Friday, May 04, 2007

Dont' Call It A Comeback...

What me worry???? Yanks take 3 from the lowly Texas Rangers.

Pitching: Mussina looked pretty good for his first start off of the DL. Pettitte did OK even though the relief cost him a win for the third time. Mo gets two saves in one day. Hughes going to the DL creates room for Rassner to get yet another opportunity to show us what he's got. How about the ball that Bruney planted in Sosa's head?? Loved Bruney's reaction after the pitch - blows a snotter on the field while everyone else is making sure Sosa is alive - he reminded me of the Duke from Major League (the third best baseball movie of all-time behind Bull Durham and The Natural).

Hitting: Just as I'm getting ready to call for the head of Mientkiewicz he goes and hits a key HR (I still think Phelps is a better, more sensible option and is being misused by Torre, the displeasure is evident on Phelps' face as well). Matsui was clutch. Abreu needs to find his manhood. There should be a rule against #3 hitters squaring to bunt - maybe we can trade him for a 4th rounder.

Defense: Giambi - turned a Tino-like DP in game 1.

Random Thoughts: Yanks should consider filing a complaint against the league schedulers. How is it fair for the Bombers to fly in from Texas, probably arriving at 6 am - to face a team a few hours later that had to travel from Boston? It seams to me, that every team, except the Yanks, get a day off for travel time before starting another series..... The best team in the NL - the Milwaukee Brewers?!?! ...... How much ahead of the curve are we compared to the ham and eggers that claim to be "the biggest Yanks fans" calling for a look into the training a full month before Marty was told to look for another job.... It'll be interesting to see if Igawa picks up where he left off from the last time we saw him.... Prediction: Yanks take 2 of 3 from Seattle.


57 said...

It's May

old professor said...

Mussina did look good for the time he was in there. Needs to follow that up with another good start. Interesting dilema for Joe next time through the rotation. Both Pettitte and Mussina are creatures of habit and like to pitch every fifth day and have a history of not pitching well if it falls on the sixth day. Since both Mussina and Pettitte pitched yesterday, which one goes with five days and which goes with six (or if possible only four days rest).

Let's not get ahead of the game three games over Texas is good, but it was Texas. The need to carry momentum into Seattle series.

Seattle has to be searching for answers - they light Dice-K up for five runs in the first and tack on two more over the next four and still lose the game. The news there is Dice-K got lit up.

Yankees have taken the first step out of the basement of the East.

The Scooter said...

Three in a row....almost at .500

Damn that Torre is a genius, isn't he guys?

Ketchup Boy, by the time you and I go to Yankees/Mets in June, the Bombers will be in first place. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get to see Clemen's first start back with the Yankees.

old professor said...

The Yankees are about ready to make a move with the 40 man roster. While Rasner will probably replace Bean on the 25 man roster and pitch on Sunday, The Yankees have announced they will bring Matt DeSalvo up to pitch on Monday.

DeSalvo has pitched well at Scranton, but he is not on the 40 man roster - someone has to be released or designated for assignment.

Mike Myers or Nieves might want to consider packing their bags. Best guess, they keep Myers and designate Nieves for assignment. The kid has not had a hit since 2005 and will probably clear waivers and be outrighted to Scanton. He really looked terrible at the plate in Texas (curveball made him look really foolish). This would leave Phelps as the backup catcher.

Hopefully, Posada doesn't jam a finger, pull a muscle or need prolonged time out of the lineup.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Phelps as back up catcher if it means more playing time for him - give him the ABs he'll produce.

The Scooter said...

Can Phelps handle the back up catchers job, defensively? I know he came up as a catcher but how much time has he had back there recently. I don't believe he played any spring training games behind the plate.

I'm telling ya, Flaherty would need two weeks in Triple A....suit him up.

Mid said...

What the freak - Yanks can't hold an 8-1 lead?!

The Scooter said...

Wang pitches into the eighth....and pitches superbly...Yankees get a much needed win and rest for the bullpen.

Damn...Torre just may be the best manager in the Bigs.

The Scooter said...

JOSH PHELPS is my new favorite Yankee. He just ran over the Mariners catcher for no apparent reason. A little attitude is just what this team needs.

I have a feeling this game is going to get interesting.

The Scooter said...


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