Monday, March 05, 2007

Igawa Roughed Up In Debut

Let's hope Kei Igawa's MLB regular season debut goes better than his pre-season one.

40 pitches, 1 inning, 2 earned runs on 2 hits and the worse stat of all - 3 BB's.

Despite Igawa's Mussina-like performance, the Yanks won again, and are now 5-0 in the Grapefruit League.


Crash said...

Well if Igawa keeps stinking it up that makes room in the rotation for Hughes.

Anonymous said...

I think its just part of a larger discussion that everyone keeps dodging..

and that is, making Pavano the #1 starter.

Crash said...

Before Pavano missed the last 2 years he had a reputation of not working hard and being lazy. After 2 years of stupid injuries and being called out by every "team mate" you would think he would be excited and have a little spring in his step, give it a little extra to show he's pumped up and excited to be here. To prove something. But no. Apparently after every inning he nonchalantly walked to and from the mound like he's been there all this time.

I don't think he'll be close to #1, but unfortunately it looks like the Yanks will have to rely on him to make a start every 5 days.

Anonymous said...

Look jer - I don't care if he crawls from the dug out as long as he's getting batters out...

.. why is it, that all you "yankee fans" blindly slurp people like Mussina and Igawa and other players turning in sub-par performances, and ignore those who are looking like they're getting it done?

Why? because you're too busy giving a reach around to Jeter.

old professor said...

It amazes me that everyone seems to be getting into a mid-season form regarding making judgements about the 25 man roster. Lighten up Spring training is for hitters to get their stroke back and pitchers to strengthen their arms.

Igwa will be what he was signed to be a reliable #4 or #5 starter. Crash, as for Pavano, he hasn't pitched in 1 1/2 years he will get it back if he still wants to pitch. As for not running to the dugout or pumping his fist. if he ran to the dugout and fell causing an injury you would be all over him for getting hurt again. Yeah and let him pump his fist in the air and pull a rib cage.

The real thing to be watching is the competition between the pitchers vying for the last spot in the pen. Henn has been more effective than Vallone, and Rasner has thrown well. The yankees are facing a dilema they haven't had in a long time - a good supply of young arms.

And before Mid-relief gets to excited over the yanks Spring Training record - three of the five wins have come late when all of the young minor leaguers, who won't break camp with the team, are in.

M R said...

By the way - in the game two nights ago where the Yanks tied the Reds - how about Rassner going 3 shut out innings with no walks and only one hit.

Given how well Karstens and Rassner have been so far in Spring Training - Igawa could find himself in the middle relief zone not the #5 starter.

the Scooter said...

LOL @ Karstens and Rassner....But at least we are finally talking about them in the right role..."possible fifth starter".....and not the # 2 and # 3 starters this blog has been touting them for.

They are both Triple A pitchers...who until they are traded or released will get the occasional spot start or mop up relief appearance.


Wang 17-6

Pettitte 15-8

Moose 18-4

Pavano (will be traded to the Braves for young catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia)

Igawa 12-12

Phil Hughes 10-2

old professor said...

Scooter, You have Igwa going 12-12, that is a lot of starts and a lot of innings. You perdiction leaves the Yankees with 72 wins. That would mean the bullpen will need to come up with 28 wins for the Yanks to make the playoffs.

Pavano (if he stays healthy and that is a big if) can contribute 12 to 15 wins. If he begins having the emotional problems of his first year he will be gone before the end of April.

The Scooter said...


I don't think it will take 100 wins to make the playoffs. Last year none of the division winners won that many.

95-97 wins should do it.

72 wins from the rotation
5 wins from spot starters
20 wins from the bullpen

Last year the Yanks got 62 wins from their top 4 starters...Which is EXACTLY the total I predict for Wang, Andy, Moose and Kel.

Mid Relief said...

Karstens 3 more innings, 4 k's, no earned runds and no walks... 2 wins thus far in the spring training.

These guys are making the most of their opportunity

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