Thursday, October 04, 2007

Game 1 Blowout

So, the Yanks work the count, get Sabathia out by the 5th, and still only have 3 runs to show for 9 innings of work.

Turning Point: 5th inning. You have two men on with no outs, you have the bases loaded with 1 out, you have to get more than 1 in. Otherwise the other team leaves the inning with the momentum.

Jeter should have been asked to bunt with two on and no outs in the 5th
Posada up 3-0 in the count with the bases loaded swings at ball 4 three times
Matsui unproductive outs
Torre was conceding the game when he brought in Ohlendorf

Time for Pettitte to be the stopper yet again and step it up for Game 2. 5pm Start.


57 said...

Death, Taxes...........and Andy Petitte in game 2s.

Are the Yankee fans calling in to the FAN tonight serious when they said Torre should have never started Wong?? WHAT???

old professor said...

While Wang is the leader in wins for the Yankees, check the stats for his games. The Yankees scored a lot of runs in supporting him this year. There have been times when he has been lights out and other times he gets lit up. The split nail on his pitching hand has been an issue since mid-season and they have not been able to solve the problem, but it does cause pain when he needs to throw the sinker.

As for Mid's comment that Torre conceded with his choice in relief of Wang, the guy had only six appearances this season. He was added to the roster because the other choices were not really choices. If he is on the roster, he has to be used. Let's remember, last year Mariano Rivera sat in the pen the entire series without consideration of being used.

There is a lot of blame to go around. Should jeter have bunted, probably. But the guy was batting .500 against Sabathia. Had he hit a homerun he would have lived up to the false promise of the next major Mr. October. Posada was to anxious to drive in runs and let's face facts, Matsui should never have been put in as the DH against Sabathia. He looked lost and overmatched. The lineup, the choice to start Wang instead of Pettitte, the failure to move runners over with small ball, it looked like the game was conceded from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I think the issue with Wang may have been too much rest and just wasn't sharp.

After a night of sleep, I like the fact we have Andy Pettitte as our starter, and Chamberlain and Mo ready to go in relief.

We have tonights game.

The Scooter said...

Off the ledge, boys. All we needed was a split in Cleveland, anyway.

The only problem I had with Torre was Matsui in as DH...and that's not second guessing...said it yesterday.

Posada has to have more patience at the plate...why was he given the green light on 3-0?

Good move bringing in Ohlendorf when he did. I think they were down 7-3 by that time. Didn't want to burn Viscaiano in that spot.

Pettitte'e line for tonight: 7 innings; 2 earned; 6 hits; 5 strikeouts. Jaba with a 1..2..3..eighth and the Sandman to turn out the lights.

6-2 Final...series tied 1-1

57 said...

Billy Wagner does not play for the Yankees. I think you mean Rivera.

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