Saturday, June 02, 2007

If I Were GM Today.....

  • I would give Proctor a cash bonus for the chin music that was played in the 9th. Jeter has been hit 11 times, A-Rod 7 in just the last 4 seasons by the Sox, I don't mind the pitcher protecting his teammates... and Yukes is a big baby who can dish it out but can't take it type of guy.
  • I would phone Torre to congratulate him for showing that he still has a heartbeat.
  • I would instruct Giambi to come into next season 25 pounds lighter. It would put less strain on his body, lower his injury rate, and increase his bat speed.
  • During the All-Star break I would hand Posada a new 3 year (with an option for a 4th) deal and not let him test the free agent market.
  • Same goes for Mo River.
  • I would sign Phelps, and mandate he become a full-time player.
  • I would find a way to trade Damon and Abreu today. Offer to pay a % of the salary etc. not expect much in return - maybe a few draft picks, maybe a few single A prospects at the catcher position. I would do what I could do to just clear the way for more playing time for Cabrera and Kevin Thompson to see what these guys can do on a full-time basis.
  • I would be tempted to break the bank for Ichiro.
  • I would ban national media from the premises when the Yanks and the Sox play each other.
  • I would cut/trade Farnsworth, and extend Brian Bruney's contract.
  • I would convince Pettitte to exercise his option to come back and play for one more season.
  • With Giambi out, I'd consider talking to the Reds about Griffey's willingness to DH and do a deal.


The Scooter said...

OK, Mid...since you used "bullets" I guess I have to go point by point:

Proctor.....Yes, I agree although I would have liked to see him drill him between the shoulder blades as opposed to trying to take off the goatee.....on second thought that goatee makes me sick..Way to go Scott.

Torre, he's no idiot...he reads the papers. Calculated move on Joe's part....I'm fine with it.

I would instruct Giambi that HGH is undetectable by current major league drug testing...and point him in the direction of the nearest ex-MET clubhouse boy.

Posada, not to quibble, but can we go 2 years with an option for 3? just wondering.

Mo, see Posada.

Phelps: Since when did he become Mark Teixera? Hey wait...speaking of Mark Teixera...don't we have some young pitching Texas would be interested in.

Damon: No way. The DH role is going to rejuvinate him. He is going to have a great offensive second half. Abreu, I don't know, I guess I should abstain on this one. He peppered the Green Monster twice last night..lets give him this series to see if he's breaking out.

Ichiro: He's not young, you know. But and I don't think he's going to leave Seattle.

Ban the National Media???? Are you kidding? This stuff is awesome!!

Farns, He will have value come the trading deadline. I like Bruney.

Pettitte: That's a no brainer. Professional, classy and he can still pitch.

Griffey: Still resents the Yankee organization (and Steinbrenner)for banning kids in the clubhouse when his dad was playing for them. Not sure if he would wave his no-trade to come here. I'd rather have Texiera to play first base and use Damon as the DH.

57 said...

If I were GM for the Mets today, I would sit back and relax and enjoy our 3 1/2 game lead in the East.

Mid Relief said...

Enjoy your 3 1/2 game lead when there's 108 games left - good luck with that -

what the f*&k! - Clemens injuries groin and is not scratched from his start against the CWS, and his replacement is going to be Igawa?? And the hits just keep on comin' this season.

Jeter has turned ice cold, bouncing into DPs like its his job.

On the flip side though, the middle part of the infield of the Yanks has some serious chemistry and our turning some pretty good looking DPs as well.

The Scooter said...

You spoke to soon about Captain Clutch, Mid.

CrashDavis said...

Sucks about Clemens. Maybe Igawa finally can throw strikes down in the zone.

I heard a trade rumor that the Yanks and Phills were working on a deal for Aaron Rowand. Don't like the sound of that.

Mid Relief said...

Mussina demonstrated again why I gave up on this guy. Just like he did in the playoffs, he blows a lead today, givng up back to back HRs?? You can't do that. After listening to his post game interview the last few starts, he sounds like he's giving up - time to hang it up.

There's an entire list of things why I hate Brian Cashman - but the 7th inning was a fresh reminder - Shef or even Bubba Crosby for that matter makes that damn catch that Bobby Abreu let drop.

Abreu may be able to get singles and walks when they matter the least, but he plays like a big vagina.

That's an out if Cashman does not deal for Abreu..

What a let down -3 freakin leads blown today.

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