Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pettitte Part II

Not perfect, but battle tested. Andy Pettitte was formally re-introduced as a Yankee this week and clearly he understands the stakes with this simple comment during his Yankee Stadium news conference: "We're not looking for playoff appearances, anything less then the World Series is kind of a failure".

He understands what so few on the outside looking in don't.
Apparently the Yanks are comfortable with Clemens not being ready to go until June/July. They've got several pitchers, several question marks (Pavano, Igawa, etc.), and by that time, they'll know better what they have and how aggressively they'll have to bid for Rocket's services.
A Jeff Karstens and Darrell Rasner sighting somewhere other than this site!! Joel Sherman on Yankees Hot Stove reported that in addition to the prospect of Clemens, another reason why they were willing to deal The Unit is because they like what they are seeing in some of the younger guys like Rasner and Karstens. What's up and get out of my face!

When these guys make their clutch spot starts and shut down the opposition for a crucial Yankee win this season, I won't say I told you so... but I TOLD YOU SO!


The Scooter said...

I'll take 14 wins from Pettitte over 17 wins from Randy Johsnon any day of the week.

As for Karstens and Rasner (from this point forward to be known collectively as "KARSTNER"), the fact that it was Joel Sherman reported about them is all you need to know. What...Next your gonna start listening to Lupica, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Jeter will make a significant amount of errors when Andy pitches because he'll be focused on Pettitte's ass rather than the ball that was just pitched.

The Scooter said...

OK, I admit...that was funny.

Middle Relief said...

Its too bad that Tom Brady plays for a team in New England. The guy just finds a way to get it done in the playoffs..

Its fitting that if Peyton wants to get to the Super Bowl he has to go through the player with the most rings..

Crash said...

Anyone see that Jeff Nelson signed with the Yankees again...then promptly retired. The guy helped win 4 rings and was reliable from the pen.

The Scooter said...

I'm happy for Jeff Nelson....Lets also remember that he bashed Torre the first time he left the Yanks....But he got some big outs during those championship runs.

old professor said...

Nelson may hve bashed Torre on the way out of town, but soon found out what it was like to play with other organizations. He only had nice things to say when he announced his retirement. (e.g. best four years of his professional career, greatest sport fans there are, etc). Next he will be sitting around a campfire holding hands with Steinbrenner and Torre and singing songs.

On a more serious note, the Yankees have been looking for a Stanton/Nelson tandem since they both left - no success yet.

Anyone have any news on whether they are going to bring Vallone back?

Crash said...

I haven't heard anything on Villone in some time. Last I knew Yanks offered him arbitration back in December, which he declined making him a free agent. I know several people have him listed as a top 10 free agent currently available. Haven't heard anything about who has shown interest in him. He was pretty solid right up to the point Torre decided to use him for 2 or 3 innings out of the pen, then start him, then a couple more from the pen. He just got over used. I hope the Ynaks bring him back but I don't think it will happen. I think Cleveland seems like a decent fit for him.

Anonymous said...

Ron Villone should be left alone - he had his chance and didn't have the durability.

57 said...

I Hate the Yankees.

Support the Troops