Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yankee Momentum Continues to Climb

The Bombers have squared off against two of the four playoff level teams they'll be facing over the next couple of weeks in Cleveland and Detroit. 8 games in they are 7-1; not bad.

I have gained more respect for Johnny Damon as a role player than when he was in the lineup everyday. Outside of Bernie Williams I cannot think of other players that have handled the reduction in playing time the way he has. I think the Yanks are a better team with him in the lineup, I think he thinks the team is better with him in the lineup, yet he remains a positive, constructive teammate because he has not lost site of the greater goal of winning a championship- it is refreshing to see when someone truly seems to be embracing the team concept.

Joba Chamberlain - what can be said that hasn't been already? It's early, but man is he impressive. Speaking of impressive, Eddie Ramirez has performed quite well since being recalled. It looks as if Joe Torre is comfortable from a commitment standpoint to regular appearances for Ramirez - which is good.

I can see Torre using the bullpen as a package of predetermined outcomes going forward. Pair Chamberlain and Ramirez together for an outing due to contrasting styles. Then on their off day, pair Farnsworth with Vizcaino as a combo due to their contrasting styles. It'll keep hitters off balance. A further comment on Kyle Farnsowrth, maybe Torre has figured out how to use this guy: to start an inning, and then only go an inning. He has done that the last four outings and has had some success. A fluke or a sign of things to come??

Outside of Seattle and the Arizona Diamondbacks, no team is playing better ball than the Bombers.

@ LAA for 3


CrashDavis said...

Keep your fingers crossed but Farnsworth has looked decent his last four outings. It only took Torre the better part of 2 years to figure out what everyone else in the world (including some of us on this board) already knew. Do not pitch him back to back days and only throw him for one inning.

Now starts the tough part of the schedule: to LA, to Det, then home for the Sox. If the Yanks make it through this, the only thing that really scares me is the 6 games with Baltimore...including the last series of the regular season in Baltimore. The Yanks are 4-8 so far against the O's. The Yanks get one more shot at the Mariners (3 games in the Bronx) the first week of Sept.

Anonymous said...

Interesting match up for the starter of the Angels series.

On Baltimore - it is too late for them to make a push this season, but I think the table is set for them to get back into contention in the East like they were in the mid 90s.

I"ve turned the corner on Bobby Abreu. I want the Yanks to keep him.


Anonymous said...

Phelps batting .350 since joining the Pirates.

old professor said...

Regarding the state of the Yankee bullpen - Maybe Joe Torre listened to the comments made by Leiter and Girardi from the booth during the Tigers game. Both agreed tha Leyland knew how to handle a bullpen. That is he uses everyone and does not tend to go only with the individual with the hot hand thus wearing the individual out. Both specifically mentioned the overuse of Proctor and what was starting to be the overuse of Vizciano. During the last two games of the Tiger series, Torre used a lot of different relievers including Eddie Ramerez. Maybe we will see the real Farnsworth.

The last six games with Baltimore series will not be the critical games for the Yankees. The series with the Angels followed by the series with the Mariners will decide their fate.

Middle Relief said...

Michael Vick is a piece of crap, I hope he goes away for the full the 5 years.

57 said...

The Mets picked up Jeff Conine!!! Can anyone say pennant? They have won the last 6 out of 7 games.... Lets Go Mets Go!

Anonymous said...

What does UBS stand for??? Unbearable Bull Shit..... or Under Bear Sterns.

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