Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yanks Take 2 of 3 From Sox

The Bombers bounced back and handled the Sox tonight actually winning a series! Walk before you run I guess.

I was very impressed with how the Yanks played the Sox this time around. They showed some edge. The A-Rod slide in game 2 was hard, probably dirty, but I thought it was appropriate. I'm glad he's showing some grit. If you can forgive the double plays, then its easy to see that Matsui is such a professional hitter isn't he? It is no coincidence that A-Rod has been picking it up since Matsui is hitting in front of him. Pettitte puts in yet another strong performance - he has returned as a leader. Looked like Damon had a little extra gas in his step as he was aggressive the entire series on the base paths. Cano has found the stroke again, and even our 1st basemen appears to be Major League stuff lately.

At the end of the day though - it is Jeter who is leading this team. Batting over .600 with runners in scoring position, hitting .367 on the season, busting out a triple in his final AB of this series - Simply put: he plays like a champion. Will his team follow his example and put a string of wins together and get back in this thing? - that is the question that is to be determined.

On Deck: The 2nd outing for Tyler Clippard. High hopes he can put in a repeat performance.

Two Sour Notes: I've been on board with Giambi the day he signed with the Yanks. I think my attachment to him has to do with the fact he helped me consistently beat my brother in baseball on Play Station - be that as it may, word is he failed a drug test - this time for speed. Caught once and apologize and turn a new leaf... OK fine - keep doping though, and you have to truly question the character of this guy. When you pile on the bad slump he's in, and the comments to USA Today - it's almost like he's daring the front office to void his contract. I hope this guy turns it around - cleanly.

Cashman commented to the press today that Carl Pavano is headed for Tommy John Surgery. When you take into consideration the recovery time from that procedure then it can be concluded he will not pitch for the pinstripes again. 19 starts over 3 season- we'll get more out of Clemens this year. The jack that the Yanks are paying Clemens is steep, however when taking into consideration productivity, it will clearly not be the most expensive. That honor now looks like it will belong to Carl Pavano - 19 starts - $40 million.


The Scooter said...

Yes, it was nice seeing some grit. A-Rod always plays hard, even when he's struggling.

Glad that Jeter is finally getting his due from this Blog. We have been lucky enough to witness (from the very beginning) the career of a very special player. To think he has another 5 or 6 years of "prime" career left is just awesome. Incidentally, in today's NY Post, Vaccaro has a great article in praise of Derek. It's brief, but its a good read.

Let's not jump the gun on Giambi. Peter Gammons (of all people) is reporting that there may NOT have been a positive test after all. My thought is that the Mafia that is MLB decided to punish Jason for his interview with USA Today, and leaked the information on a positive test. That'll teach him. And as for those USA Today comments, am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with what he said? MLB does owe the fans an apology, they and Selig burried their heads in the sand for years regarding the steroid issue.

Anonymous said...

Selig is just hyper sensitive to the topic of turning the blind eye - even though its true.

I didn't have a problem with it either - I think most fans didn't. I think like most leagues, MLB isn't mature enough to allow freedom of expression - how many fines has the NBA and others issued when so much as a bad look occurs?

If Posada continues to do what he's doing - big if as he does sometimes slow toward the end of the season - is he an MVP candidate or just batting crown contender?

Last night on YES - Michael K. said Jeter wants to play for 10 more years. If that's the case, he'll pass Pete Rose

old professor said...

This blog site seems to be a real lovefest today. Can't argue with much of what has been said. Whether or not Giambi tested positive for speed doesn't really enter into the conversation. Baseball knew they would have problems with speed because it was so widely used during the course of past seasons to keep players up and playing at full speed (no pun intended).

The commissioner's office is talking to Giambi about his comments to the newspaper. I cannot blame major league baseball for the steriod and growth hormone problems. Over the past several Collective Bargaining negotiations, MLB tried to include language in the new language and agreement on drug testing. The players association wouldn't hear of it.

The answer to the question why is obvious - Money. Marginal players became good players, good players became great players and the exceptional player became a superstar. All of whom, line their pockets with cash.

Giambi may be one of the biggest offenders on the list. (I don't want to even mention the idiot playing for San Francisco). His production numbers rose dramatically with his abuse of steroids and growth hormones and he managed that inot signing a mega deal with the Yankees. His body is now beginning to break down from the abuse and the Yankees have a broken player who can barely DH being paid $21 million per year.

Grand Jury testimony alone should have been enough for a suspension. Maybe that is what Giambi wants-does he recognize that his skills have eroded? By opening his mouth to the media, he ran the risk of suspension. If suspended, he doesn't have to embarass himself or the team with his inability to play. And the Yankees don't have to pay him during a suspension - all sides win.

CrashDavis said...

I'm just confused...I seem to remember someone on this site saying how overvalued and overrated Jeter is. Now he's the champion carrying the team?!?!?! Make up your mind.

Jeter will go down as one of the best Yankees ever. He will never be better than Joe D., The Mick, or Gehrig.

What I was surprised to see that everyone says Jeter doesn't have power. But yet Posada is viewed as a power hitting catcher...Each have played 13 years in the bigs, Posada has 18 more HRs in his career than Jeter (204 to 186). That's an avg of only 1.3 more HR per season for the power hitter Posada compared to the non-power of Jeter.

Figure Jeter has 3 maybe 4 more years of his "prime" and then probably 2-4 years after left after that. Barring any injury he should finish with about 3,600 hits and 300 HRs. That puts him in the HOF...easy.

The Yanks are about to go on a streak if Mussina can remember how to pitch. This is a notice to the rest of the AL.

Anonymous said...

Im going on record saying he's going to take 4k down in terms of number of hits..

I think Mussina should either be moved to the bull pen or perhaps bunk with Igawa for a little while down in Tampa..

The Scooter said...

Knowing you Mid, all it's going to take from Mussina is 7 innings of two run ball for you to be touting him as a Cy Young canditate.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, i've been waiting for that to happen - he's not right, and I don't think I've ever really forgave him for blowing the lead in the playoffs last year.

Tyler Clippard for Cy Young!!!!

The Scooter said... long before Mid kills Torre for taking out Clippard too soon?

Mid Relief said...

Torre took Clippard out too soon!!!!!!

Was it me or were our outfielders playing shallow which caused what was likely cathable balls into doubles lastnight?

The Scooter said...

Mid, I just think it was that Damon was pathetic in the field. Can I start a rumor that he tested positive for greenies?

The Scooter said...

OK, I'm officially off the Abreau bandwagon.

I can admit when I'm wrong. The guy is clueless.

Mid Relief said...

Abreu is down and out - with that said he was totaly jobbed by the ump on that last call... that pitch was not even a borderline guard the plate type pitch - and Torre was not exaggerating when he said it was in the other batter's box - because it was.

Now, who knows what that would have meant to the game.. but with a runner on 1st and 3rd I would have wanted to find out.

the Angels - like the way the As did in the 80s have the Yanks number the last 5 years.

Closing down May and still 5 wins short of .500... Is it still early yet???

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