Saturday, September 22, 2007

So Much To Say..

Baseball, College Football, McNabb, the Internet, of course a bit of Politics, and at the end, a little trivia.

These two games with Jays have been grinders. When looking at the Jays pen, who they have for starters, and in their lineup, it is a wonder why they weren't bigger factors in the Wild Card race this season. If they stay healthy, and get a real manager, they could very well be a legit contender for the divisional race in '08.

I hate extra innings games for one reason: teams feel the after effects for several games. Tired players, and over extended pitchers; It takes a while to get back to normal. With less than two weeks to go, I don't want to see anymore "free baseball".

Jeff Karstens steps it up and gets his first win in 2007! Actually, it was A-Rod that stepped it up time and time again, not only in these two extra inning battles with the Jays but all season long. The MVP in the AL is a dead issue. 2007 has been one of the best all around season ever put in by a player. At the end of the day, I think he loves being a Yankee. Outside of a complete meta-debacle in October, he is staying in the Bronx.

With the Wild Card firmly in hand, I think it is worth mentioning the level of intensity the Yanks are showing on a day in and day out basis. A lot of teams would just phone it in and get sloppy with the arrogance that they are going to be able to turn it on for the playoffs. Not this team. They show up everyday to beat you and is yet another example of why this club, this franchise, is just a cut, a very, very large cut, above every other team in the league.

NL MVP - David Wright may be the favorite in some circles, but I'd echo Scooter in mentioning that Prince Fielder is probably the favorite to win that award in most circles. Further, I think you could see Chipper Jones get more votes than Wright.

College Football - Big Saturday for New York State Football fans. SJFC smacks Ithaca in the face for the 2nd year in a row, Alfred U beating up, down and all over Springfield (Mass) and big ups to the ' Cuse for upsetting Louisville, in Louisville. Side note - is USF for real??

Pro Football - I'm glad to see Vince Young and Jason Campbell disagree with Donovan "He Hate Me" McNabb. Black or White, the QB in the NFL is the highest profile position and going to be subject to criticism. Prior to winning the big one last year did people give Peyton Manning a white boy pass? NO, last time I checked, the media killed him until he won. If Donovan doesn't like being dogged in the media, then shut up, play like a man and win. Don't use your skin color as a reason to fail . When/if he wins, then the microscope, pressure cooker media of Philly will leave him alone... At least for a little while anyway. . .

Internet - Thank you Big Al for making this blog possible. Now get your ass out of the People's Republic of Hollywood and bring some sanity back to the Dems.

Politics - Do you believe that free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity? Do you believe that it is right for the government to redistribute your earned income to those that earn less than you? (By earning less I mean those that don't work at all, or work hard enough to get ahead). Is it your fault that those people that are getting your money for nothing are not further ahead in life? Do you believe that the U.S. of A has borders or should it just blend with the other nations of North America? Do you believe those borders should be monitored and managed so we know who is in the country and why? Do you think we should be allowed to deport those that are in the country illegally or on visa that commit crimes? Do you believe that English should be the national language and a prerequisite to citizenship? Do you believe that we should stay on the offensive against Islamo Terror or should we just sit back and wait to get hit again? Do you think we're at war or are there just a couple of bad apples out in the world causing trouble and should be handled by local police? Think about air traffic the last 18 months - delays, cancellations, sitting in a plane on the runway for 9 hours at a time.. Now, with that in mind, would you want an FAA type of agency running a hospital when your life depended on it? Do you want a President that is accountable to the people, or to a person (George Soros)?

Based on those questions, which are real, and is what our nation is facing now and in the immediate future, maybe it is not readily apparent who to support for the Presidential 2008 election. BUT, it should be plain as day who, a legal, hard working, English speaking, educated, law abiding, American citizen should not be supporting in my humble opinion.

Trivia: OK, now on a much, much lighter note.... Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Anyone know how that is symbolized?


57 said...

sorry, the above comments were made by me... I hit the publish button too fast...

57 said...

Oh.. and one more thing... that picture of A-Rod is him in pre-game warm ups.

The Scooter said...

Maybe Karstens has found his calling....10th inning specialist.

We've been hearing the same old "contenders in the AL East" about the Blue Jays for three years now. JP Ricciardi is Billy Beane and Theo Epstein LIGHT! I knew they had no shot when they let Smithtown's own Frakie Catalanato go this year.

Fielder or Jimmy Rollins for NL MVP.

SJFC could probably win the division in that triple A league we call the NL East.

LOL @ asking Al Gore to bring sanity to the dems....if they actually need HIM to be viable again they are worse off then we ever imagined.

57, you have made some pretty juvenile statements over the life of this blog, but this one takes the cake:

"All I know is that this country was hit on the watch of this current administration."

Great, well thought out comment...FOR A 16 YEAR OLD!!!!

Like Clinton's Laissez faire attitude towards Al Qaueda wasn't the number one reason we hit in the first place. Actually, that's a little rough on Bill...he did have a lot of other MORE IMPORTANT things he was worrying about...Like trying to keep his job in the wake of the "Blue Dress Incident".

Keith Hernandez had 11 home runs and 105 RBI in 1979....PULEEEZE!!!

I want three minutes alone with a certain Jacksonville Jaguar Cheerleader!

Rudy for President!!!

57 said...

I would take 3 minutes alone with Lewinski too.... Let's give Clinton some credit at least... he wasn't getting any at home so he had to do what he had to do... Wouldn't you???

If we all don't listen to Al Gore, Manhanttan will be under water in about 40 years.


Keith Hernandez was a leader. An intangible that A-Rod does not have.


You can blame the miscommunication between the FBI and CIA and lousy security breifings. Our country's municipal arrogance was a big reason why we were hit.


The Bills are officially done this year! They may win four games... that is right... 4. The Giants will even beat them.


Aaron Heilman is a joke! I would send him down to the minors right now...he is that bad. And he lobbied to be in the rotation?????


Billy Wagner just gave up a game tying home-run in the 9th... this collapse is awful to watch.


Melissa Hassleback (The View) is probably to most beautiful woman on TV.


Rosie O'Donnell is a fat _ _ _ _ _.

Middle Relief said...

Milton Bradley injuries his knee while throwing a temper tantrum arguing a call - hopefully he will finally learn his lesson.

Sunday D&C - Chipper Jones having a better season than David Wright.

Middle Relief said...

Cleveland Indians with the best record in baseball??

old professor said...

Let's start with the baseball side of things first: The Yankee bullpen EXCLUDING Chamberlain and Rivera has an ERA over 9.00. Chamberlain and Rivera maintain an ERA under 1.00 over the last several weeks. Unless they find someone besides these two to help, the team will be in some deep trouble come playoff time. Joba rules are being modified to possibly binging him in two days in a row. They also allowed him to close on Sunday - could this be a message to Mo. (1996 all over again).

Team could still catch Boston, not likely but still possible.

Now for the Eco-political side of the story - As for Clinton not doing anything to respond to terrorism. Several camps in Afghanistan were bombed in an attempt to get bin Laden. Unfortunately the one real opportunity to get him was nixed because of legal issues (too many lawyers running the foreign policy of this nation and interfering with military objectives). Clinton also bombed several plants in Somalia in response to terrorist activities. For those of you who are old enough to remember, after the Russians left Afghanistan, bin Laden spent some time in Somalia. The Somali government threw him out of the country after the Clinton bombings.

The American Tax policy is the greatest social redistribution of wealth in the history of mankind. The only thing it does is create a constant underclass expecting entitlement programs.

The latest gimmick being proposed to settle the immigration issue is to grant citizenship to illegals who sign up for military duty.

Maybe some of our politicians should study the history of the Roman Empire - the single greatest decision that helped lead to the demise of the empire was the overextension of the Roman Army and then offering non-Romans citizenship for service in the legions. Under this concept, the non-Romans cut and run when the rubber hit the road. Also government sponsored free games and bread for the Romans (gladiators and christians versus lions, hmm there are some similarities).

Anonymous said...

Didn't the same Somalie Gov't, or maybe it was the Saudis, offer Bin Laden to Clinton and he said no - right??

How is that tough on terror?


Anonymous said...

anyone know how serious Kennedy's or Clemens situation is?

old professor said...

Anon, the word on Clemens is a tweak of the hamstring and he should be ready to go on Tuesday against Tampa. Kennedy is another matter. His issue is in his back. He has been soft-tossing off of flat ground. No date on his return.

If anyone has been listening to the recent broadcasts and quotes from Torre, it maybe difficult for Hughes or Kennedy to be on the post-season roster. It now looks like Pettite, Wang, and Clemens (if his back is healthy)and for a game four Mussina. The bullpen would have Rivera, Chamberlain, Farnsworth, Ramerez (a surprise here) and Vallone with one more spot being filled from whomever is left.

Mid, like any other redneck far right conservative, you only read what you want - The Somalis did offer bin Laden (after the bombing of the companies in the capital city). However, the lawyers in the executive branch and the pentagon advised against taking him into custody - read my original statement it indicates too many lawyers getting in the way of national security. You really have to stop dipping snuff, and reading the National Review, both are doing extreme damage to your reasoning ability.

By the way Scooter before you ask, no I was not around to witness the fall of the Roman Empire. That would have required I be in Rome when it was sacked by the barbarians. At the time,I was sunning myself in a Myan Village that would eventually become Cancun. (Amazing how much sun a person can get from the top of one of those Myan sacrificial pyramids).

Anonymous said...

OP - when you mentioned lawyers getting in the way of getting OBL, I thought you were referring to the 6 times CIA Anti-Terror had him in their rifle scope but were told to abort. I did not think you were also referring to when they said here please take him. Still, it shows that we did not have a Commander in Chief at the time..

If you dislike the current American Tax code so much, then why are you supporting a group of individuals that want to make it worse???


old professor said...


You know talking or communicating with you is getting more and more like talking with the individual who gave birth to you. In reference to whom I am supporting, there isn't a candidate out there that really floats my boat: McCain: not while he continues to support the Iraq war. Gulliani - He can't get the support of his children nor do I endorse his gun control views. Clinton - Please, having Bill being given access to the Lincoln bedroom again?? Obama - Now there's a man with virtually no experience. Edwards - the North Carolina version of Obama. Thompson - should stick with Law and Order. He will not stand the test of time during the campaign. If the campaign comes down to Rudy vs Hillary - Canada may be the safe option (though Ireland was really a special place when I visited).

Besides Mid, when it comes to the tax code, no one is going to change it for the better - in Washington Money is power and the tax codes generate a lot of it to go around.

Anonymous said...

Rudy cut taxes 42 times when he was Mayor - expect more of the same when he wins in the General Election.

Of course the one time the I need the Giants to lose.... they win.

old professor said...

It was announced from the radio booth that Ian Kennedy has been shutdown for the rest of the year. He will not make another start due to back issues. Exactly what is wrong with his back has not been announced. However, it can't be too serious if he was able to participate in the Yankee rookie hazing - which had him dress like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. Not only did he and the rest of the rookies have to dress like characters from the movie (rumor has it that Joba was the lion), they will have to arrive in Tampa and go out to dinner in their costumes.

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