Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Talent Taking Over

Yanks taking it to the Orioles so far in the series. Wild Card lead up to 4.5 / Division Lead is within reach at 2.5 back (go Toronto!); have won 11 of the last 13 games.

I'd like to see Posada get a little bit more rest than the usual heading into the stretch. I did not see the game, just via the radio, John Sterling commented that Posada appeared to be moving around the bases rather slowly. He's been going full tilt all season long, I don't want him spent come playoff time.

Moose (10-10) put together another quality outing, who knows, maybe the 6-man rotation is just what this guy needs. He is coming on strong, maybe he does well in the post season, I mean, who knows with this guy. What I do know is that he will be shipped out of the Bronx during the Winter regardless of what he does now and for the remainder of the season.

I think the Yankee depth is really starting to pay dividends these last few weeks.

Someone send a doc over to Queens to check for a pulse in the Mets dugout. Holy smokes, can these guys hold on for two more weeks or what?

NFL - Glad to see Byron Leftwich was signed by a team today. Not sure how good he is, but the guy has a lot of heart, and that is something that Atlanta needs. Come to think of it, it's what the Giants D needs as well. Maybe they could have signed him and made him a Safety...

News: OJ charged with 11 crimes including kidnapping with a deadly weapon. If convicted he could get life. Johnny Cochran is out of commission, I wonder if he'll hire Jerry Spence. . . If that kid who got Taser'd at the John Kerry event would have happened in front of a Republican Senator outing instead, the Times and the Trib would have been drawing comparisons to Rodney King. . . I think the funniest thing was that while the kid was screaming in pain and getting zapped that Kerry went on to answer his question!


57 said...

Ok, I have held it in all year... and I have held it in, frankly, since he came to the Mets, but......... I CANNOT STAND WILLIE RANDOLPH. I don't think he is what the Mets need, and his attitude needs to change. His post game press conference was horrible last night after the Mets fall for their 5th straight game, twice to the hapless Nats, Willie said that this is what a pennant race is all about and he's excited... EXCITED?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If the Mets lose two more games that the Phillies win, then we are OUT of the playoffs. No team in the history of baseball had a 7 game lead with 17 left and did not make the playoffs. Randolph will be left holding a nice big shit-burger to eat.

Blame Minaya too... Look at the bullpen...LOOK AT IT!!!! El Duque is probably done for the year again...Maine is clearly out of gas and I can't see him as a force in the playoffs...

I was never as frustrated as I was last night regarding the Mets this year. 4-0 lead against the Nats and we lose 9-8???? R U KIDDING ME???

So much for the proverbial 'team meeting' that is supposed to get heads straight....


OJ killed Nicole and Ron Goldman. I have just realized that.

I coach a youth football team and my play calling is more creative than what the Buffalo Bills game plan is. I mean, are you KIDDING ME??? A sweep on 2 and 1? A SWEEP when Marshawn Lynch is a north south runner??? Plus they don't go vertical with the ball...and Lee Evans, our #1 receiver, has 3 catches in two games... WOW..

If they know what is good for them, put Trent Edwards in for JP Losman because the play calling is a clear indication that they don't trust their own QB to not make game changing mistakes.


Derek Jeter is a homo.

Anonymous said...

I believe the '78 Sox had a late season collapse as well... so you're not alone.

Not sure play calling matters when the QB only has 1.5 seconds to throw a ball.


The Scooter said...


My God, I love living in Connecticut when the Red Sox are in the middle of their annual collapse.

57, Watching the train wreck that is the Mets is tough even for me to watch. I feel for you, bro. You hit it on the head, the truth is that the Mets roster is severely flawed. It shows the complete arrogance of Omar, thinking he could win a championship with Oliver Perez and John Maine in the rotation and with a bullpen that is pedestrian at best. Like I said earlier in the week, the team has no heart. There is no one like Jeter (sexual preferences notwithstanding) to step up and "refuse to lose".

David Wright is the softest 30-30 guy I have ever seen, and the nonchalance of Reyes while the ship be sinking is disturbing.

You will probably back into the playoffs in that triple A division of yours, but can you really see this team putting enough good pitching performances together to win a World Championship?

Glad you finally seen the light on OJ. You were America's last hold out.

Your youth football team probably has more talent than the team that Marv out together.

GO PATS!!!!!

old professor said...

With the risk of showing my age one more time, one fo the greatest collapses occurred in I believe 1964. The Phillies held a ten game lead with twelve to play and lost all of their games to lose the NL race.

Regarding the Mets - relax, the Phillies are hot right now and that can change overnight. By the way wasn't it just a few blogs ago you were singing the praises of the rotation including "who's your daddy"?

Mussina pitched probably what was one of the best games by a Yankee starter all season (not including Kennedy's one hit performance). Seven innings, three hits and no runs. Absolutely outstanding.

Could it be that Mid Relief was wrong about Mussina? Nah he would never admit he was wrong (another trait of his mother's).

Maybe we can all send OJ a case of soap on a rope for his time in prison. The guy is a bum and needs to be held accountable for his actions.

Anonymous said...

If Mussina was giving us these last two performances on a regular schedule, aka - 5 man rotation, then I'd say maybe I'm wrong.

He's doing this work on a 6-man rotation, as most of us mentioned in prior posts is not good for the other pitchers.

So as was the case when we were giving Moose his own catcher, we are once again accomidating this one player at the expense of others.


57 said...

I am humbled by the Yankee fans watching out for me during this collapse. Another loss and Mid might need to stop down to the house and make sure I have not cooked myself in the oven.

I can return the favor and say that the Yankee surge is nothing less than remarkable.. i am rather impressed..but I STILL hate Michael Kay and John Sterling. I will take Gary Coehn and Keith Hernandez any day of the week.

Ok.. now that I have that out of my system, I think I need shock therapy...

Remember the scene in scanners when that guy's head explodes??????

old professor said...

God, I find myself agreeing with our beloved Met's fan. John Sterling and Michael Kay are terrible. Don't forget the third piece to the trio and that would be Susan Waldman. She and Sterling belong together in the booth, but not with the Yankees. Maybe the NHL could use them. It would take about half a season for them to recognize they were no longer broadcasting baseball.

It is hard to believe that the Yankees are now only one back in the loss column. There is a great deal of humor as I watch the Boston fans in my building looking for the nearest window to jump from.

There is also a local pub (Mid that would mean within twenty miles of my residence)owned my a former minor league pitcher who is a big and I mean big Boston fan. He has been saying for about two weeks that Boston would lose the east.

Pettitte looked sharp - Mo made it interesting again - maybe at his advanced age concentration is getting a little bit harder (been there long ago).

57 said...

Wait a second Prof... don't diss the NHL.. Hockey is one of the best sports around.. much better than the NBA. Proof is in the fact that the NHL will hold its FIRST American outdoor game on 1/1/08 with the Buffalo Sabres hosting the Pittsburgh Penguins at Ralph Wilson Stadium (home of the Buffalo Jills..... and also the Bills)... 74,000 seats sold out for that game in 20 minutes... tell me that Buffalo isn't and NHL town.
The National Leauge MVP (David Wright) stepped it up last night with 3 RBIs as the Mets are starting to climb out of the doldrums... im still not out of the dark.. Mets never play well in Miami... and the only saving grace is that we're back within the friendly confines of Shea Stadium for the final 6 games of the year.

Magic Number is 10.


Donovan McNabb is an apologist


Bob Costas is a has-been

The Scooter said...

NL MVP? I didn't know Prince Fielder played for the Mets.

The Cup is coming back to Broadway this year, 57. Reserve your spot for the parade.

Donovan McNabb is a racist!

old professor said...

Having lived for a short time in the Buffalo area, The stadium in Orchard Park would be a better venue than the Aud. Only question I have is will they be roller blading instead of wearing ice skates.

By the way, the Mets lost and Phillies won again. Phillies are only 1 1/2 out of first. Mets are just about to go on a life support machinery.

Having also played a volleyball game against the Jills (which was much better than playing basketball against some of the Bills - still have some bruises)they are the best thing to come out of Orchard Park.

57 please don't tell me you waste your time watching the NBA - By the way, Buffalo's NBA team has been playing on the West Coast for some time now in case you haven't noticed.

The Scooter said...

Prof, forget about everything else, let's get back to this volleyball game against the Jills. Is this ummm an annual thing? and can I caddy for you next time?

57 said...

I don't know where to start and certainly do not know where to end...

This team in NOT prepared to win. Plain and simple... Omar should be fired... Wilpon has to let someone go. At this point, I think it would be more embarassing to get into the playoffs and get torched than actually not making them at all.

The Bronx is Burning and Queens is queer...


Pats/Bills this weekend... the spread is 16.5. You'd be silly not to bet the Bills. There was a little shakeup this week on the offensive side of the ball.. I do not see the Bills laying over and dying against the hated Pa-cheaters...sorry... Patriots and Bill Beli-cheat... sorry... Belicheck.


I dated a Jacksonville Jaguar Cheerleader...it was the best 72 hours of my life.


If Rudy Giuliani runs on the 9/11 platform, I will move to Canada.


Im sick of the McNabb coverage... win a championship and call me in the morning.

The Scooter said...

57, I'll take that action on the Pats/Bills.

And yes...we ALL know you dated a Jaguars Cheerleader.

I have nothing to say about the Mets other than to express my frustration that it appears as if the Yankees won't be able to bitch slap them on the way to title # 27.

And I would like to know if blogging is enforceable like a binding contract in regards to your promise to move to Canada if America's Mayor runs on the 9/11 platform? And will that be before of after you host another fundraiser for "the Friends of Hillary"?

old professor said...

Scooter, I don't know if they play the Jills anymore in volleyball. it used to be a fund raiser. The gym was packed. Dinner after the game was even better. I still have connections out there I will see if I can get you to caddy for them.

The strange thing about the game and dinner, the cheerleaders have very strict rules regarding what they can wear to dinner and cannot have any alcohol. The Bills players did not have to follow the same rules.

57 was it a Jaguar Cheerleader or the Mascot that you dated?

57 said...

Either way, I'll wind up having social medicine wherever I wind up living.


If the Mets do make the playoffs, you might want to stop and think about their chances and how good they might be. I was thinking about that today and please realize that every single game the Mets play from now until the regular season is a playoff game...10 more games. That could cost the Mets energy, but I'll take that chance.

Marlins, Who is your daddy?


Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is the best candy going.


Is the legal system going to 'get back' at OJ for getting off clean last time? Will he get a fair trial? There is NO chance... everyone has an opinion about Juice. He's done..


Please keep in mind every time you log on to this blog through the internet that you would never have this opportunity if it were not for Al Gore.

The Scooter said...

Come on now 57, it's time to get out from under mommy and daddy's wing and have a political identity of your own.

I did it, and it looks like Mid did it....you can do it too.

You're closer to 40 than you are to 20; you make at least half-way decent coin; you are not African American nor are you an illegal alien.....By definition alone you are a Republican....Stop fighting it...embrace it.

Support the Troops