anonymous said...

Here are mine:

1 - Torre (or his replacement)
2 - A-Rod
3 - Jeter
4 - Matsui
5 - Rivera
6 - Abreu
7 - Cano
8 - Hughes
9 - Ichiro

57 said...

1) David Wright
2) Carlos Beltran
3) Carolos Delgado
4) Tom Glavine
5) Jose Reyes
6) Endy Chavez
7) Billy Wagner
8) Paul LoDuca
9) John Maine
10) Willie Randolph..

Smoke on that.

The Scooter said...

Hey 57....I don't see Valentin on your list....your slippin.

Crash said...

Glavine will have to work out something with the AARP and Medicare if he's pitching in the all-star game in 2008.

57 said...

No, Glavine will retire after he wins 300 and a world title in 2007.

Steve Sax said...

That would imply he's getting traded to the Yanks by August then..

I'd like to see a Yankees vs. the rest of the league all-star game

old professor said...

What is the fascination with Tabata. He is only 18 years old. The last time the Yankees had anyone that young that was being projected as the next superstar, two names come to mind - Ricky Ledee and Ruben Rivera. Ledee is now 33 and waiting for a phone call from any team willing to give him the last seat on the bench. Rivera may still be trying to sell Jeter's glove outside of the stadium.

Tabata may be the real deal, but let's see if he can make the climb to Double A first. The Yankees rushed Melky Cabrera up too soon and he crashed and burned the first season. The fact that he came back last year as he did can be considered exceptional. They shouldn't make the same mistake with Tabata.

The Scooter said...


Tabata has an arm that's been compared to Vlad Guerrero's, speed and base stealing skills that bring to mind Rickey Henderson, the athleticism of a young Alex Rodriguez, and a command of the strikezone that they say is Giambi-like.

I think its fair to say that the Yanks have been over-hyping their prospects for some time, but there has been wide acclaim for this guy throughout baseball and other than Hughes, he is the first name that comes up when other clubs talk trade.

Could he prove to be a bust? Of course....but I'm hoping and believeing that he will be the real deal. I think the real question is, will he be a Yankee when that time comes....or will he be a pawn in a Dontrelle, Oswalt or Johan Santana trade.

57 said...

Santana will be in a Mets uniform by September.

The Scooter said...

Yea 57....Maybe Rafael Santana.

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