Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yankees Back To Work

Yanks take 3 of 4 from the D-Rays; Head home for a 4 game set versus Toronto.

Andy Phillips is making someone in the Yanks front office look good right now. He's batting over .300 on the season, and is making some key defensive plays including the game/series saving catch turned DP in the 8th of the final game. OK, I'll admit it, I was wrong about this guy - it is looking more and more like he can be an everyday 1st baseman.... Josh who??

I was not disappointed to see that Mussina didn't get the win in the series finale. He didn't do enough to deserve it in my view. I thought it was a mistake that they resigned him after he choked in the playoffs last year, and so far his play this season has not caused me to feel otherwise. I'm not sure which pitcher I hold in lower regard at this moment, Mussina or Kei Igawa.

The good news about this opening series besides winning 3 out of 4, is that all three wins they had to work hard for - they were all come from behind wins - and even in the loss they were looking like they were trying to come back to get the W. There was no quit in them this series at all. Urgency is what is needed, and looked like they had some. Let's hope it carries into the stadium this week for some follow through.

--- In other news, Phil Hughes had another strong showing this past Friday, striking out 6 in three scoreless innings. Cashman says that the goal before they bring him up is to get him back to 100 pitches per game -- he's scheduled to throw 60 this Wednesday.


The Scooter said...

Did what they had to do in Tampa. Now on to Toronto. Just keep winning series. I think the lefties are going to hit for the rest of the year, so playing .650 ball is certainly within reason.

Moose gave you 6 innings and gave up three runs. That, in todays baseball is a quality start. If the Bullpen holds up, they should win games like that 8 out of 10 times. He kept them in the game and left on the plus side of the ledger.

I was happy to see Nieves get a big hit. It was a long time in coming (his first extra base hit of the year), and Phillips is raking and playing great defense. The bench is still weak though, and if they don't trade for a first baseman, the least I would like to see is them adding a veteran right handed bat to pinch hit and play some DH.

Haven't picked up too much ground in the standings, but if they keep winning series, Cleveland will start to feel the heat.

old professor said...

Glad they came away with three of four in Tampa. Some of the same warning signs are still there from the first half - Bullpen is still iffy (Farnsworth giving up two home runs in two nights is not a good sign. This while Ramerez sits in the pen). While Mo got two saves in the last two games, he seemed to labor.

I agree the bench needs to be re-tooled, but there is nothing down on the farm and not much available on the trade market - unless you consider Sammy Sosa who is being shopped by the Rangers.

Hughes making another quality start in rehab is a good sign. i believe he can only make one or two more starts in the minors before he comes off the DL. At which time, the Yankees must either bring him back or keep him in the minors. Karstens is also on schedule to come off the DL soon. Someone at the major league level will be packing their bags when those two are ready. (Look to Mike Myers being let go - Joe seems to be calling Vallone's number more and more.

Anonymous said...

I guess maybe my beef with Moose is the lack of dominance. I mean, yes, it was a "quality" start by the numbers, he just seems to be laboring a lot for every batter regardless of who he faces. Few first pitch strikes etc...

I was curious as to why Joe didn't bring in Ramierez - I'm thinking its because he wants to see how Ed does as a closer. If they use Mo tonight, that'll make him unavailable likely for tomorrow which will be a plausible reason to give the kid a try in that role.

Division lead down to single digits!!


The Scooter said...

Mid, your point about Moose's lack of dominance is well taken, but if you look at it realistically, he's their fourth starter. Not many fourth starters in the league will give you consistent dominance. It's mid July and it doesn't look like his fastball is going to be there all year, so I'll take a performance like last night from him every time out.

Prof, Sosa would work for about Piazza?

The Scooter said...

By the way...the worst news of the last few days was Ichiro re-upping with the Mariners. You can check him off the list.

Anonymous said...

I think Verlander checked him off his own list as well..

old professor said...

What Yankee fan would have ever thought we would be characterizing Mussina as a number four starter. The unfortunate truth to his problem is he has been unable to reinvent himself. While he now knows he can no longer throw in the low 90's, he has to live on the corners and pitchers need to take time to learn that piece about control. Being the creature of habit he is, he may not be able to retool to be successful.

The one good point about Mussina is if he realizes he can't pitch like he wants to, he will retire after the season. He is a class act and doesn't say a lot in public, but his best years are way behind him.

With Ichiro being signed to an extension, the Yankees will be looking at Tori Hunter (their only other real option would be the two free agent Japanese outfielders). Having said that I would hope they put a higher importance on rebuilding the rotation and the bullpen.

Anonymous said...

Piazza would not be stupid enough to go play for a losing team. He's a winner.


Rip City 2007 said...

Yes, you comment on a blog I wrote about Alex Rodriguez and I believe you tried to make me sound stupid because I let anyone who read my blog know his nickname and who he plays for. Well, just so you know THE Great Sports Debate is a Portland State University class blog and not every student in the class has a developed sports background. I was explaining the facts to the people in the class. Maybe you should know what you are commenting on before you write disrespectful remarks on someone else's postings.

Anonymous said...

someone get the towel out for the river that genious is crying.... boo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, immaturity I see is a common theme with you. You really are a true Yankees fan.

Middle Relief said...

Rip City 2007 -

I was not making you sound stupid, that would be you making you sound stupid.

No one else other than someone named "Jon" seemed to feel threatened by the obvious point I was making.

If you have to describe who and what A-Rod is - then why not go into what baseball is, or the concept of pro sports etc.

When reviewing a topic, there has to be an assumption of some base level of knowledge.

As far as disrespecting - that maybe how you felt, but on public blogs you are free to comment on everyone's postings. I'm thinking you've never been challenged on a topic before, which is common in a restorative state like Oregon so I'm not that surprised.

Grow up, learn how to counter without whining, then maybe you'll be ready to post.

old professor said...

We now know why the US is falling behind the rest of the world in things like engineering, science and technology. Portland State has courses like the Great Sports Debate to entertain its young students. Great. Next time someone calls Dell tech. support and speaks to someone from Pakistan, we will know why. When Rip City 2007 sends out his resume the reader will be looking at The Great Sports Debate, while the kid from China has Physics, Chemistry, enginering and mathematics on his.

Back to the Yankees, they have now won nine out of twelve. Not bad. Need to sweep Toronto. Winning behind Igwa (though he didn't get the win) is a good sign. By the way the Yankees are 5-4 in his nine starts. Mid, don't jump on the guys back. He struck out seven and gave up only three runs. He is still only 27 and learning to live in this country - hey he can participate in the Great Sports Debate.

Anonymous said...

Andy Phillips continues to shine

Mo River another quality save


Anonymous said...

OP -

I just re-read your post - that was pretty funny..

CrashDavis said...

Wow I didn't know OP had that in him.

I don't know if I should be happy or disturbed by the recent trade talks between the Yanks and A's. Proctor for Dan Johnson. Where I would jump at the chance to rid the Yanks of Proctor and/or Farnsworth, I wouldn't do it for Johnson who is 1B with a .265 avg and 20'ish HR power. Phillips is now hitting over .300 and has come up big in recent clutch situations. I would rather see Farnsworth, Mussina, and Phillips packaged to Texas for Gagne and Big Tex. Though Mussina would never consent to the trade (he's a 10 & 5). The Yanks apparently inquired about Teixeira but refused to part with top pitching prospects. Someone finally gets it there. Nice!

Mid Relief said...

I would package Moose, Proctor and Farnsworth for a concession salesman and an 8th round draft at this point.

Torre hasn't used Ramierez since the break. Maybe he'll get some action tonight.

57 said...

Griffey in a Mets uni in two weeks.

old professor said...

Griffey in a Mets uniform- obviously someone must stop using recreational drugs.

There have not been any talks between the A's and Yankees regarding Johnson in well over a week because of Phillips' progress. Besides if one of your weekest points in the pen, does it make sense to rid yourself of two arms (suspect as they may well be)?

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