Monday, October 08, 2007

Game 3: Damon, Hughes Come Up Big

I think there were good things and bad things about the game 3 win Sunday night.

First the good. The obvious is that it was a win and the Yanks live to fight another day. A-Rod and Matsui got their bats going. Doug Mientkiewicz came through with a key sac bunt. Phil Hughes through his calm demeanor and understanding the situation elevated his game to a whole new level - he's not a rookie anymore. And finally, Johnny Damon - the guy just comes up big. When he was with the Sox, now in pinstripes, he gets it done. The fact that he got pulled in the middle of an inning less than 48 hours earlier did not carry in his head, he just moved on, and focused on the task at hand - like champions do.

Then to the bad. Think for a moment about how many past balls/wild pitches have happened so far this season, and as a result how many of those advancing runners scored. The answer: a lot, and all of them. If Torre is willing to sub other positions for defensive purposes he should be willing to do the same with the catcher - it is the most important position isn't it?? Posada is an awful defensive catcher - Molina should be in there for the late innings.

On to the Questions. Primarily on the use of the pen - Should Torre have gone to Chamberlain for 2 innings with a 5 run lead?

Game 4. Cleveland has Paul Byrd listed as the starter - I'll be pretty surprised if that still is the case come game time. The Yanks have crushed guys like Byrd and will do so again tomorrow night if that's who they see. The bombers are sending Wang out on short rest over Mussina.

Game time is 7:30


57 said...

I am a little surprised that Wang is going tonight. Granted, his 10-4 record and 2.75 ERA at home is very good, but I would rather go with a playoff veteran in Mussina who is tested in the playoffs in a lose and go home game. My only assumption is that Wang will be on a short leash, and Mussina will be in if the tribe starts to brew.

Kudos to Damon, the guy is certainly clutch.

The whole 'Torre is gone' speech from George was grandstanding if you want my opinion. George may have thought that these guys needed a fire lit under them. Win or lose, Joe is getting an extension.

As you know, I am not a Yankee fan...but I'll take Posada on the Mets next year batting #5.

57 said...

Mets 2007 Lineup:

1. Reyes (SS)
2. Castillo (2B)
3. David Wright (3B)
4. Beltran (CF)
5. Torii Hunter (RF)
6. Posada (C)
7. Bobby Abreau(LF)
8. Sean Casey (1B)
9. Johann Santana (P)

57 said...

i meant 2008 lineup.

Anonymous said...

As far as a tested Moose - he has a losing record in the playoffs and a higher ERA - so I don't mind Wang - the team ace, going on short rest.

Abreu is staying as a Yankee - you can have Posada, and Santana's arm is already looking fatigued so he'll fit right in at Queens.

Anonymous said...

My favorite sign at the game last night was: This NY never quits.


The Scooter said...

Not surprised at all that Wang gets the ball tonight. In fact, with his sinker, they actually like the fact that he will be working on short rest. You can usually tell pretty early if Wang has good stuff or not, so I'm sure Moose will be ready to jump in at any time. I have a gut feeling that Wang reverts back to the form that got him 19 wins this year. 7 innings of 3 hit shutout ball is my call.

Mid, you are all hung up on this Posada thing. He will NOT be replaced for defensive purposes. He is an upper echelon defensive catcher...Have you not watched him this year? The only reason he would be replaced is for a pinch runner, late in a tight game.

You also seem to be all bent out of shape with Damon being replaced in the middle of an inning. I assume you realize that it was done with the winning run on third base and less than two outs. Torre needed an arm in left field that was somewhat better than Old Prof's to try to gun down the guy on a sacrifice fly. I truly doubt that Johnny took it as a insult.

I have no problem with Jaba for two last night. After the game Joe said that he could still use him for an inning tonight, and will use Mariano for 2 (off day on Tuesday) if need be.

In Wedge's post game interview last night, he stuck to his guns about pitching Byrd tonight with Sabathia backed up by Carmona in game 5.

The Scooter said...

Read Sherman's article in the Post today. It's the best argument I've seen in favor of keeping Torre.

Anonymous said...

Scoot - Posada is a top catcher from an offensive production stand point - I agree with you on that.

His defensive skills though, In my opinion pale in comparison to Molina or many other cathers in the league.

He tries to glove pitches that are out of the zone instead of getting his body in from of them - causing the past balls - advancing runners, often (espcially in this series) leading to runs.


57 said...

Unsung hero in tonight's game? Bobby Abreu (his Mets audition game)


Bills: 27 Boys: 24


I wonder if Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer kissed and made up this weekend. Lewis should be fired.. GET CONTROL OF YOUR TEAM!!!

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