Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Update

Well it is official, the Bombers reign on the AL East came to an end Friday evening.

The first round games are set: Yanks at Cleveland, Angels at Boston. These 4 teams are the best in the league, and don't see an edge one way or the other for any of them. It'll be good, hard baseball.

Nothing like a little seed of doubt heading into the October tourney as Mo blows a save, and Giambi is ice cold at the plate.

I would like to see Pettitte get the starting nod in game 1 of the Divisional round.

Game 1 Line Up: Damon (LF), Jeter, Abreu, A-Rod, Matsui, Posada, Cano, Mientkiwicz, Cabrera

I still do not believe that Clemens will be strong enough to make a start - look for him to be the hero by becoming Mr. Bullpen.

On the Mets - I'm simply in a state of disbelief; to lose the division lead with two to go would kill me as a fan if it happened to my team, and by the looks on the faces at Shea, has killed many of their fans. A cleaning of the house is a given, and that is the kind of thing that sets a franchise back 5 to 10 years before we hear from them again.

I've changed my mind on the NL MVP race. Due to the disrespect that Fielder is showing to his old man, I think that has turned off several would be voters. Look for it to go to Matt Holiday of the Rockies or a Philley in Utley, Rollins, or Rowand.

Hope Solo - is not a bad teammate the way the PC drenched media is making her out to be. At the end of the day, soccer is a competitive sport. It can't always be about minivans and camp, it has to be about winning. Because of that, Hope is not a bad teammate, she is the best teammate because she wants to win. " You play to win the game" (thanks Herm Edwards).



57 said...
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57 said...

The Mets have the talent; we just need a coach to help them play to their abilities. I agree with you that they are going to clean house, however I disagree with your point that they will be set back 5-10 years. With a new, more aggressive, motivated skipper, the Mets will be back in the post season next year. Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Maine, Perez, Martinez, Chavez, Gomez, Castillo....who knows, maybe even Glavine for the swan song. The just need one deeper bat to hit clean-up. The Mets have a good core, which is another reason why Randolph will be torched

57 said...

I'd like to get the opinions from people on this blog. Tell me what you would do in this situation:

Football: Down by 3, on the road, 32 seconds left in the game, 4th down, ball on the 2 yard line going in, no wind, no timeouts, clock stopped. Do you kick the field goal or do you go for the win? If you go for the TD, do you keep the QB who was in the entire game? Or bring the COLD back-up off the bench to run the play?

Curious to know thoughts.

z said...

i don't agree that the matchups are equal, as you say. i'd rather face the indians, who we manhandled this year, than the angels, who have eliminated us from the playoffs twice in the past 6 years and are the only team with a winning record against NY in the past 10.

furthermore, i think that mastery only extends over new york, and that boston is going to win the series in 4 games. we're going to sweep the indians.

57 said...

The 2007 NY Mets and NY Yankees are living proof that the oldest adage in sports is so true:

'It is NOT how you start, but how you finish'.

Good Luck to the Yankees. If they beat Cleveland, they will win the WS.

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