Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We Now Know Which Blog Joe Torre Reads

Recap of conversation following Baltimore Series:

Mid: I think it would have been worth while PH'ing Duncan in for Abreu or Damon given the match up and game situation.

Scooter: What? you're dumb, you're stupid, never PH a rook for a vet, and my cousin Peter is gay.... not that there's anything wrong with that.


Fast forward 36 short hours later. Joe Torre pinches Shelley Duncan for Bobby Abreu and he promptly mashes a homer like it's no one's business. Coincidence? Maybe, but the available evidence would suggest that Torre is getting his game strategy from this blog.

Clearly this development has put me ahead of Joe Girardi as the front runner for the job at the conclusion of the season.... someone get me Drew Rosenhouse on the phone, I need an agent!


The Scooter said...


Here's the deal Mid, either get therapy or send me down a little of whatever it is that you are smoking.

You conveniently neglected to mention that the Yankees we up FIFTEEN to THREE when Joe decided to empty his bench.

Hey, if you want to email me a draft before you post any more blog entries, I'll be happy read it over and make suggestions so you don't continue to embarrass yourself in your front of your friends and family.

And lay off my cousin Peter, we truly believe that he was born that way.

old professor said...

Scooter is right. Had the game been tight, Duncan would have been riding the pines along with Basak and Cairo.

The Yankees may have finally found a place for Farnsworth - mopping up in the 8th when the team is up by 13. He actually looked relaxed and threw well. No pressure, however, he still only pitched one inning and Myers had to close the game out. Except for the second inning even Mussina looked good.

Have never seen that many homeruns hit by one team in a game before. Last time the Yankees apparently did something like that was 1939 and Scooter before you ask - no I wasn't around to see that game.

The Scooter said...

Damn Prof, now you're taking my punchlines before I even get a chance to use 'em.

Anonymous said...

Details Details Details.

15 to 3 - no lead is safe with Farnsworth coming in from the pen !!!

The Scooter said...

And Mid, Sports Illustrated called and said that you should keep your day job. You're application for the photographer position has been rejected.

Anonymous said...

Only so much you can do with a dam camera phone! wow, tough crowd today..

Hughes and Giambi to rejoin on Saturday - Does that mean Duncan's days are over??


CrashDavis said...

I think Duncan will be sent down to make room for Giambi. You will also see some major rotation between all the OF's the DH spot and 1B with him coming back. This way Giambi is getting at bats and everyone gets an extra day off a week. My guess is Ciaro will also be released with the trade for Betemit. With Karstens up now, not sure who get's sent down when Hughes comes off the DL. Is Sean Henn still up and on the verge of being sent down again?

CrashDavis said...

Not only is Hughes being activated for Saturday he is the probable starter against KC that day.

Also don't be surprised if Clemens gets hit hard tomorrow. As a Yankee, in the Stadium vs the White Sox his ERA is over 7.00.

old professor said...

Somehow, I cannot see the Yankees sending Duncan down. He offers power off the bench and is a threat to hit a homerun anytime he comes to the plate. He has also built a following in NY. Cashman would and should get lynched if Duncan is sent down. Giambi will not help the team and does not have the versatility of Duncan who can DH, play first and right field. Oh and Duncan can do something Giambi has been unable to do in his career - throw the ball to a specific location.

I would think Cairo's days are numbered, don't be surprised if Friday night or Saturday morning he pulls a hamstring which would allow the Yankees to put him on the fifteen day DL and activate Giambi. (Something similar happened last year around August 1st and he was unable to get back to full strength until after September 1st).

They are now only two back in the wildcard as Cleveland continues to struggle. They need the Mariners to go into a prolonged slump.

57 said...

Just because I like cold play does not make me gay...(if you don't know the movie, you should be ashamed)

In any event, I am so happy the Braves are window dressing their way into a second place finish in the NL east. Octavio Dotel is not really that good (he was an ex-Met, so I do know it first hand). Minaya did not sacrifice his young talent (that are up in the bigs) for a short term gain.

Who is your daddy is right around the corner!!

Delgado is getting hot, lookout. We're gellin!!

The Scooter said...

Duncan goes deep AGAIN....can we be any more than minutes away before Mid starts comparing him to Mickey Mantle?


You know how I know you're gay?

I saw you make a spinach dip in a loaf of sour dough bread once.

57 said...

NICE WORK on the knowing the movie... I expected nothing less from you.

You guys are all getting excited and your 3-5 games out respectively... we're in 1st place... and loving it. We know when to turn it on.

Anonymous said...

Drew Rosenhaus is old news.

Anonymous said...

Wow - good call by Crash Davis - Clemens just got the crap kicked out of him.


Anonymous said...

18 Runs in less than 4 full innings of work - is this game being played in Colorado???

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