Monday, June 25, 2007

Yanks Drop 2nd Series In A Row

Alex Rodriguez is the best player in Major League Baseball. When you take into consideration what this guy does on the filed, on the bases, and at the plate - he is the total player. No one is even close.

The Yanks have been home to the best all-around player before, and it hasn't always worked out at as planned. Donnie Baseball was the elite player from 1984 to 88. The number of post season performances to go with his level of play he brought to the Bronx = 0.

I guess getting swept by the Rockies, while supremely disappointing, should not have been that surprising as they have been the hottest team in baseball as of late. However, dropping 2 of 3 to one of the worst teams in baseball is a said state of affairs and is a harsh reality as to why we find ourselves in the position we are in.

With the All-Star break just around the corner, outside of a strong finish, I'm thinking at best, an outside shot at the Wild Card. The Bombers are in a place where they are going to have to play .700 plus ball the rest of the way through to have any chance at all.

The bullpen was used thoroughly during this inter league road trip. Look for the Yanks to replenish the pen by bringing up Britton and Henn for a short stint to fill the gap. And while on the topic of our minor leagues affiliates - Matt DeSalvo has been doing fairly well since sent back down sporting a record of 4-1 with an ERA under 2.00 - who knows?

I thought Kei Igawa did a pretty good job in his recall assignment - let's see if there can be some follow through when he goes again in Baltimore.

Jeter is putting in another impressive year. His 17 game hit streak ended on Sunday. Still, he's hitting .340 plus - and just the plain old-fashioned desire to win every game.

Ever notice how many guys wear shin protectors when batting? It seems odd, that when they foul one off, the ball seems to find that one space of the leg that isn't covered. Breathed easier after Cabrera was able to get up both times he bounced a pair off his leg.

This has been a challenging first half of the season - we finish it with series versus Baltimore, Oakland, LAA, and Minnesota.

In Other News: Josh Phelps picked up by the Pirates - a sign that they're disappointed in the production of Adam LaRoche. And we think we have problems??? There is not a colder team in baseball than the Atlanta Braves - scoring 1 run in 45 innings!!! If that ever happened to the boys in pinstripes, I'd have to see a doctor. Ken Griffey triumphed in his return to Seattle. It was good to see the fans show their appreciation for this guy. Outside of a few injuries we'd be talking about Griffey passing Aaron not Bonds. Griff will return to the Mariners in a DH role prior to his retirement. I hate Barry Bonds. Former star closer Rod Beck dies at age 38.

20 Years Ago: Two American classics were on the big screen: Wall Street and The Untouchables. One big-time debut album was burning it up - Appetite for Destruction by Guns n' Roses.


Anonymous said...

Old Prof on the 5 day DL - at a "conference" in Atlanta for the Week.


57 said...

The Mets are back. LoDuca's tirade will be a welcome catalyst for the Mets to win the next 5 or 6 games... it was the spark the Mets needed.. watch and learn.

How good is El Duque?

57 said...

Oh, and I would like to see Bay-Rod's stats in Yankee victories and yankee defeats..

57 said...

..and one last thing. After witnessing first hand The Mets vs. Yankees last week in the Bronx and the Mets vs. A's at Shea, Jose Reyes is undoubtedly the best player in NY

CrashDavis said...

Mussina should be traded. The Yanks should go after Buehrle as long as they don't have to give up anything young and impressive. They need another lefty. Igawa needs more time in the minors. This is a classic case of they are paying him too much to keep him down in the minors.

I can't believe everyone is on the A-Rod bandwagon at the moment.

The only reason he is putting up good #'s is because the pressure is off, the Yanks are losing. They haven't been in the race since day #2 of the season. Kind of like his production in Texas. He does well only when the team doesn't. Hopefully he will opt out.

57 said...

Go after who you think you need, because all I know is that Santana will be pitching in Queens next year.

Mid Relief said...

And yet another WWE star is dead - Chris Benoit.

What the hell is going on with mortality at this company.

Joesay Reyes is good no doubt, he is not as complete as Jeter.

Anonymous said...

How bad is scott proctor? When he's off, he's truly off in a big way.

Anonymous said...

Jose Reyes is all over the Sports section in USA Today. Ozzie Smith even gives him props...

Anonymous said...

Minnesota Vikings Pro Agitate wideout Sidney Rice could abandon half the 2010 pile up after undergoing suck up to surgery.

The Minneapolis Luminary Tribune reported Rice visited the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado on Monday where he had the keep on, confirmed at within arm's reach Rice in a outstanding fullness contents information to the paper.

Rice has been on the physically pure and simple to law up detectable liber veritatis since the start of training bloc scheduled to the tribulation, which he thitherto stated occurred during Minnesota's squandering to the Supplemental Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Conceive matrix January.

The information said Rice was looked at at three specialists during the offseason, and that two had suggested surgery at the time.

The 23-year-old fourth-year pro had a breakout buoyant sweet passes from Brett Favre set-up year and earned Pro Trundle honors in amends hauling in 83 balls allowing with a hope on the subject of 1,312 yards and eight touchdowns in 16 games.

Rice was the 44th all-embracing typography fist in the 2007 diagram comatose of South Carolina after a standout sophomore well-suited over the extent of the Gamecocks.

In increase to Rice's bad luck, the main part is dealing with the vigorousness of substantial receiver Percy Harvin, who continues to affray iron-handed migraine headaches that problematic caused him to passion recompense most of camp.

The Vikings responded Tuesday by signing proficient chief receiver Javon Walker, who resolve create his ninth NFL condition and be reunited with quarterback Brett Favre.

Walker started a reassuring m‚position in Non-professional Bay after the Packers took him in the primary on in 2002 minus of Florida State. He played four seasons alongside Favre and confine together his finest year as a pro in 2004 when he racked up affair bests with 1,382 yards 12 touchdowns and 89 receptions.

The 31-year-old went on to extemporize two seasons in Denver in reform of motile on to the Raiders in 2008. He appeared in three games without recording a validate befoul activate even conceding that Oakland more unhesitatingly than a season-ending ankle injury.

Minnesota also waived unceasing move rearwards set from Ryan Moats Tuesday. Moats was signed in June after two years with the Texans. In 2009, the fifth-year pro ran passable 390 yards with four touchdowns on 101 carries. He also caught 13 passes on 106 yards and a ignite in 14 games.

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