Monday, May 07, 2007

Igawa Shipped; DeSalvo Jipped

The question was answered today in terms of who was coming off of the 40-man roster. Kei Igawa had his ticket punched and is headed south of the border to Tampa. Interestingly enough, he'll be down there the same time as Clemens, and may have the opportunity to spend some serious time with him. Maybe he'll be able to see and learn first hand the work ethic and preparation that Clemens puts in and what you have to do to make it big in the big leagues.

On another note today - the Yanks lose a game that was in hand and set up perfectly. Bull pen did not hold (again), and Rivera, one out away from shutting the inning down, gives up a homer (again) - Frustrating. I think DeSalvo should have been given the opportunity to win the game, stay in longer, he deserved it. Baby and nurture the players when down on the farm, let them play like a big leaguer when in the Bronx. (Obviously, after the Hughes injury, there's no way they would not have a strict pitch count for him)

It is more than worthy to note that the Mariners' run in the 8th was bull shit as the 2nd base ump decided that when you get tagged two and half fee away from the bag - you're safe. At least for tonight's game anyway.

DeSalvo continued to perform as if he was still in Scranton. 7 IP, 3 Hits, 1 Earned. I think the numbers look better than he performed, but he was able to get himself out of the jams he put himself in and he did deserve the win and got it done for the full 7 - good job. Now that Igawa is gone, perhaps both he and Rassner will get a shot to stay longer term and given further opportunities to make a positive impact on this club.

And on a final note - is there a more perfunctory player right now than Bobby Abreu? The guy is cold. He had two golden opportunities to show he could get it done and he didn't leaving 6 men on base. Bases loaded, two outs, he grounds out. In the ninth, Jeter on 2nd, 2 outs, just make contact and he'll come home and tie, and what does he do? Because he has no confidence, no heart to win when it really counts, and is about as much of a man as Paris Hilton, he watches a pitch right down the freaking middle for a called strike three. Great job Bobby, way to go down like a chump. Maybe he needs a couple of days off to locate his manhood.

Bad way to start the week.


57 said...

and I'd like to get everyone's opininon...

old professor said...

Igwa has actually been shipped to Class A Tampa but stays on the 40 man roster. Hopefully Clemens will be able to impart some knowledge to him.

DeSalvo was ruined by a very bad call by the umpire at second base. The baserunner was out by three feet, but the fat assed ump was out of position and still moving when the tag was made. Farnsworth should have been out of the inning. Jojima's single was a squib of the bat - it happens.

The real concern is, we are in May, Rivera has taken another loss and his ERA is around 9.00. If he isn't able to close games, the Yankees are going to be in trouble no matter how well the starters look.

In addition to the concern about Rivera, the offense went 1 for 11 with runners in scoring position.

DeSalvo has already been told he will pitch on Saturday. I he pitches well again, he will earn another. He seems to be more aggressive and throws a little bit harder than both Rasner and Karstens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rivera is feeling a little pressue being a contract year??

Anonymous said...

or Maybe Rivera sucks.

Mid Relief said...

I say to wife:

wife, we are heading into the 2nd week of May and I don't think A-Rod has hit a homer since the end of April,... low and behold while engaged in this conversation he tags one to center for his 15th of the year.

I need an agent, someone call Cashman.

Anonymous said...

glad to see torre take action on abreu and move him down in the line up.. not glad to hear about Giambi bone spur in foot... good and bad.. good and bad


old professor said...

Can't figure what it is about Abreu, he doesn't seem to be attacking the ball as he used to- you have to wonder if he is another one pressing over free agency.

With Giambi, he will play through the pain in the heal, may not affect his swing, but will affect his ability to run, which wasn't something to brag about to begin with. Statistically when he runs for timings in the 40, they break out a calendar.

There are three people in the batting order that need to get back on track: Cano, Damon and Minky (though he may finally begin hitting his weight).

The Scooter said...

Abreu's a hitter...he will hit. He's just in a prolonged happens.

Anyone know the prognosis on Giambi? Prof says he will play through the pain...has that been confirmed or is he headed to the DL?

old professor said...

Giambi has a bone spur near the heal of his foot. Has been a problem in the past. Not expected to play on Wednesday, he does not expect it to be a DL issue (his name is not Pavano). Would really hate to see him go on the DL because he has gotten into a groove hitting and the DL would bring that to halt.

Giambi believes the hard field in Texas aggrevated the issue (another reason he needs to only DH).

57 said...

Maybe if Giambi did not swallow horse chokers for years, or inject jesus juice into his blood he would be healthy right now.

Dwight Gooden was one of the greatest pitchers of all time.

57 said...

I guarantee that Carlos Delgado has better numbers than Abre-boo, and Giambroid by the all-star break.

David Wright officially came out of his slump today.

If MLB pitchers have any stones, they would all form a moratorium on pitching to Barroid Bonds and intentionally walk him for the rest of his carrer. Even with the sacks drunk.

I lost a little respect for Mattingly for not arguing the horrible missed call at second the other night. That 'non-move' pushed Keith Hernandez to #1 on the list of the greatest New York first baseman of all time.

Rafael Santanta was better than Jeter.

Anonymous said...

Right now, both Yankee first baseman have better numbers than Delgado.

The Scooter said...

Hey Barbeque Sauce,

Dwight Gooden was one of the greatest pitchers in the Florida Penal System.

Does Delgado still play for the Mets?

Cano didn't even argue that call. Must have been an optical illusion.

Carlos Santana is better then Reyes.

Anonymous said...

The only optical illusion that night was when Jeter thought he was attracted to a woman that walked by...but then quickly realized that could not be the case.

old professor said...

To our ever loving Met's fan, You mention Gooden - Alcohol and drug rehab remember?? Hernandez - Cocaine issue in his past with yet another Met great - Strawberry.

Two of those three could only play for the Yankees after they apparently cleaned up.

Anonymous said...


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