Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mid Week Update

Halfway into the series with the Jays, here's what we know (and already knew in some cases)...

Another comeback win.

Kyle Farnsworth has worn out his welcome. The fans communicating to Cashman to do a deal and include him it.

Johnny Damon is close to wearing his welcome out.

The Yanks can win with Andy Phillips as their everyday 1st baseman. No need for a trade, he can be their man and has been coming up big post All-Star break.

Today's players lack grit - in reference to the 9th inning play at the plate with Cairo - 5 years ago, that situation would have had Toronto's catcher planted in the third row of the 1st baseline seats. Instead, Cairo pussyfooting in, almost breaks his own neck avoiding contact.

Andy Pettitte plays to the level of his competition. That's why we love him in the playoffs and other big series match ups, but dread when he's pitted against a 22 year old with a 10 ERA for a last place team.

The resurgence of Vizcaino is a relief.

If a deal gets done, it won't be for a position player, it will be for an 8th inning pitcher if anything at all.

Since the All-Star break, I feel as though I'm watching a different team. The awareness, and the level of urgency that is now apparent in both the wins and the losses is reason enough to make me believe that these guys can yet again find a way to get us to the season that matters and a chance for more championship hardware.

The lead in the East is down to 8 and the Wild Card is down to 7!


57 said...

Mets pissed on the Padres tonight and the Mets don't even have a healthy squad. 2 1/2 over the Braves. El Duque is the man..no runs earned a single and a stolen base!!!

Since the Mets hired Rickey Henderson, they are 4-2.

John Maine wins his 11th tomorrow night which will be one step close to 20 wins this year!

Is Oregon still a state?

57 said...

Please cast your vote for the sexiest woman in Hollywood:

1) Rachael McAdams
2) Scarlett Johannson
3) Jennifer Aniston
4) Angelina Joilee
5) Jessica Biehl

Rachael McAdams HANDS DOWN!!!

Anonymous said...

'The Dugout' Rumored to Return

NEW YORK (AP) - Rumor has it that the blog 'The Dugout' could make it's return to the world wide web as soon as August 1st.

"No Comment, but Jeter is a fruit", said one of the site's authors when asked about the resurrection of the blog site.

'The Dugout' was unexpectedly pulled off of the shelf due to unknown circumstances back in June and millions of fans have been unable to cope with the loss of Imus and now this.


In other news, A-Rod cross-dresses.

Anonymous said...

Sienna Miller better than all of those nappy headed bimbos you named.

old professor said...

It is good to see the Mets fans are now relying on Ricky Henderson to bring the team to the promised land.

Farnsworth has to go.

Anonymous said...

We're not relying in Henderson, its just that we're in first place and it feels great. We're not healthy and we're in first place... and Pedro is not even back yet! Wow..lookout

The Scooter said...

First of all: Scarlett Johannson.

Next, What's the Dugout? I seem to remember a blog by that name...but it was so irrelevant and lacking in baseball knowledge that it was literally banned from the Net. They can't be talking about THAT Dugout, can they?

Andy Phillips? Sure, I'm all for riding him for everything he's worth, but let's not fool ourselves into believing that this is going to last. Once a .250 hitter, always a .250 hitter. Dan Johnson is NOT the answer, however.

Lot of noise about the Yankees going hard after Wilson Betemit. I'm fine with that, but to give up a live (albeit inconsistent) arm like Proctor for a light hitting utility infielder seems a bit much.

I've also been hearing rumblings that they are considering bringing up Joba Chamberlain and handing over the eigth inning to him. Hey, I say why not? Give it a shot. He's dominating in double A and maybe he comes in and pulls a Papplebom or something.

My God, Matt DeSalvo and Igawa to start the double header on Saturday against the Rays. I sure hope Vallone is ready for some long relief.

Anonymous said...

The Mets had a playoff drought from 1988 to 1998 but when Rickey Henderson joined the Mets, they returned to the playoffs against the Arizona Diamonbacks.

Anonymous said...

Scooter -

as far as you riding Andy Phillips for all he's worth.. well, that's something that should be kept between you and Andy - not that there's anything wrong with that!

Joel Sherman mentioned the same thing on the radio yesterday about bringing up Chamberlin or dare I say the name - Jeff Karstens! for the 8th inning - I agree, give them a shot, they can't do any worse than Farnsworth.

DeSalvo did pretty well since being back on the farm, I bet he goes 6 giving up 1 earned.


The Scooter said...

I'll sign on for 6 innings three runs from DeSalvo right now.

And as far as Andy Phillips....what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

old professor said...

Scooter - With this issue with you and Phillips, I am having mental visions that are beginning to blind me.

Why would the Yankees need another utility infielder, when the last one they had riding the pines (Basak) wasn't given the opportunity to bat once in the three weeks he was up?

Regarding Phillips, his career numbers in the minors have him hitting at or around .300 and hitting 15 or more homeruns per year. With more playing time and getting comfortable with his role with the Yankees he is beginning to hit and field. Being only 30 (ahh to be only 30 again - sorry, I digressed)he can give the Yankees two or three quality years. Don't forget the Yankees still have the Cuban defector playing in the minors and at last check he is lighting things up. I believe he may be only 26 (that is Cuban years)and when signed, the indications were he would be at first in the future.

The bullpen is making games closer than they should be. Both Farnsworth and Proctor are inconsistent and you can add Bruney to the list. The three of them have pitched a total of 158 innings and given up 86 walks.

As for bringing up another reliever, why bother - Torre has Ramerez in the bullpen and he has pitched 2 innings since being brought up. He needs work to maintain his control or when he is finally brought into a game (probably around September 1) he won't be able to find the plate.

Torre's view seems to be to continue to run Farnsworth and Proctor out to the mound to see if they can solve their issues in games and all that has done is created close games.

Saturday with DeSalvo and Igwa going can make for a very long day. Forget an extra bat - add two more arms to the pen.

Yankees are on a nice run right now and have reduced Boston's lead to seven games (six in the loss column), they also have to complete the suspended game with Baltimore, which the Yankees were leading when the game was suspended. Hope Saturday dosen't end the run and begin another slide.

old professor said...

This from the transaction wire - On July 17, the Yankees signed Durazo to a minor league contract and assigned him to Triple A. Durazo has been playing in the Mexican League. He was signed last year to a minor league contract around the same time the Yankees had Carlos Pena at Triple A. Both were released later (Pena is having the comeback year of his career with the Devil Rays).

Anonymous said...

Ed Ramierez hasn't sniffed the field since July 6th - he still on the roster or he'd get sent down for some reason?

And with Mo going two innings last night, and making an appearance in all but one game since the break, I can only hope they plan on giving this guy a couple days off.

BoSox fading - is it 1978?

The Scooter said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Ramirez as the eighth inning guy today with Viscaiano the closer.

Torre sure had Bruney and Villone on a short leash last night.

....and yes, my boy Phillips with another rbi single and a nice scoop on an errant double play throw from Cano.

If Damon starts to hit at all, this run could last for a while.

A-Rod has 92 rbi in 92 games. Jeter and Posada show no signs of slowing down.

Up here in Connecticut (Red Sox Nation), they are starting to talk about "the loss column" as in the Yankees are only X games back in the loss column. This Red Sox team is just looking for a reason to crumble.....if the Yanks get to within 5 by August first...Look Out!

Anonymous said...

I Just want to go on the record and say the if the charges and descriptions are true - then Mike Vick is a big piece of trash. I'd use other words if I could.

Hope the piece of **** goes to prison for a long time.

old professor said...

Ramierez is still on the roster, however, someone has to go down to make room for DeSalvo for Saturday's doubleheader. He is the likely candidate. Also since he has been added to the 40 man roster, if Karstens comes off of the DL someone on the 40 man has to be released.

Yanks remain only six back in the loss column.

Regarding Vick, Too bad they aren't playing a game in Cleveland this year - the dog pound section would have some fun (sorry couldn't resist - needed to put some bite in my responses).

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