Monday, August 27, 2007

Detroit Destroys Yanks

This is not exactly the way the team wants to be heading into a series versus Boston. Detroit takes 3 out of 4, and needed about three hours worth of work to put a 16 spot on the board in the series finale.

It didn't matter who was on the mound tonight; the bats were kept silent by a fairly dominant Justin Verlander. No run production, no win possible.

With that said, it is safe to speculate that Mussina may have made his last start of the 2007 season. It is like the guy is jinxed this season. Mussina's next turn in the rotation is against the Devil Rays which could be a perfect opponent to give a new guy a shot. I think there are many candidates to chose from: Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy, Steven White, Alan Horne, and maybe Kei Igawa or Jeff Karstens again.

The season and the hopes of a playoff spot are not over, however, if they can only rely on 2 out of the 5 in the starting rotation on a consistent basis, it is becoming more likely than not they'll be home for October for the first time since 1994.

Post Script: One Positive note, great catch by Melkey Cabrera in the first inning.


old professor said...

Regarding who might be taking Mussina's spot in the rotation, Ian Kennedy, Alan Horne, and Steven White are not on the 40 man roster. Torre indicated earlier that Ian Kennedy would not be a September call up because he wasn't on the 40-man. To add someone to that spot would mean someone has to be designated for assignment from that roster.

The choices to replace Mussina would be limited to Igwa, Chase Wright, Clippard, Karstens, or Matt DeSalvo. Most of these individuals will probably face the September 1 call up and be available for Mussina's next start.

David Justice was very blunt in assessing Mussina - "his stuff just isn't there to get major league hitters out. We all face the time when we need to look in the mirror and decide it's over. Unless he can reinvent himself during the next few days, he will have to face the realization his career is over."

The answer may be they piece together a fifth starter after call-ups (e.g. Igwa for two, DeSalvo for two, Clippard and Karstens for two and Mo in the 9th).

There also has to be concern that Henn gave up 8 runs in less than two innings of work. Not necessarily the way to impress the management for consideration next year.

The only saving grace about last night is the Mariners also lost so the Yankees are still two back in the Wild Card. The Angels will help the Yankees out by sweeping the Mariners the Yankees need to take care of business with Boston.

Anonymous said...

Mussina's ERA actually went down on the season after his 3 innings and 6 earned.

the Scooter said...

Well I'm finally ready to admit it. Mussina is done!

I really don't see how they can keep him in the rotation at this point. One saving grace for him is that the brass may feel that The Devil Rays may be a good opportunity for him to right himself, but let's face it; can Igawa do any worse?

Mid, they are NOT in any way whatsoever going to install Jaba into the starting rotation this there goes one option. Karstens failed miserably in his latest audition, so he's out. Maybe they give DeSalvo or Clippard another shot, but unless he has been getting totally lit up in the minors, I would have to say that Igawa is probably the guy.

Here's to hoping that Mussina has a little pride and can negotiate a buy out of the last year of his contract that makes sense for both the player and the club.

You have no idea how hard it was to type this post so I better go all the way.....MID, YOU WERE RIGHT ABOUT THIS don't screw it up by calling for Karstens.

CrashDavis said...

Mussina will make his next start vs. Tampa Bay. If he implodes in that one he will miss a start. Simply put, he got old real quick this season.

Anonymous said...

I think Moose was jinxed from the day he called out his teammate back in the spring - I feel like anytime a player, particularly a pitcher, draws attention to himself, he then goes on to have an awful year.

Kei Igawa has been hot cold in the minors. One start shutout for 6 innings, the next start is the Kei Igawa we all saw to our dismay.

We kind of lucked out that Seattle is playing LAA right now.


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