Monday, June 04, 2007

Yanks Fight for 2 out of 3; 2nd Straight Series Win Versus Sox

I'll tell you what, at the end of the 5th, I was hurling every swear word in the book, probably even made up a few as well, at Bobby Abreu. When he let Oritz's ball get behind him, I was done with this guy as two nights in a row, this guy's fielding has cost the bombers the game. BUT, just when you think you're out, they pull you back in. Comes back with a game saving grab in the 8th, and after three multi hit games in a row, I'm willing to forgive him and move on!

It bothers me that the national media gets surprised when Pappelbon blows a save. This guy has put in one season of quality work as a closer and they want to make him out to be Mo Rivera times 2. - He's not Mo Rivera - he's 9 more seasons, 4 more rings, and several more post-season saves away from being Mo Rivera. And speaking of Mo, the fact he had to shut it down against Ortiz, Manny, Youkilis, and Mike Lowell (Lowell by the way is an MVP Candidate right now) - I'm calling it, he's back. From now on, when he's coming into the game - it is over. He showed some emotion at the end of last night's game - hopefully his teammates got the message.

This was a tough series, and it means something that they won it. They actually rallied late in the game to win this - something winners find a way to do.

They now head to Chicago to face the White Sox. Even though they're under .500, this is going to be another tough series and the White Sox are just as desperate to turn things around as the Yanks. Clemens gets scratched from the start (that's about right considering how this season has went) and DeSalvo goes instead of Igawa which I am all for. Hopefully Abreu's hitting can continue, and mixes in some fielding practice along the way.

12.5 back, and 6 games under .500 right now - it is not where we want to be, but it is an improvement.


old professor said...

Just a point of clarification- Abreau di commit an error on Saturday, but I believe there were two critical errors by the Yankee shortstop that were just as critical, one of which led to the serious injury of Minky.

While that removes a good defensive player from the lineup, it does remove a weak bat. It will be interesting to see how they fill the roster spot. With DeSalvo up, he has apparently taken Minky spot on the 25 man roster. When Clemens appears ready it will be interesting to see who they send down.

I would like to see them unload Vizciano. He is a fly ball pitcher who seems to give up hits or long fly balls at the wrong time.

There should also be concern about Pettitte. His scream of pain in the fifth inning did not look good and apparently sounded worse to those in the dugout. He did not throw well after what appeared to be something in his elbow coming apart. HOpefully it is nothing serious and he will be able to make his next start.

The Scooter said...

Ironic that the morning after Sylvio took about 8 chest shots, you should bring out his famous "Just when I thought I was out...." line.

Anyway, good series for the Yankees. Oh what could have been if Abreu makes that catch on Saturday; but still taking two out of three from the team with the best record in baseball (in their park) at least makes you believe that things might finally be on the upturn.

Anonymous said...

Strenously object to your comment about Jeter - it was a boad throw from Cano, Jeter was trying make the best of the situation.

The Scooter said...

Prof, to blame Jeter for the play that Minky got hurt on is patently unfair. Yes, he got charged with the error, but anybody with any baseball acumen could clearly see that it was Cano's screw up. Jetes was just trying to make a play.

I don't think they are ready to give up on Viscaino yet. He has a live arm and if he locates like he was able to in AZ, he could still be a valuable reliever.

Keeping fingers crossed on Pettitte.

Anonymous said...

Its been more than a month since Karstens injury - anyone have an update on his situation?

Sylvio ended up living just in critical at the hospital right?

57 said...

Jeter left Mikny out to dry almost like Patsy Parisi left Silvio out to dry but not throwing the damn car in reverse when he hit the motorcycle... i mean, c'mon!!! think!!

Let's all pause and say a prayer for Silvio who lies in a coma in North Jersey; probably at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck.

I hate to say it, but I think Paulie is on Phil's side. I think Silvio killed the wrong guy... Paulie is the one who is playing both sides. By the way, with everything going on, Silvio should have been smarter and have his gun on him and not in the back seat... c'mon Sil, you're better than that.

Good for Tony for throwing around AJ after he started to cry, again, like a little girl.

Melfi was never more attractive than last night with her attitude shift, and a very interesting 'Godfather' throwback in exiting her character with the infamous door closing scene like at the end of 1.

I think Phil will be killed, but so will Tony in a very dramatic ending to one of the greatest dramas in the history of television.

It was sacrelgious to have Eric Mangini on the show! HORRIBLE!

Im still in love with Artie Buoco's wife! She's the sexiest woman on that show.

The funniest line was Tony's explanation as to their relief with Meadow not going to med school.."....with all that AIDS, and whatever...."

The Scooter said...


Knowing how little you know about the game (you should stick to football), I'm not surprised that you have that take on the Minky play.

Paulie is solid, you don't have to worry about him.

Sil should have been more careful, agreed. And whether he wakes up from his injuries or not is a moot point at this stage. We won't be seeing him next week.

I keep telling you, Tony doesn't die. Mark my words...summer blockbuster 2009...The Sopranos...The Movie!!!

Melfi is like 600 pounds. What is wrong with you?

I heard that they tried to get Marv for the restaurant scene, but he had bingo night when they were shooting.

I think I've been to train store that Bobby got hit in; Bloomfield Avenue in Totowa.

The Scooter said...

Oh, and the funniest line on television last night was the Red Sox fans chanting "Where is Roger"!

I got to give them credit for that one.

57 said...

Word has it, Dick Jauron will be in the next epidode whacking Mangenious...

The Scooter said...

The only thing Dick Jauron will be "whacking" is...well, never mind...this is a family blog.

Anonymous said...


Tony - does not make it and goes down early in the episode.

AJ or Meadow take revenge on Phil and become the new Don.

old professor said...

It has to be a slow weekend when there is more printed in this Blog about the Sopranos than baseball.

I don't agree with the assessment that Jeter left Minky out to dry - just made a bad throw. However, anyone annoyed at the fact that the two collisions involving yankees and red sox had one common component - Mike Lowell. He tried to flip Cano - the move didn't work, and then runs over Minky. Maybe unavoidable maybe not. Maybe the next time the two teams meet, Proctor is called in to pitch to Lowell.

The Scooter said...

Anyone hear anything about the possible Abreu for Jermaine Dye trade that is talking about?

Anonymous said...

Just a daily reminder ~ The Mets are in first place.

old professor said...


CNN-sports (or reported the White Sox have inquired about a Dye for Abreu trade. My best guess is the media is throwing a lot toward the wall and hoping something sticks. Same site in their MLB Rumors had A-Rod going to the Dodgers for a major league ready third base prospect and the top lefthanded pitcher in the Dodgers minor league system.

Why would the Yankees trade Abreu who appears to be starting to hit for Dye who has been in the same kind of offensive funk and has less range defensively?

Any momentum the Yankees had coming out of Boston went up in smoke in Chicago. Sloppy fielding and too many DP's led to another defeat (they could have made up ground because Boston lost).

DeSalvo gives up three runs (none of which were his fault) and gets yanked after 1.1 innings. Too bad Joe doesn't use the same quick hook for aging veterans that run into the same issue.

Getting pulled so quickly after getting no fielding support (and by the way none of the hits were of the solid monster oh wow variety- unlike the one Vallone gave up to Thome), has to send a message to a young pitcher -don't make any mistakes or you are headed back to the minors. Prior to the game, Torre stated - well I really don't know what to expect, he hasn't pitched in awhile and we need him to be aggressive - why to go Joe.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Yanks trade Abreu??? -- how about the fact that he plays like a big vajayjay in the field.

I'd take a player from the NY/Penn league right now for Abreu.

old professor said...


All I have heard in this blog about players like Cano, Minky, Mussina, and the rest are give them time they will play up to their capabilities - both in the field and at the plate. Exactly how much more time do they need?

Abreu cannot be singled out as the reason the Yankees are losing. There is a full plate of blame to go around. Damon is hitting under .270, Cashman did not build a strong enough bench, Cairo is taking up a uniform, Nieves while okay defensively has four hits and maybe four RBI's as a backup catcher, Mussina is pitching like he is fifty, number four and five pitching spots in the rotation have been an on-going circus with a list of minor leaguers coming and going for auditions, the manager looks to be half asleep on the bench, and the bullpen has the second worst ERA in the league.

Abreu may be traded and it may be for Dye, the results on the field will be the same - inconsistency and playing under .500 ball. (Sheffield for all of his baggage would have provided offensive support that no one else on this team has been able to provide).

This team has not shown the ability it will be able to get back to .500. To do so now means a winning streak of eight games - they haven't won three in a row all season.

For those of you expecting some miracle run to bring the Yankees into playoff contention, Sorry - this team is representative of teams of the late 80's and early 90's and the playoffs may only be a distant dream.

And for those of you who were so glad that the Yankees traded Randy Johnson because he was over the hill, he is 3-2 with a 3.89 ERA with 53 strikeouts in 41.2 innings. Wonder if Cashman would like to have those stats for his number 4 or 5 starter.

On a sad note, the Yankee family lost Clete Boyer to a stroke. Boyer set the standard for defensive play at third base and played with what can be considered the best Yankee infield of all time (Boyer, Kubek, Richardson and Pepitone).

The Yankees traded Boyer to the Braves where he played several seasons and hit a lot of home runs. The Yankees were unable to find a replacement for him after trading him trying people such as Bobby Cox, Salerino Sanchez and eventually Greg Nettles. (Boy does that show my age).

Anonymous said...

The number of times I have ever said give these guys more time to play to their ability would be exactly zero - none.

Abreu is a wimp, and wimps are not welcome in pinstripes.

The Scooter said...

I would do Abreu for Dye in a second.

While both are having off years, Abreu has ZERO power left and Dye has some serious pop. I think he has 10 HR's to Abreu's 2, and 29 RBI to Abreu's 23. While Dye is no Ichiro in right field, at least it will LOOK like he's giving some effort.

Bottom line is they are both good hitters who need a change of scenery. Dye just has a little more lightning in his bat. Both are free agents at the end of the year (no one is picking up Bobby's $16 mil option) so the risk is limited for both clubs. If the Yankees pay some of Abreu's contract to even it up, this trade could happen.

Prof, once again your cynicism and defeatism rears it's ugly head. The Yankees will certainly compete for the wild card. They still have one of the most proven lineups in the game and I refuse to believe that most will not start hitting to their career stats.

DeSalvo has proven that he is not a major league pitcher.

Prof, after giving up a hit and a walk in the first inning he loads the bases with no outs in the second single; hbp; single. I hardly think the three runs he gave up "were not his fault".

On a good note, I like the way Britton (sp?) looked out of the bullpen, maybe he will stick around for a bit.

Don't give up on the season just yet. This team has a big run in them and it's coming soon.

old professor said...

From an offensive standpoint, the only Abreu is ahead of Dye. Abreu has scored 35 runs to Dye's 23. Abreu has 52 hits to 44 for Dye; batting average Abreu .246 to Dye's 228; on base percentage abreu .337 to Dye's .293. The only area that Dye out performs Abreu is home runs 10 versus 2.

Phil Pepe has an article on the Yankees ( and lays it out that the Yankees are old, they are injury prone (could be tied to the age thing) and they have no major league ready position players in the minors. The only thing they have in the minors is a lot of young arms that have yet to prove themselves at the major league level.

His major premise is for the Yankees to unload or release some of the veterans and to rebuild from the ground floor. His view (and I know there are those out there who believe he is anti-yankee yet he still writes on the Yes Network - go figure)is it will take about two to three years to rebuild this team.

I would love to see the Yankees make a run, and to compete for the playoffs, but logic seems to predict otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Britton looks like he may be 25 LBS from having SP endurance - but he does look like a bull pen saver for long relief.

The Scooter said...

The next time I put any validity to anything written by Phil Pepe, will be the first time. He's a bigger hack then Lupica...ok maybe not THAT big a hack.

OK..this is going to take a while but let's take a look at the roster.

2nd base; SS; One outfield slot (Matsui)are set for the next four or five years. Add Third base to this if they decide to keep A-Rod.

Damon is still a solid lead-off hitter and once he moves to left field next year, he will be fine for 2 more years (while we wait for Tabata), splitting his time at DH (see below).

Catcher scares me, but you will get above average play from Posada for at least one more year, and if you bring in a solid backup, you can extend that to two years.

That leaves 1st base; Center Field;and DH that need to be addressed.

I know everybody talks about Andrew Jones or Ichiro in center next year, and believe me that would be fine, but there is yet another Japanese stud that will become a total free agent in the off season. I have no idea what his name is, but he is leading all of Japanese baseball in hitting. He is not yet 30 and he is supposed to be old school like Matsui. He has won gold gloves and batting titles in Japan and Bobby Valentine says he is the real deal. He may be the next Yankee Center fielder.

DH is easy. I think Dye is the perfect candidate or maybe even a guy like Moises Alou or Sammy Sosa. Whoever it is, he needs to be able to play a little left field and it would be great if he were right handed.

First base is a little more difficult, but this may be the year that you can get Teixiera. If he costs anything less than Phil Hughes, make the deal. He would solidify the position for 5-7 years. Another option is to trade for Saltamachia (Braves), put him behind the plate for the next ten years and make Jorge your 1st baseman or DH.

I have no answer for what you do with Giambi. Maybe you can move him; maybe you can get out of the contract.

One good arm in the bullpen and a re-signed Rivera rounds it out.

Go tell Phil Pepe that I just fixed the Yankees for the next five years and allowed them to continue to be a perennial contender, without his ridiculous "rebuild from the ground up" strategy.

57 said...

I Love the Mets

old professor said...


Your outfield scenario is interesting to say the least. However, I don't see the Yankees investing in any Japanese imports in the near future (unless it is Ichiro). They have been burned too many times: Irabu, Maedia ($1million per year for five years never got beyond AA), and now Igwa (though he may still be the real deal and has had a nine strikeout performance at AAA). I am beginning to get the feeling they are becoming somewhat sour on Matsui, power numbers are way down (he never approached numbers like he had in Japan) and his average has slipped some average arm with a quick release.

Anonymous said...


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