Thursday, June 21, 2007

Torre Assists Rockies in Sweep of Bombers

In case anyone missed it - web address to copy into your browser of a solid write up on the Carl Pavano experiment - Thanks Scooter:

Look I don't expect the Yanks to win every game (that's a lie, deep down inside I truly expect them to win every damn game and am pissed when they don't), but this particular sweep by Colorado seems deeply disappointing.

Why does Torre not respect the rolls that players get on??? No way Will Nieves should be in game 1 and Posada at first - not when Cairo's batting over .300 starting as the starting 1B. Moose has not pitched well enough to get his own little pet catcher. - That game right there, game 1 of this series, stopped Cairo's and the team's winning momentum. - Great Job Joe!

And a final comment on the Phelps screw job. Phelps was never given the shot at the everyday role - that is a fact. He'll resurface as a 20 HR and high .200's hitter for someone else for sure. Further, Andy Phllips (0-for-5, 2Ks, 2DPs) may be a nice guy, but did not earn his way onto the team this season. It bothers me he's here - it really does. Calling up Juan Miranda would have made more sense if doing an evaluation on merit vs. popularity.

So, what's next? I think the Yanks either nut up and do a deal with Texas to get Teixeira (15-day DL with a quad btw) or announce who is the bloody first baseman. The player-by-committee does not work, and takes away from defensive chemistry.

The deal for Tex, would likely include a package of Cabrera, Phelps or Miranda, and one of the rookie pitchers like Clippard or Wright.

Kei Igawa on tap for his return to the show versus the Giants. Bonds has to be licking his chops knowing he's seeing a pitcher with an ERA over 7. Yanks need 2 out of 3 from this series.
How long before Rocket goes postal for a lack of run support??

How bad can it get for the Mets?

How bad is the rest of the NL East as the Mets are still in 1st even after their woeful run of losses?
I think in the future, MLB GMs will point to the Pavano and/or Giambi contract as the reason why free agents will start to see less guaranteed money or more liberal use of opt out clauses on the club's behalf.



The Scooter said...

Mid, I expect them to win every game too..HA!

Nitpicking on Torre once again, bro. He's the same guys who managed them to nine straight wins and 12 out of 14. You were calling for Cairo's uniform earlier in the year and now you point to his being out of the lineup as the cause of them getting swept?

Enough with the Nieves stuff too...Posada needs a day or two off per week if we expect him to have anything left in the tank later in the year. It makes all the sense in the world to put Nieves with the pitcher that he seems to have the most chemistry with. If you want to get on somebody, get on Cashman for not giving Torre a viable back up catcher.

I tend to agree that they need to pull the trigger on Teixiera. With a caveat or two....they bring up Phil Hughes' name hang up the phone and with Damon poised to go on the DL I really don't think they can afford to part with Melky at this time. Unless of course they plan on picking up Milton Bradley (designated for assignment by Oakland).

The Scooter said...

Oh yea...with Girardi turning down the O's, I think they should put him and Donnie Baseball in a steel cage match at Madison Square Garden, this winter....winner gets to manage the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me anyway, the speed in which Damon's durability has eroded -

I agree that Posada needs a day or two off - a day off should be that though, not subing in at first.

I was wondering why we had Cairo in the begining of the season - he was just wearing a uniform - but I do believe in rewarding performance - and he performed. And Bcuz of that, I'd like to see him in until he doesn't.


old professor said...

Why should it surprise anyone that the Rockies swept the Yankees. They swept the Red Sox too. And whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Boston's pitching is much better than the Yankees.

I do not believe trading for Teixiera will put the Yankees in contention. Since the beginning of the season there has been significant holes in the lineup. No one (including me) may want to admit it, but from an offensive standpoint, they truly miss Sheffield's bat. With the injury to Sanchez it would appear the Tigers got Sheff for nothing in return.

It is a surprise that Damon has fallen so far so quickly. He is suffering one injury after another. Milton Bradley is a cancer far beyond what the yankees have ever experienced in their club house. God, Ricky Henderson is still out there hoping for a contract. Him before Bradley. Hmmm should I mention the name Bernie Williams?

The Scooter said...

Prof, yea Bernie could really have helped this team. Sadly, I think that ship has sailed though. With the professionals in the Yankee clubhouse ie Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Pettitte, Rocket....not to mention Torre...I think Milton Bradley would be a low cost, low risk endeavor. Why not give it a shot?

Sheffield's bat is sorely sorely missed, especially since Giambi is out and ineffective even when he was in.

Is Sanchez' injury career threatening???

old professor said...

Sanchez had Tommy John Surgery shortly after the Yankees broke camp. The original prognosis, was a minimum of 18 months of rehab and that the Yankees would look for him to give them a full season in 2009.

Regarding Bradley, he might be an option, but there is something in my memory banks (yes as you get older the memory begins to become like swiss cheese) he had a major issue with the Yankees either last season or the year before. His actions or behavior led to a lot of people meeting and greeting on the field.

Unfortunately, this issue and the possibility of Bradley joining the team shows the lack of real position players that are major league ready in the Yankee system - one of the reasons they probably will not pull of a good trade.

The Scooter said...

Never Mind...the A's traded Milton Bradley to the Royals.

Anyone feel like grading Igawa's performance? He looked like a stud through 4 innings and then got into trouble. I guess he probably earned himself another start as there were enough positives to outweigh a shaky 5th.

Middle Relief said...

I was pulling for Joe to keep him in and see if he could make it through the 5th - he did get two outs, and on the Bonds walk, the curve was perfect, and was called a ball because he was Bonds.

Vizcaino almost blew the whole situation if not for Matsui's solid defense.

All in all I thought Kei Igawa did a pretty good job. - The thing that I liked most, was that during the post game interviews, he was clearly pissed off he couldn't finish the inning - I like the fire - hopefully that'll motivate him to be even better.

I'll give him a B+.

The Scooter said...

Pathetic last two games in SF.

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