Sunday, July 08, 2007

1st Half Complete

Two words come to mind when reflecting on the 1st half of the season: Disappointing, (yet) Hopeful.

Reasons to keep the faith: Cano, Cabrera, Abreu, and Matsui are now swinging the bat with much more aggression and it is paying dividends more times than not. The model of consistency continues when Wang takes the mound. Clemens appears to have found his stride. Finished the first half of the season with seven games against two very worthy opponents in the Twins and Angels and won five of them. Solid debut by Eddie Ramirez out of the Bull Pen (he could be the new go to guy to shorten the game to get to Mo). His performance obviously got the attention of Farnsworth and Villone who is throwing much better as of late.

Opportunity Knocking? Post All-Star Game the Yanks first 28 games are against teams that are sub .500. - This has to be where they make there move - no?

Seeds of doubt: Andy Pettitte's last two starts have been a disaster. Still no commitment to a full time 1st baseman (cost the Yanks in game 2 of series versus Angels). Mike Mussina has not showed us anything or any signs that his game is improving. And, most worrisome, is the lack of consistent work for Mo Rivera, which I believe is the real reason behind his lack luster performance thus far. We need him to win - it is that simple.

All-Star: Being an All-Star has kind of watered down in importance the last 20 or so years. However, an All-Star in its truest form is exactly what Jeter and A-Rod have been.

In Other News: Jeff Karstens made a rehab outing. 3 1/2 scoreless innings. Set to make next start in Single A ball in Tampa, and then move up from there. He could be back to the Bronx before the end of the month. If Igawa does not pick it up Karstens could slide right back into that number 5 spot quite nicely.

-- I think the best team in baseball right now is the Detroit Tigers.


The Scooter said...

Yep, time to make a move. They need to win every series and throw in a sweep now and then.

I hope the break doesn't do anything to stop the run that cano, abreau and matsui seem to be on. It's hard to blame Cairo for the game two loss...score more than one run in 13 innings. Phillips continued his hot hitting after coming back from the sore neck, so I think we will get a heavy dose of him when they get back.

Wang and Clemens look great. Petitte probably will benefit from a few days rest and I guess its pot luck with Moose from this point on.

Glad Karstens is on the mend, but I think it will be Hughes who joins the rotation at the end of the month.

Need to see much more of Eddie Ramirez before I anoint him the next "bridge" to Rivera. Proctor has looked good since his little bonfire, Viscaino has looked good for a month and even Farnsworth hasnt blown a lead in a week or two. Looks like Bruney is the odd man out.

Damn I hate the Tigers.

old professor said...

Is it my imagination or does it seem that everytime the Yankees begin building some momentum, there is a break in the schedule. They have a great series with the Angels and now there is a three day break with the all star game. The only positive with the three day break is it will give the Yankees the opportunity to set their rotation the way they want it to be.

The way Wang is pitching, he could still win twenty games, but will need some help along the way.

Whoever put the schedule together needs to take a vacation for a real long time. The Yankees play their next 28 games against teams with under .500 records, however, the Red Sox play 20% of their remaining games against Tampa. Doesn't seem too logical.

Anonymous said...

I do not approve of A-Rod playing the game. Hopefully he's only in for an inning - and I pray he's not in the HR derby -- I fear it'll screw up his swing (see Bobby Abreu's power numbers post derby).

A-Rod needs the rest.

The Scooter said...

A-Rod will NOT be participating in the HR derby.

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