Sunday, January 28, 2007

Number 22 - Vacant

Last week Robinson Cano opted to release his ownership of number 22. Reports outside of YankeeLand say its because he wanted a number that has meaning to him. That number is 24, Jackie Robinson's number in reverse and Cano's way to represent. Which is fine and a nice feel good story.

Those inside of YankeeLand and in the know, point out that it is all too convenient for him to drop the number 22 which is the number that Clemens must wear when he pitches. Perhaps it is no longer a matter of if he pitches for the Yanks, but when as this is just another little obstacle removed for him not to.

Cano batted .342 last season and is the next great Yankee.
Carl Pavano pitched a bullpen session and did not break any bones. Next stop - AL CY Young
Jeff Weaver signed a one year deal with the Mariners - approx. $8mm. He'll fit right into the crowd in Seattle (grunge look) and was a solid deal for both parties involved - hopefully he can put together a full season of work and then get a multi-year deal to close out his career.
Anybody care that Todd Helton is headed to the Red Sox?

Spring Training is less than 3 weeks away!


sunqinwo said...
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The Scooter said...

Jackie Robinson had NOTHING to do with Cano changing numbers. Thank the best captain in sports for that. Jeter, in between marathon lovemaking sessions with Jessica Biel, called Cano and said "Hey, the Rocket's coming back, so drop #22 and prepare yourself for a world title....What a leader!

This just in...Pavano placed on the 60 day DL with a hangnail.

Why did Jeff Weaver get his own paragraph on this blog???

Strangely, I could care less if Helton goes to the Red Sox. In fact, if they have to give up Craig Hanson, as has been reported, I welcome the move. Helton's stats will continue to fall off a cliff based on injuries, age and leaving Coors Field.

old professor said...

It seems strange that the number 22 is special for Roger Clemens. I may be wrong, but he originally wore #12 with the Yankees and then switched to #22 his last two years with them. Cano is the professional ballplayer - we will hit and field regardless of the number on his back. He is just happy to be playing major league baseball. The game is still fun and not business for him.

Pavano won't break down until his first appearance in Spring Training. Best guess is he will try to field a slow grounder back to the mound and pull three or four muscles and be out for the next two years. Yankees may try to hire someone to drive for him, which may lessen the possiblilities of injuries do to motor vehicle accidents.

Weaver going to the Mariners makes sense - no pressure to win and it is a big park. His long fly balls will be caught instead of going over the fence. He will finish with a .500 winning pct and be rewarded by the Mariners with a multi-year contract.

old professor said...

Well the deal to bring Miguel Cairo back to the Yankees has been finalized. There had to be a better option out there then Cairo. It would appear the Yankees were the only team to make him an offer. Offensively he is not productive, why the fascination with keeping this guy on the roster?

As for Todd Helton, apparently the deal has hit a small snag. The Sox don't want to give up youth, but are willing to put Lowell and Taveras into the package. The Rockies want at least one of the young pitchers. The news is the disagreement on who to trade is actually occurring within Boston management. Go figure - they haven't learned from past Yankee mistakes of trading young talent for aging on the downside of a career veterans.

Mid Relief said...

Cario is a professional and Torre appreciates that - Perhaps there is no one down on the farm they can bring up to play platoon for the middle infield spots.

Lowell is a solid player and would be surprised, pleasantly, if he was no longer there and in return they got an in decline Helton. Helton's career #'s are good though, and maybe hitting in the hitters heavan (Fenway) would revitalize his stats.

The Scooter said...

Cairo is a career .268 hitter who plays all of the infield positions, runs the bases well, and is a great clubhouse presence. As Mid said, he's a pro, who won't bitch about playing time, won't make any mistakes in the field and who may even hit .250 for you if he has to (God Forbid) play any extended period at 2nd or short.

They could do worse with a utility infielder.

Crash said...

single game tickets go one sale tomorrow at 10am...

Anonymous said...

reports saying deal with Sox and Helton has fallen through.

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