Thursday, February 15, 2007

Uh Oh, Bronx Zoo in Tampa?

First, the closer.... not a closer.... the closer isn't feeling the love and wants respect. Talking contract situation with the media. Cashman makes the call, clears the air and come to an understanding. OK fine.

Second, the Bernie Williams issue. He's feeling a little bent (justified in my view) about being offered the minor league deal. Joe Torre makes the repeated sales pitch to come into Spring Training and see what happens.

Third, Mike Mussina, you know, the guy who delivered a nice fat choke ball in game 2. Questioning Carl Pavano's desire to play after Pavano puts in a solid day at the office.

We haven't even completed the first week yet!


Middle Relief said...

Mussina is starting to truly piss me off. Win 20 games, maybe show up in the playoffs, then, call out suspect players - because let's face, he's one of them.

The Scooter said...

First, Mariano will retire a Yankee. No worries....this is called "negotiations"'s the world that we live with it.

Second, If you want Bernie to get a last hurrah Messier like contract just because of who he is and what he has done for they Yankees, well that's very sentimental of you but unfortunately NOT based in reality. Come to camp; win a job; and stop crying about feeling disrespected.

Third, Moose has busted his ass and taken the ball whenever asked. This has nothing to do with perfomrance; this has to do with willingness to work and to fulfill your contract. He is completely justified in calling Pavano out. One "solid day at the office" does not make up for all the headaches that Pavano has caused. Hey, I'm the first one rooting for Carl to be successful this year, but it's HIS fault and HIS fault alone that he has to deal with doubts about his heart. He can fix it by working hard all spring and by taking the ball every fifth day...sort of like what Mussina has been doing for the Yankees for years.

Mid, it amazes me how you continue to have such poor feel and lack of understanding on the most basic of issues.

Anonymous said...

basic issues like not showing up for the 2nd half of the season and choking in the playoffs - like Mussina has done year in and year out?

When you blindly slurp players you lose credibility.

The Scooter said...
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old professor said...

Cashman made his press conference regarding Mariano sound familiar with the Bernie Williams press conferences prior to the offering of a minor league contract. "Mariano has done a lot for the franchise". "He has meant a lot to this franchise." "We have to consider the financial impact of a long-term (meaning in this case two years) contract on the franchinse."

Sounds like they are beginning to open the door to let him go. I can't believe Mariano will give the Yankees a hometown discount. If Cashman feels it has to be handled as a business, the player needs to approach it the same way.

Before, there is a general lynching of Mussina. Go back over the last four years and determine how many games the bullpen choked up after moose left the game. I can count 3 or 4 games in each of the last three years. At least once, it cost him a twenty game season.

Middle Relief said...

The fact is Moose does not get it done when a team needs him most.

Year in and Year out he is either tops or in the the top 3 for wins by the All-Star break. From that point on as the playoffs get closer, he is not the same player. Kenny Rogers part deux in my view.

Anonymous said...

What's next? How is the barometer on the Jeter/Gay-Rod relationship important information to the sports world. Does Jeter and A-Gay need to have man love in the dugout in order for this topic to die??? This is the biggest breakup news since Britney and K-Fed.

While those two idiots are caught up in the soap opera, 'As The Bronx Turns', the Queens Commandoes are eating nails and crapping lightning getting geared for a 2007 Championship run. David Wright = MVP

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