Monday, July 30, 2007

Yanks Drop Series In Baltimore

Momentum changes fast in this game. Yanks' offense was nowhere to be found for the first 17 innings of this series.

At the end of the day, it is up to the players to execute and perform in order to win. But, I do think it is up to the manager to put them in the best possible position to win as well. I think there were three separate late inning situations that Joe Torre could have put the team in a better position to win in the 2nd game of the series. Damon and Abreu were up in key moments with men on base facing a lefty. Damon had 2 on 1 out in the 7th, and 2 on no outs in the 9th. Abreu up with 2 on and2 outs in the 9th. Both appeared to be ice cold and not seeing the ball very well the entire game. Given they were facing a lefty, I don't think it would have been out of the question to PH Shelley Duncan for one of those ABs. I don't know if the result would have been different, but I don't think it could have been worse (two double plays and a game ending K), and with a right handed power hitter, and a lefty making a spot close I think you take that chance. Torre opted not to of course, and it bothers me that none of the press in the post-game interviews even asked him about it - they give him the pass week in and week out. Water under the bridge.

Chien-Ming Wang will win 20 games this year - the team just seems to find a way to win when this guy take the mound.

The young guns down on the farm keep making their case to upper management: 2006 first round draft pick, Ian Kennedy, has gone a combined 11-2 with a 1.94 ERA with Tampa and Trenton this season so far and was just brought up to SWB this past week. And Phil Hughes went 6 plus scoreless innings against Rochester on Sunday. Hughes hasn't given up an earned run in his last 16 innings of his rehab work. His (or Jeff Karstens) next start will likely be August 3rd for the Bombers.

Getting a chance to catch a couple of Scranton WB Yankee games the next two nights as they visit Frontier Field for a pair.

The big club gets their first day off since the All-Star break Monday and resume in Chicago for a 3 game set.


old professor said...

Yankee pitching let them down. Clemens struggled as did Pettitte and Igwa was, well, Igwa. Even Wang appeared to struggle on Sunday. The bullpen as usual is inconsistent. No lead is big enough for Farnsworth.

Interesting comment was made by John Sterling during radio broadcast on Sunday. Apparently he did not know his mike was on and that there had not been a breakaway for advertisements. Farnsworth ends the inning after giving up two run shot and Sterlings comments: "they need to trade these bums, I have been saying this for two months how much longer are they going to wait?"

Wonder how much longer he will be working Yankee broadcasts?

News from the farm is that Chamberlain has been moved to the pen at Triple A. This will help the Yankees ascertain whether he will be able to make an effective reliever.

With Karstens and Hughes ready to come off the DL, two current roster spots are about to change. Best guess is Farnsworth gets traded and Igwa gets sent down. If Chamberlain is brought up that would make a third roster spot. Both Karstens and Hughes would figure on pitching in the rotation (though Karstens has pitched out of the pen and has not been as effective).

Anonymous said...

Chamberlain is actually the starter for tonights game in Rochester.

Good, I'm glad Sterling was caught with the mike on, I doubt anybody disagrees with that assessment.

Igawa got sent down already earlier in the week.

Karstens last two outings has been as the starter and gotten the victory with 1 earned run -

dude - where you getting your info from?

Anonymous said...

I called the SWB press office on Saturday to confirm that Joba Chamberlain was the starter for Monday's game. He's not in the Pen.


The Scooter said...


You were doing so well for a while, but you have once again regressed to showing absolutely no feel for this Yankee team. Did you really propose that Torre should have batted Shane Spencer...I mean Shelley Duncan for Damon or Abreu? Are we talking about the same Shelley Duncan...the career minor leaguer who has had a total of what 20 major league plate appearances? The same guy who in those 20 plate appearances has batted .250? In fact, if you take away that one "lightning in a bottle game" against Tampa, he would be 3 for 16. That's not even the worst of your analysis....Torre knows that if the Yankees have any shot whatsoever in making the playoffs that he will have to get production from his lead off and number 3 hitters. Bottom line is, if Damon and Abreu don't hit, the Yanks are cooked. Don't blame Torre for this, Cashman put the team together. No way do you pinch hit for either of these guys. Its not like you have Tim Raines or even Jimmy Leyritz on the bench.

There was rumor flying around Camden Yards this weekend that the Yanks and O's were discussing a deal that would sent the above mentioned Damon along with Farnsworth and a young arm to Baltimore for Corey Patterson, Danys Baez and Steve Traschell (sp). It didn't make much sense to me when I heard it, but I think if I was Cashman I would jump all over it. Don't know why Baltimore would ever consider it though, it doesn't seem like much of a salary dump for them. Anyway, I'm sure it's not going to happen.

Prof, that tidbit on Sterling was hilarious. You just HAVE to love that guy. No way he gets fired. Steinbrenner probably will give him a raise.

Anonymous said...

Scoots, I wasn't blaming Torre for the loss - I said I don't know if it would have changed the outcome - Torre during the championship years did on occasion PH a starter for a righty/lefty type matchup.

To me, seeing Abreu trying his bunting again during the game from the 3-spot - and Damon I think being 0 for - I was just thinking it may have been worth a look - as the end result would could not have been any worse than what those guys were doing.

Torre hasn't used Duncan since KC, why have him there if you're not going to use him?

So, again - not saying it cost the team the game, but clearly those guys were cold and was thinking it should have been at least considered to see if SD can produce in a meanginful situation.

The Scooter said...

Mid, your point is well taken. I just can't justify making that move for Shelley Duncan. If there was a veteran RH hitter on the bench then I would be all for it, but this is no time to experiment to see if Duncan can cut the mustard. I truly believe that Damon and Abreu gave the Yankees the best chance of success at that juncture.

old professor said...

Okay mid, regarding the information on Chamberlain. During one of the broadcasts from Baltimore, the booth indicated that Chamberlain had been moved to the pen. If he is scheduled to start at Scranton so be it. He won't be in the rotation with the Yankees.

Regarding Karstens, the quotes were from Cashman (before Igwa's departure), that Torre preferred Karstens in the pen and if Cashman had his way, Hughes would remain at Triple A until at least September - Doesn't look like he is going to get his wish. All three (Chamberlain, Karstens, and Hughes could be on their way up this week). It also appears that Giambi even though he went 1-5 at Tampa is going to be activated this week.

Anybody find it interesting that the Yankees brought Basak up when Igwa was optioned out? Why bring up yet another utility mid-infielder? Wonder if there is a trade brewing with Philly considering their second baseman is out with a broken hand? Of the two, I would think Cairo is the one who might gather some interest.

It is almost August and the Yankees still find themselves in the Wild Card race. They need to put another big run together.

The Scooter said...

This from today's George King column in the Post:

Chamberlain, a 2006 draft pick, was slated to start for SWB today but instead will throw an inning or relief. After resting tomorrow, Chamberlain will throw another inning out of the bullpen Wednesday for SWB. Based on that schedule, the earliest Chamberlain could pitch in The Bronx is Friday.

Anonymous said...

The Yankees are not even worth talking about...they aren't even going to make post season play! Face it, they haven't won since 2001 and wont win for another 10 years. Start rooting for the Red Sox because they are the team with hope.

Mid Relief said...

Is that last post by "anon" even worth commenting on?

I have no problem with the little people that support other teams - I do have a problem when they don't have their facts straight - must be a dean's lister from PSU.

Mid Relief said...

Got to see Chamberlain throw last night. Old Prof was correct - he came out of the pen. He did one inning of work, struck out the side, 8 out of 10 pitches were clocked at 99 MPH.

Does not mean he was only throwing 99, that's as high as the gun goes at AAA.

old professor said...

It really had to be painful for Mid to admit that I was RIGHT about Chamberlain. Hopefully he will have better control than the other 99 mph person the Yankees currently have in the pen.

By the way Scooter, Texas was able to land the backup catcher from Atlanta that you were very high on and had hopes of the Yankees getting. Only question for Texas to answer is - can anyone remember the last time Atlanta traded away a can't miss prospect and if this kid could also play first base, why was Atlanta playing Julio Franco ahead of him? Maybe the Braves front office knows more about him than they are willing to admit, only time will tell.

And finally Mid - the reason why Torre did not go with Duncan - he has a history of only trusting veteran players. As the games become more critical to win he will march out the veterans.

The Scooter said...


I know, I was broken up when I saw that Salty was the centerpiece of the Teixiera deal. The only thing i can think of is that the kid really didn't want to play first base and with McCann entrenched behind the plate he was never going to catch for the Braves. Another possible reason is that both the GM (Shuerholz sp?) and the Manager (Cox) deals run out at the end of the '08 season and there is strong speculation that they will both ride off into the sunset, they decided that they needed to win NOW and that Teixiera gave them the best opportunity to do that.

Heinz 57 must be getting a little nervous, what with the Phillies breathing down the Mets necks and now the best player at the trade deadline going to the Braves. Here's a question....If the Mets fail to get to the World Series this year, does Minaya show Randolph the door?

Anonymous said...

I don't mind loyalty to veterans (as long as they don't try to bunt when they are hitting in the big money spot in the order.)

The Braves getting Tex makes sense - their offense is sub par.

I would be willing to trade Farnsworth, pay most of his salary in return for a few draft picks or a prospective catcher.

The Scooter said...

I would be willing to trade Farnsworth for a fungo and a bag of practise balls.

The Scooter said...

From SI:

The Yankees and Dodgers have agreed to a deal, pending medical reviews, that will send reliever Scott Proctor back to the Dodgers for utility infielder Wilson Betemit

I'm kinda neutral on this deal. It will help the bench but I wish it was Farnsworth.

The Scooter said...

But does it mean they still think they have a shot at Gagne????

old professor said...

The deal with the Dodgers brings another utility infielder to the Yankees. They now have Cairo, Basak, and Betemit. None of these three can produce anything more than singles and occassionally a double or two sprinkled in. This is a team that has been having issues with its bullpen so they trade Proctor, who while having some problems still has an ERA of 3.80.

Is Cashman simply making trades to say that he has done something? And Farnsworth is still occupying space on the bench.

This leaves the team one arm short in the pen and one arm short in the rotation (based on Proctor going and Igwa being sent down).

How does this help a team with a struggling pitching staff?

The Scooter said...

First off Prof, Betimet projects to have more power than you give him credit for. He actually has some nice pop and he also is known as being a selective hitter who gets his share of walks. He is much better from the left side, so I think we might be seeing some sort of platoon at first base if he can handle that position.

If they don't pick up a reliever by the deadline, I think we are all awaare that Jaba is going to get the call and as far as a starter us concerned, between Karstens and Hughes, I think we got that covered.

Let's not make Proctor out to be Sparky Lyle, I liked his guts and his stuff, but he gives up a hit per inning and along with a poor strikeout to walk ratio, he was ultimately quite expendable. Torre now has another bat to utilize. He will not hit for much average, but in the Yankee lineup he will be somewhat of a run producer.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting ready to party - glad Proctor is getting shipped back to the left coast. Throw in Farnsworth, plus garbage clean up for a month and I think we're on our way.
Not sure we needed a utility infielder, but as far as I can see this is addition by subtraction.

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