Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bronx Brief

Jason Giambi set to reunite with the pinstripes on Monday - No word on who is being moved off or down.


The Scooter said...

Congrats to AROD....he should go on a tear now that 500 is behind him.

Tough outing for Hughes, but you can see he has awesome stuff.

It has to be Cairo who gets sent down, don't you think?

Betemit has some pop, doesn't he Prof?

anyone know if Farnsworth cleared waivers?

CrashDavis said...

A-Rod hits 500. I seem to recall chatting with the Old Prof when the 2007 schedule was released. I said we should go see the Royals series in August and sit in the lower left field seats. Old Prof, being so oblivious as usual asked why, who would want to see the Royals...I told him A-Rod will be right around 30-35 HRs and going for #500 at that time. Old Prof mentioned something about choking and A-Rod never getting there...Hmmmmm.

Also it seems everyone has already written in either A-Rod or Magglio Ordonez for MVP. Let's give some props here...if Jorge Posada can keep up the .330-.340 average for the last 2 months, get to over 20 HRs and 100 RBI he needs to be seriously considered for the AL MVP.

While we're at it. Wang will get to 20 wins. Maybe the only 20 game winner this year, as I refuse to believe Beckett, Carmona, Sabathia, etc will get there. Despite this, he still won't get the credit he deserves in the Cy Young voting. The writers will fall over themselves to vote for Becket, Sabbathia, Carmona, Santana, & Haren. There's nothing sexy about Wang, he doesn't get strike outs, he doesn't lead the league in ERA, he's just keeps on getting ground ball outs. He's just the best damn pitcher in the AL right now. The media is saying we'll never see another 300 game winner...Wang is the kind of guy who may be able to get there. I know he's only 3 years into the majors. but if he stays with the Yankees and stays healthy and continues like about 16 years people will be saying again "We'll never get another 300 game winner again". And they'll think how did this guy sneak up on them.

Mid said...

Scooter - as it relates to Farnsworth clearing waivers - I didn't see anything on the transaction wires -

Did they drop him?

Middle Relief said...

Wang best pitcher in the AL?

I think he's good, I think so far for this season though that maybe Dan Harren has him beat.

But I do agree though, Wang seems to get it done without much apparent effort. Wang, like Jeter, will be appreciated more as his body of work continues to expand over the next number of seasons.

old professor said...

Wow, I take grief on Betemit, grief from Crash on not getting tickets for this weeks KC game and yes, last year you did say this would be the series he would hit his 500th. However, I don't believe I said A-Rod would never get to 500 homeruns. And had we bought the tickets and sat where you wanted to, you would have still dropped the ball when it came in and someone else would have gotten it - you forget, I know how "well" you field a baseball. (HAve all of the bruises healed from playing third base?)

The issue I had with Betemit was carrying two utility infielders along as long as they had Phillips and Duncan didn't make sense. Betemit has a better upside than Cairo. He is younger, has more pop and hits from both sides. Question to as is whether Torre will continue to show loyalty to Cairo and let him ride the bench when Giambi comes back and sending Duncan out.

Cairo is a good man to have around, but not at the expense of Duncan. If Torre had his way, Womack would still be with the Yankees and Cano would be playing for a team in Japan.

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