Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yankees Roll - Rocket Lands In The Bronx

Lots of stuff here that are worthy. We'll start with the big headline and then move to these last three games versus the Mariners.

As everyone found out just recently - Roger Clemens is coming back as a Yankee. 1 year deal - $28 million. Serious Jack. After I calmed down, I thought it was interesting to hear his speculation on when he'll be making his return - could be in Boston 1st week of June. My feeling is that would be fun, but way too over the top and will probably have him take the mound a week later in the stadium against the Pirates.

Implications on the pitching staff: If merit has anything do with it, Rassner who after 4 games has a 2.75 ERA would be moved as the permanent #5 starter, and Igawa shipped out for long middle relief like a Mendoza type. Implications on the team in general is clear - confidence. The #1 ingredient in playing like a Yankee is the confidence and expecting to win everyday. The guys in the dugout looked like kids on Christmas morning when the announcement was made.

Kudos to Brian Cashman on getting the deal done. Cashman has now out dueled Boston's front office on three very high profile deals: A-Rod, Damon, and now Clemens. I'm glad he's on our side - when he's given the green light to get it done - he gets it done. Awesome job.

Lesser Notes of Interest: Yanks have now won 5 of their last 6. Starting pitching is always the story and take a look at the job that Wang and Rassner did. They stepped it up huge. I liked Phelps aggression, but it was unnecessary running over Seattle's catcher the way he did. At least he took getting plunked like a man and just trotted to first. Posada and Giambi are off to great starts to the year batting .344 and .319 respectively. Jeter looks to give the batting crown yet another run as he's stepping in at .353. I believe Pavano is done for the season - I thought I heard that, but have yet to find it confirmed anywhere. Matt DeSalvo gets his shot at the show - yet another promising prospect coming from the farm. Yes, having Clemens back is exciting and we want to win now, however, I would say that with the likes of Wang, Hughes, Rassner, Karstens, Wright and DeSalvo on the Pinstripes payroll- 2009 may not look so bad either.

What a weekend of sports. Sabres advance, what a f$%^&! game Friday night was, and now we can look forward to a series against the dastardly skaters from Ottawa. Mayweather beat the Golden Boy much to my disappointment, and the Kentucky Derby happened didn't it?? Punctuated by the return of two time Yankee World Series champion Roger Clemens. What a weekend indeed.


Middle Relief said...

Looks like Nieves is staying and they are sending Rassner back down to make room for DeSalvo.

The Scooter said...

Rassner was great. This just in...He just threw another first pitch strike. I'm impressed...and that says a lot considering where I was on him when the season started.

Who cares that Phelps was out of line? Good for him....Proctor showed that the Yankees have had enough of being thrown at no matter what the situation...and Bruney leading the charge as the bullpens came running in was classic.

You wanted Torre's team to show some fire...well you got it.

Wang/Pettitte/Moose/Rocket/Rassner sounds good to me....This next month is a tryout for the fifth starter (at least until Hughes comes back). Could be Rassner, could be Karstens, could be Igawa, could even be DeSalvo.

Amazing what a week will do. Now its time to pick up some ground on the Red Sox.

Mid, easy before you start throwing bouquets at Cashman...Clemens agent sais it best..The Yankees wanted him yesterday and the Sox and Astros wanted him later in the summer. That (plus $28 mil) is why he's a Yankee...Cashman gets kudos for not screwing it up....but that's all.

Mid said...

I"ll be interested to hear about the conversation the Steinbreiner and Clemens had - Clemens mentioned he would talk about it at the end of the season.

CrashDavis said...

Pavano is done for this year and next as he is electing to have Tommy John surgery. This effectively ends his Yankee career. $40M for 19 starts and 5 wins...what a steal that was.

No try out for # 5 Karstens has the broken leg. I believe Igawa has been deported after his last showing. I think he's rooming with Irabu somewhere.

Chump move by Phelps, I expect that from someone playing for Boston not NY. Proctor was an idiot, he has a hard enough time throwing strikes. He should try doing that more instead of throwing behind someone.

While I'm thrilled ROcket is back in Pinstripes, I don't think he will post a sub 3 ERA in the AL East. This is much different than the weak NL central.

old professor said...

Too bad about Pavano - Tommy John Surgery will allow the Yankees to move him to the 60 day DL and remove him from the 40 man roster. This will allow the Yankees to add Clemens without having to release one of the young players on the list.

As for Igwa, once Clemens is placed on the 25 man active roster, Igwa will be going to Scranton to learn to pitch in the US. In all likelihood, Rasner will be back as the long man or #5 starter.

In Phelps' defense, he didn't know where the ball was when he was headed to the plate. If Jojima catches the ball and tags Phleps out, the inning is over and the lead doesn't grow - oh yes and Mid-relief would be screaming that Phelps should have run him over.

I will wait to see how Clemens pitches before I get caught up in all the hoopla. The guy will be 45 and is prone to, should I say it, hamstring pulls.

If he can give six strong innings everytime out, it will be a plus. 4.5 million a month is a lot of money.

The bullpen now seems to be getting some rest.

One last comment - glad to see Proctor protect his teammates - needs to make it less obvious. He also didn't show too much smarts inviting a guy holding a bat to "come on let's get it on".

Anonymous said...

A forgotten shout out due to all the news - how about Mike Meyers nutting up and going 4 innings in the 15 to 11 blow out.

guy usually shows up for 1 batter, and goes 4 innings sacrificing himself for the good of the team - a champion quality!!

Mid Relief

The Scooter said...

I think Phelps' explanation was dead on:

"I had to be determined to do whatever I had to do to score that run, and that's what happened. I was going to make an aggressive move, and it was a collision,'' Phelps said.

"In that situation I'm rounding third and I know he can throw. I don't have time to look back for the ball.

"As soon as I saw him start to squat, that tells me he's getting ready to receive the ball. I'm not going to let him catch the ball and tag me.

Hindsight is easy; when you're out there, it's quick. There isn't a lot of time to think it over, and the way those guys were pitching, one run was going to be big.''

Awesome....I'm really liking this guy....Paul O'Neil would do the same thing. Score no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Phelps for President?

old professor said...

I am very interested in seeing what Matt DeSalvo can do tonight. At one point in his career, he was a highly thought of prospect on the 40 man roster. After Spring Training last year (2006) he was designated for assignment, cleared waivers and was assigned to Columbus. Did not have a very good year (believe it was 1-6). Pitched well this year in spring training and has been lights out in Scranton.

Kid is only 26 and may have a strong upside. Another heavy sinker ball pitcher.

If only half of the pitchers that are in their 20's pan out for the Yankees, they could be set for a long time into the future.

The other looming question, what do you do if DeSalvo pitches well an earns a victory - give him another shot??

Anonymous said...

NO - its one and done for him.

Rassner should be the one to stay.

Much said about the jack for Clemens - what's it worth on a per pitch and start basis... at the end of the day, when being measure by that, it looks like Pavano's contract is way more expensive

57 said...

Suzyn Waldman had an orgasm in the pressbox yesterday when Clemens announced his return. She sounded like an IDIOT. You need to hear it if you have not heard it yet.

You would think Jesus H. Christ made his triumphant return to earth. She sounded ridiculous.

57 said...

...and by the way, another mess up by Cashman. Why pay $4.5 million per month on a one year deal with the young pitching talent he has right now.

Stupid move. Oman Minaya is king.

The Scooter said...


I thought Susan was fantastic with her genuine excitement. She spent her career watching Clemens grow in to the Hall of Famer he is today, from his early days in Boston to his years in the Bronx. And yes Jesus H might have been able to walk on water...but how many rings does he have?

and why are you so worried about how Cashman spends Steinbrenner's money? I think I sense a little envy there. You should spend more time worrying about how many more starts you are going to get from El Duque this year and when the next time Oliver Perez is going to implode....and oh yea....I would be worrying about the Braves if I were you.

Mid Relief said...

Jesus' middle initial is H??

57 said...

Fact is, Jesus has one ring already. Do you think Bill Buckner tanked that ball without help?

Over/Under on when Clemens blows a hamstring... 5 starts. Oh how I hope his first game is June 15th at Spankmee stadium vs. the Metropolitans.

old professor said...

Regarding Clemens, the Yankees caved in on the part-time availability issue. Clemens is free to be in Houston with his family when he is not pitching. WRONG MOVE. If he wants to be a Yankee, he should be with the Team. Even Pavano (who??) can be spotted in the dugout supporting his teammates.

It also looks like DeSalvo will get a second start in Seattle. So much for one and done. If he proves more effective than Rasner, then he gets the nod.

Anonymous said...


Agreed. The part-time employement is a joke...

Omar Minaya would never let that happen.

CrashDavis said...

I was listening to The Herd Monday and Coherd was making comparisons of Waldman's reaction to a Ric Flair interview. It was hilarious. Check out the audio at

old professor said...

Waldman is an embarassment to broadcasting. She has never had a thought of her own while in the booth. She tends to repeat/reword everything said by her broadcast partner.

Can't figure out for the life of me why they keep bringing her back year after year.....

And to the Met fan that continues to clog this site with Met's dribble - Early spring is where the Mets fans are led to believe like the little engine that could. Fall is where the little engine finally blows up from the pressure. We will see if the Mets GM is still the king (p.s there was only one king and he is dead and buried at Graceland).

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