Monday, July 02, 2007

Yanks, Clemens Win Opener Vs. Twins

Clemens got his 350th win tonight. Let that marinate for minute when you take into consideration the following:

All changes to the game the last 100 years has been to the benefit of the hitter
Lowered pitching mounds
Live baseballs, shorter stadiums, and juiced players
Other than Warren Spahn (1964), the last time a pitcher had 350 or more wins was 1930 - 70 years.

Post WWII - I think the the case can be made he's the best of all-time.


It is only one game, but a win is a win and right now I don't care if they're beating up on a JV team, we need the damn wins!

Bobby Abreu's HR tonight reminded that this guy did win a HR derby contest. Is power going to be a part of this guy's game again? Hope so.

It'll be interesting to see how the offense will respond without A-Rod in the lineup. Another hammy issue - don't think this one was a conditioning issue though. He plays hard, I believe he has played every game thus far this season - body likely just beat up. A couple of games off will likely do him and us good.

I liked the way Torre set the lineup tonight - Jeter in the three spot. No one has more hits than this guy, let him do it from the famed 3-spot now.

Frankly, I liked the tank shirt that Mrs. A-Rod's brought to the stadium.


old professor said...

I was impressed with the way Clemens pitched. He said he feels stronger than he did in his last outting and I guess you have to take him at his word. If and it is a big if we pitches well for the remainder of the season, he could end up with ten wins.

However, it may be to late for the team to turn things around. They are 11 games back in the division and 9 games back in the wild card.

The homerun by Abreu was impressive. It may be too late for him to save his career with the Yankees - yet he is a great club house pressence.

Lost in all of the stats is the fact that Phillips is beginning to hit and drive in runs. Maybe the talk about Shelly Duncan (not Eric) be looked at as the first baseman of the future has put some pressure on Phillips.

CrashDavis said...

Leave it to Mussina to mess up a possible win streak.

Anonymous said...

1 - as has been mentioned since november - we should have never re-signed this guy.

2 - the personal catcher thing is BS

3 - trade him

57 said...

Watch John Maine get his 10th victory of the year tonight in Houston

Anonymous said...

Wow, John Maine is the best pitcher in the bigs. He'll have 20 wins this year.

The Scooter said...

Maine is a .500 pitcher against the REAL league...the American League. Damn, Ketchup Boy...even YOU could have a winning record against the farce that is called the National League.

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