Friday, October 05, 2007

Game 2 Slips Away

An all out performance by Andy Pettitte - no doubt about it. Critics wondered why the Bombers were so excited to sign this guy instead of Zito - Game 2 is an example why. He comes up big when the team needs him the most and tonight was no different.

At the end of the day, if you can only muster three damn hits in 11 innings - I'm not sure how many games your going to win. With that said, they had this game in hand, and it was going according to plan right up until the 8th inning and a freakish bug attack.

A few points of contention:

With a man on third, and a hard throwing pitcher on the mound who was having control problems due to the bug thing, I don't think you call for a curve - a catcher has to know the situation, and Posada blew it in that situation in my view.

If Torre feels comfortable enough making a defensive substitution for Damon in the middle of an inning, why not use the better defensive catcher in the later innings? (I felt bad for Damon BTW)

Why is Matsui still in the lineup against lefty's???

Game 3

What can be said about this Sunday's game that we don't already know? We are faced with the possibility of the end of the season, and another first round loss in the playoffs. And as I mentioned earlier this week - I simply don't trust Clemens. He's either going to be lights out or be lit up. A glimmer of hope is that the Bombers have pretty good numbers against the next two starting pitchers in Westbrook and Bird.

Game 3 Starts at 6:30.


57 said...

A-Rod will be booed right down the Cross Bronx Expy if he does not deliver something on Sunday night. My take is that the Yankees will win these next two games and will have to face Sebathia back in Cleve.

Mid said...

I did not catch any post game interviews last night - I was curious to know Damon's reaction if any on being pulled in the middle of an inning.

Mid said...

1 more thing - you just knew when Vizcaino walked the lead off batter that was going to be the end of the game.

Both he and Farnsworth at times show signs that they are the real deal. Their perpetual downfall is falling behind in the count. When they take the mound, you might as well start the count 2-0. It is like they are afraid to just throw and challenge. Good pitchers get ahead or stay even in the count, they don't fall behind.

Crash said...

Forget A-Rod just for a moment...Posada has really sucked so far this season. Striking out twice in key situations with RISP in game 1. A-Rod has at least been on base. Pettitte was the man. He battled all night. In his short career I have never seen Joba miss that badly. I guess it was combination of the first post-season game jitters and the bugs. Though the bugs are no excuse. Both Mo and Perez pitched through it with no problems. As soon as Vizcanio walked the lead off guy, especially Lofton, I knew the game was over.

Clemens will follow Andy with one of the greatest pitching displays on Sunday in the Bronx. And personally I hope Clemens puts one in the ear hole of Lofton, and flips him on his backside.

The Yanks have been down 0-2 in the DS before (Oakland, twice I think). We'll see if there is still a little magic and mystique in the Bronx.

57 said...

I doubt it.

Crash said...

57 how are the Mets doing in October, I can't seem to find them on any TV stations. I imagine they must be doing well, probably about 3 under par on their favorite golf course right now. Suddenly QUEENS seems so fitting for the Mets doesn't it.

I realize you must still be in shock from the previous 2 weeks, so I'll forgive your pessimistic statement.

Mid said...

I don't know - It may be too optimistic to think this will be a Clemens vs. Seattle in 2001 type performance. When he's been right he's been an above average pitcher. When he's been sub 100% he's been about as effective as Kei Igawa.

So, I can only hope that the sleep lumber comes alive for game 3 and give our pitchers some breathing room.

Cubs get swept. Pitching - the reason why the D-Backs had the best record in the NL.

Crash said...

How about the Rockies. It was almost sad to see the 2 hottest teams in baseball down the stretch face each other, but man did the Rocks take care of business against the Phils. That Arizona Colorado match up is actually going to be a very good series. Both teams have a couple of veterans and a lot of young kids. I give the edge to Arizona, because of Brandon Webb. If he pitches twice maybe 3 times Arizona wins the series.

I'm still pulling for the Rockies to go to the WS.

Only about 90 minutes before the game. This is going to be very tough to watch.

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