Wednesday, August 15, 2007

O's Take Series

I'm not sure what the problem is, but the Orioles just seem to be able to beat the Yanks. With all of these "big" series coming up, I find it odd that the one most of us figured to be the hardest would be against the sub .500 birds. One thing that very much concerns me is the final series of the Year is against these guys. I can only hope we go into that series as a playoff spot leader with more than a 3 game lead.

It pains me to say this, but, it is becoming increasingly apparent that perhaps Jeff Karstens is not cut out to be a major league starter. He looked horrible in his replacement start. Hindsight being 20/20, would have preferred to see the team give Ian Kennedy a look - it could not have had that much worse an outcome.

Is Joe Torre making a personnel mistake or misjudgment with Johnny Damon?? The numbers support the argument that the team is better when he is in the lineup (as DH or OF) with the added benefit of having the threat that Giambi and Duncan to come in off the bench anytime to mash a homer.

It is a shame that Giambi does not have the skill to play in the field. That scenario would have him and Damon in the everyday lineup and at the same time probably field the best lineup.

It is interesting (and awesome) to see just how fast Yankee fans are quick to adopt those that come up through the system (Duncan, Chamberlain, Cabrera, etc.) vs. how slow they are to adopt a free agent (basically beating the crap out of them until they have the "Yankee moment").

Onto the upcoming series with the Tigers. I believe that they are a good team to face coming off of a lost series. Next to the Indians, few teams have been performing worse than the Tigers post All-Star break. I am wondering how much of the series news will be focused on the games and wins and losses versus Gary Sheffield's comments on how Joe Torre treats black players differently than white ones.


old professor said...

The reason Baltimore beat the Yankees is simple - they had outstanding pitching. If they ever get consistent hitters and better defense, they will be a force in the division. The fact that two very young and good pitchers shut the Yankees down harkens back to the playoff series with Detroit - Good pitching will stop good hitting.

From here through the rest of the season (with the exception of Tampa) the Yankees will see good and sometimes very good pitching.

Mo Rivera has also hit his typical August slump and it could not have come at a worse time. His location is off and he has become very hittable.

I do agree with you that the Yankees are a better team with Damon in the lineup. With the ability to bring Duncan and Giambi as well as Betemet of the bench makes the Yankees a better team.

Speaking of the Yankees, there is an article in the latest Forbes Magazine (yes I do read more than the daily sports section of the newspaper), which indicates the many of the minority owners expect the Yankees to be sold within the next three years. The health (both mental and physical) of Mr. Steinbrenner is reported to not be good. With the pending divorce of his daughter from Steve Swindell, the heir apparent in now out on the street (how stupid is it to be in line to run one of the biggest sports franchises in history and lose it because you can't keep control of your personal life?). And neither one of the sons seem to have the same interest in running the team and their father did.

Hopefully when and if the team is sold it won't be another disaster like when they were sold to CBS.

The YES Network is also up for sale and it would appear the network will bring in $3 Billion when sold.

Anonymous said...

Look for the YES network to go NewsCorp.

There is an article in a pulication called Portfolio Magazine that has been slammed far and wide as a "gotcha journalism" as it covers Steinbrenner's health.

As far as who buys the team, look for Brian Cashman to put together a syndicate group to engage in an LBO with him as Sr exec


The Scooter said...

If you are looking for a buyer for the Yankees, look no further than Cablevision. Yes, it would be a disaster, but Dolan has already made it known how he covets the Bronx Bombers.

Maybe the Mark Cuban/Cubs deal will fall through and he can be enticed to New York.

I think a sale of the team within the next 5 years is a 50/50 proposition at best. In fact the article I read stated that the Yankees have put their stake in the YES network on the block, so they can continue to operate the team without running into to cash flow problems. I can't really see the Steinbrenner clan walking away from the Yankees at a time when the new stadium (which will greatly increase revenue) is set to open.

Anonymous said...

Yanks sent back down to SWB - Jeff Karstens and Jim Brower, bringing back up Sean Henn and Ed Ramierez.


57 said...

I said the Mets would sweep the Pirates.. i am 2 for 2 so far.. tonight is the closer.. speaking of closers... at least Wagner was able to nut-up in the 9th last night.

Thank God Alou is back and Carlos B. is starting to look like himself again.. watch out.. 7 game lead in two weeks. You heard it here first....

Middle Relief said...
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Middle Relief said...

Another fine outing for Mike Mussina. If I've said it once, I've said a thousand times - mistake re-signing him.

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