Sunday, March 11, 2007

Karstens Impresses In Unexpected Start

Jeff Karstens got the unexpected nod a few nights ago as the scheduled starter, Carl Pavano, was scratched at the last minute due to his girlfriend's severe medical condition.

Karstens pitched 3 innings in the win over the Rays, and allowed no runs. In fact for the pre-season, he has gone 5 innings, no runs, 5 K's, and no walks. Andy Pettitte and Darrell Rasner are the only other pitchers that have matched Karstens productivity this Spring.

Joe Torre was impressed by the performance saying afterword: "He's quietly pitching pretty well, isn't he - He's been very impressive. His velocity was more than it was when we saw him last year."

I'm glad we have Pettitte, and as long as Mussina can show up past August this year I'm glad we have him as well. The bottom line is though, with the likes of Wang, Hughes, Rasner, Karstens and Igawa, in the mix these young guns maybe the better option. Regulators - mount up!

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