Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mussina Is Topic #1

Mike Mussina is rumored to miss his next start under the guise of "working out some fundamentals" or "rest". While that may be true, the next time you'll be seeing him is very likely out of the bullpen. If he resists this move, he'll be dropped from the post season roster.

Yankee coaches and management wish to move Moose (ERA of 18 last 2 games, and above 5 on the season) to the pen for middle relief and bring up another starter from SWB for a look (can it get worse?). The pitchers in question to replace Mussina are Kei Igawa, Steve White, or Ian Kennedy.

Joe Torre not surprisingly is opposed to this and wishes to stick with his guy because he trusts him. One of the reasons players like Torre so much is his loyalty - that he is, and is loyal to a fault in my opinion.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, I for one am in favor of moving Moose or designating him for assignment.

In Other News: The individual who plays the role of Crash Davis is getting married this weekend. I will be in attendance, which means blogging may be down for a few days. Let's hope for some Yankee wins, Seattle losses, that Boston has an outbreak of the plague, and that Crashes' feet don't get cold!


The Scooter said...


Do you just make this stuff up as you go along, or do you have a source for this Moose info?

Crash, congrats!

Middle Relief said...

The part about me being in favor of him being moved to the pen is made truly made up... I really want him moved as far away from the Bronx as possible - maybe the Cuban or Japan league.

On management and coaches wanting to move Moose to the Pen is a different story - Heard or viewed multiple times yesterday. It was a topic on MLB on XM, then by Buster Olney on ESPN, and then, as you may have seen last night - it was part of an interview question during BP.

Middle Relief said...

How about AP coming up big - yet again. The guy is a cold blooded machine post All-Star break. 5-0 last 5 starts I believe with an ERA of about 2. If we can get to the damn playoffs, I feel very comfortable in a best of 5 if we can go AP, Wang, and Clemens.

Chamberlain let up a hit in his inning of work - but still struck out the side. So far, 8 Innings and 14 strike outs, no runs, 3 hits. Impressive for sure, but I'd like to see how he does if he finds himself challenged or in a jam.

Mo gave up another earned run in his inning of relief to close out the game.

Anonymous said...


57 said...

Can't a closer have a bad day?

Mid said...

Brian Bruney back up - Villone went on DL.

57 said...

FOR THE RECORD, I predicted, through a posting on this blog on August 15th that the New York Mets would have a 7 game lead in two weeks... "mark it down, you heard it hear first"...

Well, it is less than two weeks later and the Mets have won 9 out of 12 and have a COMMANDING 7 game lead on the Phillies and Braves respectively.

Some props, please?

old professor said...


You have to get off of Mussina's back. When he pitches well (and he has), you won't give him credit. You refused to give up on your boy Karstens who is now looking like a career Triple A pitcher. And you have even gone so far as to indicate Kei Igwa for the rotation, when a few weeks ago you were singing the song of sending him back to Japan.

Switching away from Mussina, I am going to go after Hughes - He was the can't miss prospect who was going to be the salvation of the Yankee season (the next coming of Clemens). We are now in late August and he is 2-2 with an ERA over 5.00. He has not gone beyond the sixth inning and when he makes a mistake, it goes a long way. He gave up four hits in Detroit, but three were homeruns (two of which were absolute bombs). He may need more time in Triple A before being in the show. Or he could be the next big prospect to follow in the footsteps of such prospects as Wade Taylor, Brian Taylor, and Jeff Johnson (for those of you who just got out of diapers, Wade Taylor and Jeff Johnson along with Scott Kamenicki, and Gil Patterson were expected to anchor a Yankee rotation for years- didn't happen).

The big question since the start of the season has been the starting rotation. Pettitte is the only pitcher that has been consistently good. Wang has fifteen wins, but check out the scores in his wins, he gives up too many runs in most of his starts. (Yes Mid, I watched the game in Detroit where he gave up only two runs the key words for you are MOST of his starts).

Clemens has looked human and at times his age. Hughes I have already talked about. This team will not win the division (which I have stated consistently since May). They may be the wildcard, but that will be sorted out with the Boston and Mariner games.

Anonymous said...

As with most of the points of view you maintain, whether it be sports, politics, etc. - it is at best, ill informed, untrue, and based on law of small samples.

Hughes is 21, I'm willing to give him a longer leash, needs to develop a third pitch.

Karstens I did give up on after we had a large enough sample size.

In addition to me stating that Kei Igawa, Ian Kennedy, and Steven White could be the possible Mussina replacements, Michael Kay, Tim K., and Peter Gammons have stated the exact same thing.

Defending Mussina entirely removes any credible standing when it comes to sports debates.


The Scooter said...

Ok...I'm staying out of the Mid/Prof spat, but here's two things:

1. Phil Hughes is going to be an ace. As Mid points out, he's 21 years old. Take away the long balls and he has pitched very well. He will learn quickly that the fat pitches he was able to get away with in the minors go a long long way in the Bigs. He will pitch well down the stretch.

2. As for Moose: At this stage the Yankees feel that he is their best option. I doubt he is in danger of losing his spot in the rotation unless he goes and gets knocked out in the 2nd inning again. I think he has a big finish in him also. He can go a long way in earning back some of that self confidence with a decent 6 or 7 innings tonight in Detroit.

Heinz, congratulations on your lead in that wonderful division that the Mets play in. Hey what place are the Toledo Mud Hens in?

old professor said...


With your narrow minded approach to things and your inability to take criticism, it is obvious you have inherited most of your mother's genetic make-up.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take genetic make up to see that Mussina is washed up and was an inappropriate re-signing.

My narrow mind only requires that you accuratly state things - which you don't with regularity. And when that does happen, it'll be pointed out.

the scooter said...

It just does not get any better than this!

Anonymous said...

Great fodder.

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