Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bombers Take Care of KC In Weekend Sweep

The Yanks win their 8th series out of 9 with the completion of the sweep of KC this weekend.

The offensive machine that we were speculating could exist with this team during the Winter and Spring has emerged into a reality averaging over 8 runs per game since the Break. The question is, who is the hottest hitter in the lineup? Cano, Matsui, Posada, Abreu, Damon, and Cabrera are all by any measure taking care of business. Interestingly enough, as a point to show how productive this lineup has been, I feel as though the two bonafide superstars in Jeter and A-Rod almost look like they are in slumps even though one is batting .330 on the season and the other leads the league in homers and RBIs. Suffice it to stay the machine is rolling.

Speaking of highly productive machines, how about Mariano Rivera? At the end of April his ERA was almost 11. Since that time it is just above 1, and now stands at 2.89 on the season with 17 saves.

As John Sterling pointed out, and what we already knew, the only area that needs fixing is the 7th inning pitcher. That will be fixed by Joba Chamberlain - the sooner he comes up the better.

In the vein of the good of the team kind of spirit, I think Cashman should ask Giambi to stay down until September when they expand the rosters. I know that will never happen, but the team chemistry is perfect and I cringe at the thought of messing with it. I think at the end of the day it is going to be Cairo or Duncan that gets the boot. Both are well liked and valued by the team and the fans as they have done what has been asked of them. And because of that, I think it is going to put an enormous amount of pressure on Jason to produce early and often, otherwise face the boo birds.

Bottom line: This stretch of 26 games post All-Star break (includes the two postponed games) has produced what we were hoping for, a team back in contention winning 19 of those games. As good as that is, whether or not they'll be playing in October comes down to the following block of time: August 10th to the 30th. During that time they'll have two series with Detroit, one with Cleveland, LA, concluding with three games against the Red Sox. When it is all said and done, come August 30th, we'll know whether or not the Pinstripes will be seen in October.

In Other News: As expected, Barry Beefroid Bonds tied Hank Aaron in HRs (finally). First of all he's a prick, and second, I am convinced that no one at ESPN, USA today, and others in the media have a damn clue about baseball when they suggest he is the best hitter of all-time. When you take into consideration the machine made baseballs, shorter ball parks, watered down pitching, and the Steroids, he isn't even close a to a top 10 hitter of all-time, maybe not even top 25. I am relieved that Ken Griffey Jr. is still playing seemingly healthy, that A-Rod is entering his prime with 500 HRs already under his belt, and that Albert Pujols has yet to enter his prime. All three can be the reason why we may forget about Barry after this season.

Congrats to Thurman Thomas on making the football HOF. You don't truly have an appreciation for how good a player is until you see how hard it is for the team he plays for to replace him. He was good and deserves to be in.

Finally, as a Giant fan, I am deeply disappointed in the lack of professionalism of Michael Strahan. He has a contract in his mid 30s for $4 million. That is a gift, and his ass should be in camp...either play or retire already!

Yanks @ Toronto for 3 games.


Middle Relief said...

Wow, you know there must be a lot of good going on right now if I failed to mention Phil Hughes' return, and that I think we got the better deal in acquiring Betemit at the cost of Proctor!!!

The Scooter said...

Mid, who do you really want on your bench....Cairo or Giambi? Enough of this chemistry Cairo has been a good soldier. You know what? He's gotten paid.

Try out this scenario for size....One run down to the Red Sox...ninth inning, runner on first....Papelbon on the mound. Torre needs to pinch hit for Phillips who is 0-5...who do you want coming up? The "good for chemistry" Cairo or the Giambino?

Case closed!

CrashDavis said...

Giambi will be back. He has come through when it counts and has earned the stripes. I agree with Scooter this is a no brainer. Besides it was only a matter of time for Cairo once the Yanks picked up Betemit. He plays all the same positions and is better offensive threat.

I think you see some major changes come down this week. Including the bullpen. That doesn't just mean the addition of Chamberlain. W

Mid said...

Scoots - a few things

When we're down a run and facing Papelbon and Torre needs a PH, who do I Want coming up???? - Shelly Duncan of course!!

In the last post you mentioned something about Farnsworth and waivers but did not read anything about that - were you being hopeful or did you hear something on that?

Finally, using your dismissal of chemistry formula would have meant keeping Cecil Fielder over Tino Martinez - I'm glad we kept Tino.

When Giambi comes up and plays, that means Damon (who is really performing well since his role has been redefined)or Cabrera sits - right?

Maybe we just use JG as an expensive PH to for spot situations.

Mid said...

Crash - yes Giambi has come through in the past - if it weren't for him, we never would have won Game 7 in 2003 (2 HRs)

The Scooter said...


I can't even kill ya on Shelly Duncan anymore...the guy continues to have good at bats.

No I hadn't heard anything on Farnsworth...I was just wondering if they ran him through waivers leaving the possibility open to a trade. I'm sure no one would put a claim on him..and if they did..well good riddance.

And if chemistry was important you would never have seen one of the greatest feats in World Series history....Reggie smacking three home runs on three consecutive pitches.

The Scooter said...

Mike Myers designated for assignment....Joba Chamberlain called up.

old professor said...

I still believe that Cairo will be the good soldier on this one and suddenly pull a hamstring or groin muscle and go on the DL. Giambi was 0 for whatever at Triple A. While there seems to be a lot of hope with his return, let's face facts he takes up two roster spots. He is a DH which he has indicated and his stats supports he doesn't like doing and he is listed as a first baseman, which is a position he can't play very well. Since he apparently is no longer on the juice, what were homeruns are now warning track shots.

Shelly Duncan can play first, DH and Right field. As he indicated, he will play anywhere to maintain a spot on the roster. (And technically he has just about as many homeruns as Giambi, in a lot fewer at bats).

Regarding Farnsworth - Rumors from the club house are that Posada was so pissed after they had their argument on the mound he told the hitter what was coming - I believe the pitch was deposited in the bleachers.

Mid Relief said...

Meyers will be picked up. He was a good reliever, I think he just may be passed his prime. I gained respect for him when he went 4 innings in mop up duty with out bitching earlier in the year.

I missed the argument with Posada, when did that happen?

At the end of the day, with Giambi, I think the solution if they are going to keep him is lose some freakin weight! It will put less strain on his frail body, and likely increase his bat speed.

On a side note, was anyone suprised that the Mariners did not try to work a deal for Griffey come trade deadline?

The Scooter said...

I think Myers can be sent down without having to clear waivers, so the Yanks might not lose him.

Rumor has it that the Yanks are considering making an offer to recently released Oakland outfielder Bobby Kielty. The Red Sox are also interested. This one doesn't make much sense to me unless they have a trade for Damon in place....if they sign Kielty and Damon stays, it almost certainly means that Shelley will be sent down.

old professor said...

Too bad about Myers. He was a good club house guy and an individual who did whatever he was asked. His problems go back to letting them mess with what side of the rubber he was pitching from. Originally he pitched only from the left side of the rubber. Was eventually moved to the right side in the hope he could pitch against righties. Move helped him against righthanded hitters, but left him hitable against lefties. Was never able to find his slot again.

The move now leaves only one left-handed pitcher in the pen - Vallone.

Hopefully Chamberlain is as good as advertised. (Hey he can't do much worse than the current pen).

While he will be in the pen for the Yankees this year, watch for him to join the rotation next year.

By the way, we all have had a lot to say at Mike Mussina's expense, yet no applause for his performance on Sunday. He had one of his better outtings. Mid, show him some love.

The issue between Posada and Farnsworth came in the game where he gave up the two run shot in the eighth. Apparently, he crossed Posada up on the pitch. When Jorge went out to talk with him, Farnsworth got in his face. Posada went back called for the fastball and told the hitter what was coming - Homerun, Yankees still win the fame. Farnsworth hasn't said much since.

And Mid, Why would anyone care about the Mariners - they apparently were interested in Igwa until his last start.

The Scooter said...

The Daily News got it wrong...WFAN is reporting that Myers got released, but it wasn't Joba that got called was some guy named Jim Brower who I know absolutely nothing about.

old professor said...


Jim Brower is an old veteran. He is 35 years of age. Started this year with Indianapolis. Has pitched in 35 games for Scranton and has 20 saves. His ERA is 1.65 and his record is 4-1. That is the good news, now for the bad: 2005 with ATlanta - released; 2006 with Baltimore - released; picked up by Padres - released; signed by the Giants - released. Signed by Pirates - released and now with Scranton and the Yankees. He has been on their 40 man roster but listed as a minor league reserve. The plan to bring him up was probably why they designated Coltier Bean for Assignment.

If they brought him up instead of Chamberlain, it goes back to the Torre theory of trusting veterans instead of kids. Brower will give them some innings and eventually be released - remember Aaron Small? Same concept. Guy has never caught on with any organization but seems to land on his feet.

Anonymous said...

Matsui and Cano come up big yet again!!!

The Scooter said...

Today....Joba comes up...Bruney goes dowm.

57 said...

you know, I have to say, as much as I hate Barroid Bonds, I have found myself making sure I tape the past few games so I can witness history. This is an incredible feat. The only record that will NEVER be broken is Jolten Joe's 56 game hitting streak. Fitting that #57 will never be broached!

Thurman Thomas was one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, all purpose back of ALL TIME! Nobody compared to him... without him there was no K-Gun.

Michael Irvin is fake!

Jeter is Gay.

Anonymous said...

The Balco HR record is not that big of a deal - maybe for chemical companies, but not true pro's (true pro's being Jeter, A-Rod, Mattingly, Griffey etc.)

Mike Piazza's knees are so bad now because he spent so much time on them.

57 said...

Congratulations to Barry Bonds for reaching the unreachable 756. It was a pretty amazing moment in San Fran, and as much as I am not a fan of Bonds I think he handled himself tremendously well in the spotlight when he spoke to the crowd after his record breaking home-run. An emotional moment at home plate when he thanked his father was good to see.

But the MOST important moment of the evening in Frisco was the fact that a 22 year old guy from Queens caught #756 fulled decked out in the 'ol orange and blue!!! In baseball's most historic night to date, a Mets fan gets rich. There is a God!!

old professor said...

Regarding the guy from Queens catching the ball - yes it is fate - a fake homerun king who cheated hitting a ball caught by a fan of a psuedo professional team located in the swamp that is called Queens. Jus think, if it wasn't for Robert Moses (not the original Moses of course. No Scooter I did not personnally know the original Moses), there would not be a stadium in Queens, there would not be a Mets Team and the Dodgers would still be in Brooklyn. For those of you not aware of the history, R. Moses was the planning board chief for the city of NY. He wanted a stadium in Queens, Walter O'Malley wanted to build a new stadium in Brooklyn, Moses would not approve the stadium for Brooklyn, O'Malley was not going to move the team to Queens so the Dodgers moved west and the Giants followed.

Back to reality - Chamberlain looked as advertised. Great slider hope it doesn't put strain on the arm throwing it as hard as he does. Clemens drilling Rios in retailiation for A-Rod getting hit is old school protecting one's teammate. Hopefully Tronto realizes they will receive equal treatment when they go after someone.

Anonymous said...

#1 - The bonds thing is meaningless, no one outside of San Fran cares, and the record will be at best *, but will very likely be pulled once federal probe is done. Bonds is not in the top 50 in terms of all-time hitters.

#2 - Loved Shelley Duncans hard slide to break up a sure out.

#3 - Got Melk?? The kid is on fire

#4 - Clemens did what he had to do. I was thinking it was going to be Wells, but Rios was acceptable. The league should review the rule of warning the benches prematurely.

Yanks are closing the gap!!!


Anonymous said...

Cairo gets the boot to make room for Giambi.

CrashDavis said...

Tonight should be a great game. Wang v. Holliday. Yanks are 5 back in the East. Chamberlain looked very good in spots last night. I'm chalking the walks up to nerves. We'll see if he can be used in back to back games tonight.

My sources say Cairo took it like a pro and Brunney acted like a child when he was sent down. Somewhat understandable as he has made some changes and turned a corner. He has to sit there and watch the train wreck that is Kyle Farnsworth.

Don't be surprised if/when the Yankees place Giambi, Damon, Abreu, Igawa, and Farnsworth on waivers(and clear due to the salaries).

We can only hope someone takes those 2 pitchers.

CrashDavis said...

So much for the great pitching match... up Wang gives up 8 ER in 2.2 IP.

Farnsworth did clear waivers today...other notables, Boston's Wily Mo Pena.

CrashDavis said...

Oh yeah...forgot to mention the Padres will designate David Wells for assignment. This gives the Padres 3 days to trade him or release him out right. Do the Yankees make a deal for Wells to dump Farnsworth or Igawa??? Doubt it.

old professor said...

Wang did not look anything like the pitcher that has won 13 games. Everything was centered. Of greater concern was that Karstens didn't fare much better. He was not able to locate his pitches, gave up a lot of hits and a few runs. Vallone smelled up the house as well. It is a sad commentary when you have to admit the pitcher who had the most effective inning was Farnsworth.

The momentum built by this team will be slowed dramatically as Torre tries to get everyone enough at bats to keep them happy. Giambi has created a roster problem. Too bad the announcers tried to make a great thing out of his getting a hit in his first game back. It was a single to left because he was late catching up with a pitch.

Cano is one fire.

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