Friday, February 02, 2007


Yankees offer Bernie Williams a minor league contract (Maybe its me, I'm sure it is just me, but is the front office trying to piss people off or what? Got to be damaging to his ego.)

The official winner of the AL MVP, Justin Morneau is learning the hard way what it means to be in a small market team. After posting a great season his reward? - a 1-year $4.5 million contract. CHUMP change by Ted Lilly standards!

Sosa signing on with the Rangers - shows desperation on both sides of that deal.

What will happen to Barry Bonds if he refuses to sign a new contract since the MLB commish rejected the deal between SF and Bonds earlier this week? He is such a piece of trash, and if or when he passes Aaron, there had better be a very, very, very large * next to his stats.


old professor said...

Bernie receiving an invitation to Spring Training puts the ball back in his court. The Yankees don't have a roster spot for him. They can't offer a major league contract without making modifications to the 40 man roster. So they give him an invitation. If someone gets hurt, he is given a contract. If they decide to carry less pitchers or one less first baseman, he has a spot. These are the only options open to him to remain with the Yankees, unless they trade one of their four outfielders during Spring Training.

He should turn the invitation down and retire gracefully.

The Sosa deal is interesting because it will show how much he has changed in a year without the sport and without the aid of artificial means to get stronger. It took Giambi about one full year to recover.

As for Barry Bonds, who cares. He will eventually sign a contract with San Francisco, start the season, be indicted and be out of baseball. It would be ironic if he is indicted and suspended and falls one home run short.

The Scooter said...

Bernie would increase his shot of getting a guaranteed contract with the Yanks if he brings his first baseman's mit to camp. I actually thought he would wind up in Cleveland because Showalter is there now as an exec, but once they signed Trot Nixon I guess that killed it. I wonder what Bernie would do if Theo offered him 1.5 guaranteed to be the fourth outfielder in Boston. That would be interesting.

I'm holding off my judgement on Sosa....Frankly, I'm just not that interested in him.

Talk about not interested in someone....Bonds! I love the idea Prof, of him falling one HR short...If the feds have an indictment ready to go, I think they should hold it until he has 754. Peter McGowen should rot in Hell for giving him a contract.....I hope karma strikes and Zito blows out his elbow in Spring Training

old professor said...

Barry Bonds latest pronouncement was that he planned on playing until he hit 1,000 home runs. I was unaware that Major League Baseball was going to expand to Folsom State Prison within the next couple of years.



tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.

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