Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1, 2007

It's October, and the last 13 seasons that has meant one thing - Yankee baseball. Playoff Preview is coming later tonight, no time this a.m.

Just a few shorts:

Mets - Willie Randolph is the odds on favorite to be the first person fired from this complete meta debacle of a collapse. The manager typically takes the fall when the players don't perform. And I want to stress the players don't perform aspect. Willie was not the reason Glavine can't get out of the 1st inning. Willie was not the reason the bullpen had the 2nd worst ERA in the league down the stretch. And Willie was not the reason the defense led the league in errors the last 17 games either. The players bombed just as much, if not more than the manager.

Hope Solo - Getting booted from the team shows that the women soccer franchise in the U.S. cares more about feelings than winning. Maybe this sport is all about minivans and summer camp.

Giants - Glad they beat the Eagles, still hate the coach.

Bills - The J.P. era is over, it is now the Trent Edwards show.

NL Wild Card - I"m pulling for the Rockies.


57 said...

The 2007 NY Mets and NY Yankees are living proof that the oldest adage in sports is so true:

'It is NOT how you start, but how you finish'.

You have to wonder if the players wanted to play for Willie. I wonder why they wouldn't want to, but to lose a 7 game lead with 17 games left and 7 straight home games to end the regular season is inexusable!! The manager must go, and yesterdays comments by Omar Minaya were less than supportive of Randolph being the Mets skipper in '08.

See you in Port St. Lucie in March... I just vomited.

Good Luck to the Yankees. If they beat Cleveland, they will win the WS.

Anonymous said...

While the Yanks owned Cleveland during the regular season, I think that may have had more to do with match ups.

I could be wrong, but I don't think we faced Sabathia or Carona in any of the series we faced them.

No one will know why the players did not perform. Lack of professionalism in my view. LoDuca, and the other vets should be cleaned out for their lack of leadership.

If Willie stays, than the Mets are showing they are committed to winning. If he goes, then you know they are just looking for a goat.


The Scooter said...

Well I'm back after a one week hiatus (golf in Florida) and I can't wait for the playoffs to begin.

I think the Mets are in good shape regardless of if they play San Diego or Colorado in the first round....Oh wait...DAMN....No Way? They choked? Blew it?...You gotta be kidding me....Actually I take no joy in the Mets colossal collapse. Willie has to take the hit even though that roster is severely flawed. They have a lot of work to do to get back to being a viable contender.

If they can get anything at all for Milledge, they have to move him. I know Shawn Green will probably retire and who knows what's going to happen with Alou, but you just can not win with players like Milledge on the roster.

They need to upgrade in several positions and sadly for the Mets, the major upgrades needed come at the positions that are hardest to do so: Starting pitching and the bullpen.

How about Billy Wagner throwing BOTH his manager and his pitching coach under the bus?

When is Jose Reyes getting off the DL? He hasn't played since the All Star game, has he?

Back to baseball....Bring it, Cleveland. Sabathia and Carmona and pray for rain. Yankees in 4.

Anonymous said...

I missed the Billy Wagner comments - what'd he say?

The Scooter said...

From the New York Post:

"Billy Wagner apologized to Willie Randolph and Rick Peterson before yesterday's game for a comment that will appear in New York magazine today.....In the article, Wagner attempted to defend the Mets bullpen, which struggled for most of the season, but particularly during this historic collapse in which they blew a seven-game lead in the final weeks of the season. "We've been throwing four innings a night - for months!" Wagner told the magazine. "Our pitching coach has no experience talking to a bullpen. He can help you mechanically, but he can't tell you emotions. He has no idea what it feels like. And neither does Willie. They're not a lot of help, put it that way."

57 said...

Wide Right, No Goal, Starks in Game 7, Miracle in Music City, Swing the BAT!!!!!, 2000 WS, Chris Drury to the Rangers and now the 'Flushing' Toilet......

What is next??? None of my teams ever win... Since i have been alive, only ONE of my teams has ever won a championship...1986 Mets!! I was also a big Giant fan in 1986, so I will give them some props too... I adopted the Bills as my number one team in 1987 so the G-men fell to number 2.

57 said...

Milledge, Smith, Perez and two first rounders for Johann Santanta.

Jorge Posada will be the Mets catcher next year.

Beltran for Ryan Howard straight up.

The Scooter said...

57, I know it's been a tough week for you, but drugs ARE NOT the answer.

No way are you getting Santana for Milledge, Akili Smith and Pasqual Perez.

Beltran for RON Howard straight up.

Crash said...

57 keep dreaming about Santana this off season but it won't happen. Miledge proved he's still too immature to play at the major level. Plus MLB doesn't allow for the trading of draft picks. I did hear early rumors that Santana was heading to the Dodgers for something like LaRoach, Kemp, and 2 minor league players. That would be a pretty impressive front 3 of Santana, Penny, and Schmidt (if he's ever healthy) with Billingsley as a The Mets could have used something like that down the stretch.

I think Mid stated something about match-ups early in the season with Cleveland favoring the Yanks. Yeah the 3 Yankee starters who got wins in April were Chase Wright, Igawa, & Henn. The game Henn won was the A-Rod walk off 3-run HR with 2 outs in the 9th . That was also a game Carmona started and gave up 2 runs in 6 IP. I believe Rasner actually started that game for the Yankees. So I would give the edge to Cleveland in that series in the "match-up" game.

The second series at The Jake, the match-ups were pretty even, they faced Carmona, Byrd, and Westbrook who were there 2, 3, & 4 starters pretty much all season. Like wise the Yanks threw Hughes, Mussina, and Pettitte. They hit Carmona again who went 7 innings giving up 4ER. Hughes went 6 giving up only 4 hits and 1ER on a solo HR.

I'm tired of hearing the Yanks haven't faced Sabbathia this year. How about a little respect for our #1 starter. The Indians haven't faced Wang this year. If he keeps his sinker down they won't get a ball out of the infield. Wang has only faced the Indians 3 times in his career. He's 2-1 in those starts...his 1 loss did come at Jacobs Field though.

57 said...

Wow, Trevor Hoffman blew it... the best closer in the NL is not in the playoffs... and im not talking about Hoffman either.

Anonymous said...

Trevor Hoffman - a sure HOFer, is like Mike Schmidt in a lot of regards. His numbers are compiled in meanginless games.

When was the last time Hoffman came through in a meaningful game???


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