Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time for the Fall Classic

I"m going to take in a few innings of this year's World Series. I want to see Colorado do well, and either win or push the series to 7 games.

If the Rockies don't do well in the Series, you'll hear cries of foul about the long layoff from the LCS to the WS.
I'd like to see the regular season a few games shorter, and the Divisional Series set to a 7-gamer.
So the Yanks are reported to offer Posada a 3 year $40mm deal. I think that's a little steep for a defensive liability that more than any other player cost the team the ALDS. If that's the check they're willing to write for Jorge, I am more than curious to see what Mo is to be offered (2 years, with a 1 year option at $30mm is my guess). . . . . I think it'd be funny if Jorge turned it down because he thought the terms of the deal were insulting!

ON an unrelated but disappointing note . . . NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the Democratic Presidential Candidates and most of the print media have long justified their anti-American positions and reporting by saying more or less, that they support the troops, but hate Bush. So whatever they say or do is OK then . . . maybe some believed that crap, maybe some didn't I don't know. . . . This week though an opportunity presented itself for those in question to show their support as a soldier from Long Island (Lt. Michael Murphy) was awarded the Medal of Honor - he is the only MOH awarded for action in Afghanistan. So what happened? The Times buried it in a back section, and was not covered or mentioned at all by the aforementioned parties above - Why is that if they really do support the troops?? They seem more than willing to make a top story about the alleged wrongs of a soldier, but when a story of honor presents itself (and this is a story of honor) - nothing. . .The next time you hear a loon pontificating on the usual anti and evil America memo, and follow their comments with a "but I support the troops" pledge, call them on their Bull Shit.


old professor said...

Okay let's see, where to start?? Regarding shortening the season - I suggested just that in the last blog. However, 57 pointed out, and rightfully so, the owners would lose a lot of revenue by going back to 154 games. Four of those games being reduced would be home cames and if you average 30,000 fans per game at $40 a ticket (most tickets are more than that )the loss in revenue from ticket sales would be $4.8 million. Concession losses would probabaly exceed that. That would be one season for a good middle relief pitcher.

A more logical approach would be to begin the season sooner and have all the northern teams play in warm weather areas. That probably won't happen either. At least that would stop snow outs like what happened in Cleveland this past April.

Now for the B.S. being thrown around by mid. The Situation Room on CNN did have a section on the Medal of Honor Winner and it was also on headline news. I guess when you don't watch those stations you can't see the presentations. Sorry, but Bush has gone off the deep end. It isn't enough that we are in Afghanistan (anyone notice the fact that the poppy crop in Afghanistan is the largest it has been since before the Taliban and the current government refuses to allow the US to spray the crops, wonder why)and Iraq where ethnic killings have been going on every day; he has been talking about World War III with Iran if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons, and now demands Cuba become a democracy when Castro dies.

He truly believes he has been annointed by God to spread Democracy.

And in case you are wondering, yes it is possible to support the troops and oppose the war. Here we have had drives to put together care packages for marine companies serving in Iraq they are sent out and appreciated, at the sametime, we do oppose using our troops as a buffer between ethnic groups that have been killing each other for centuries. The troops have been doing everything that has been asked of them and in some instances when they have not been provided adequate supplies. They should be honored and commended. But let's be realistic - democracy in Iraq is not going to happen. Ask yourself - why is it we are so interested in trying to smokescreen with the issue of democracy in Iraq, when one of our allies in the area, Saudi Arabia treats the female population like possessions - they aren't allowed to drive, must ride in the backseat of any automobile, and are seldom seen and never heard (okay, those last two could be okay).

Oh and yes I forgot, in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, sanctioned killing of young women who have sex before marriage (either consentual or forced) are allowed. They have humanized the process - If a woman can get to the government before being killed, they are put into a prison for their own safety - Nice. Yes, we truly do support democracy around the world.

The Scooter said...

Mid, I cannot disagree with you more on Posada and I cannot agree with you more on the liberal agenda driven media and the spineless Democratic presidential hopefuls.

If A-Rod didn't have the monster year that he did, we would be talking up Posada for the MVP. Do you want to see him in Queens next year while Molina hits .240? Three years/$40 Mil is market value for him. If the Yankees don't go that high there will be plenty of takers.

I thought the "back the truck up" mentality was knee jerk from the ugly way the playoffs ended....but have we forgotten that this team played some great great baseball after the All-Star break?

The problem with the '07 Yankees (from their horrendous start to the season to their playoff ouster) was starting pitching and the bridge to Rivera. For better or for worse, they are going with the kids in the rotation next year (they may in fact have the youngest starting staff in the Majors). My guess is, that these kids are ready...we will see.

As for the bullpen, Cashman gets once more chance to get it right. After whiffing on almost every 7th and 8th inning guy he has ever brought in (not named Joba), he gets another freaking mulligan. Let's see who he brings in.

It is imperative that they re-sign Po and Mo....and crucial that they extend A-Rod.

On another note, my love for Rudy Giuliani took a serious hit with his latest "I'm rooting for the Red Sox" statement and the front page of The Post today....the only way I can justify it is that it must be in loyalty to Torre and his anger at how Hank the Skank and Randy Latrine insulted him.

The Scooter said...

OK, two more things:

Mid, I seriously think you should consider suspending Old Prof's posting privileges for his anti-American tirade.

and secondly the Yankees should resign A-Rod solely based on the fact that Lupica says they shouldn't. Read his drivel in today's Daily News.

Mid said...

Old Prof - I should have further clarified on what I was referring to in coverage, I was in a hurry this a.m.: By coverage I am referring to their Prime Time viewers. So on NBC, that would have been the 6 PM news, and on cable that would have been from 8pm to 10pm. During that time slot, and within the first 24 hours of that news story - no coverage.

Further - your view on IRAQ is still stuck pre surge. Post surge, even the NY Times, and W.Blitzer are now admitting the rapid rate of success.

Mid said...

Scooter - I'm inclined to agree that Posada would have been in the MVP discussion if not for A-Rod. - for his batting - and from the plate he is one of the best. Fielding though is a different story. And no,would not want to see him in Queens.

When is Cashman's contract up?

Is Jeff Karstens the next coming of Mendoza??

old professor said...

Mid, how can you even mention Karstens and Mendoza in the same breath. Mendoza pitched very well for the Yankees for about three years. He did everything they asked of him - spot start, short relief, long relief and probably bathroom relief. The overuse of Mendoza eventually took a toll on his arm. Two surgeries and two teams later, the Yankees signed him to a minor league contract in hopes he could regain his former stuff. Never happened so they released him. Karstens had one so so year and then got shelled this year. NO COMPARISON.

Scooter, excuse me while I take off my gestapo uniform, but even Joe Torre has come out in favor of the Red Sox. Now that is treason.

I do believe they will make every effort to sign Posada and Rivera. While they will make a strong run at an extension for A-Rod, I don't think Boras believes the Yankees when they say they won't compete for him on the open market. Would you be willing to have Mike Lowell at third base?

There is one more small issue to attend to regarding A-Rod. Let's say they are successful in adding seven years to the three left at $30-35 million per year, where does that leave you with the current shortstop whose contract also is set to expire in 2010? Do they allow that contract to run out or do they offer him an extension? Somehow, (I know this is going to sound blasphemous)I don't think that Jeter is irreplacable within the next couple of years. His range will continue to erode somewhat and he has started to experience leg issues which could lead to a slower time on the basepath. His offense will still produce an average of around 300, but do you make a serious effort to extend him? What about Cano, he should be do a substantial raise over what he is currently making (However, if Larry Bowe leaves for Seattle, it could have an impact on him).

The Scooter said...

Mid, I think Cashman's contract expires after next season.

Prof, after what the the Steinbrenner's and Levine did to Torre, I wouldn't blame him if he decided to be Francona's bench coach for the World Series.

I guess Lowell would be better than Bettemit at third base, but I don't think he will come close to having the kind of year he did in '07. The only way that the Yankees can afford to NOT re-sign A-Rod is if they package Hughes and Melky to Florida for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle.

Jeter will certainly be extended. No way even Levine can be so stupid as to not be able to foresee the firestorm that he would create by not doing so. Fans would burn the new stadium to the ground. Jeter retires as a Yankee, but I can totally see him shifted over to first base after the 2010 season.

57 said...

This just in from MLB...The 2007 World Series was actually the ALCS.

old professor said...

I am getting a sense that Hank and Hal are now running the team versus George. They seem bent on running the team more as a business and building from within then trying to buy championships. You can sense this when Hank (or Hal, whichever) said that "the new manager is going to have to be given time to establish himself. This is not the 1996 team that is being handed over we are a team with some very young arms and we are a team in transition. While we would like to win the World Series every year, we aren't stupid enough to believe it will happen and it may not happen next year."

This is a concept completely foreign to the mentality of their father and addresses the team more in a business sense then a baseball win at all cost mentality.

This could become interesting with the new leadership. The Yankees becoming cost conscience. (Read into this loyalty means nothing).

Anonymous said...

I heard those comments - and in my mind was trying to give the media justification for hiring Pena.

The Scooter said...

What Hank the Skank is trying to do with with these comments is two-fold.

1. Tweaking Torre one more time on the way out. Intimating that anyone could have won a world series with the '96 team.

2. Lowering expectations for Mattingly's first year as manager, so they will not have to fire him if he doesn't make the playoffs in '08.

The more this guy opens his mouth, the more of an idiot he proves himself to be. I sure hope he is not another Jim Dolan.

Crash said...

Hot off the trade rumor mill...Wang, Melky, and Kennedy(...Kennedy!!) to the Twins for Santana. If the deal goes through the Yanks get a 72 hour window to negotiate a long term extension with Santana. It's giving up a lot, BUT...Melky has peaked, Wang has proven the past 2 years he doesn't cut it in the post-season, and Kennedy though had an impressive 3 starts this September is not even in the Yanks top 3 pitching prospects.

I would try to switch Damon for Melky, eat half of Damon's contract and do the deal.

We can replace the OF spot with Torri Hunter. Keep Abreau that gives you 3 good arms in the OF (if they keep Melk and dump Damon) and gives you the best starter in the game.

The Scooter said...

Crash, I would make that deal tomorrow.....but unfortunately it doesn't hold water.

Wang is arbitration eligible. Coming off two 19 win seasons in a row, he's going to get $13-$15 mil. Too rich for the Twins.

mid said...

as it relates to Kennedy not being in your top 3 pitching prospects - Cashman and the idiot Randy LeVine said Kennedy is their #1 pitching prospect.

57 said...

Minaya is going to get Santana... Yankee fans, don't get led down the beaten path on that one.

Anonymous said...

John Gotti approved a hit on Giuliani... not sure why that never hit 'The Rat's' book? Not sure why the hit never went through. Giuliani pissed off WAY too many.....

Mid said...

Santana's arm is already tired - he'll be a perfect fit for the Mets.

While the GOP race has largely centered around Rudy and Romney, McCain and Huckabee have been rising steadily in the polls..

The Sox will lose all three in Colorado.

old professor said...

This off season is really beginning to be fun. First Steinbrenner has a right to tweak Torre. Apparently SI.Com has reported that Torre had similar incentives over the past two years. The same incentives that he felt were demeaning. If true, Torre has a credability problem. (Reported in SI's rumor section).

Regarding the trade for Santana, no way it happens. While Wang may not be the ace the Yankees thought, he did win 19 games. Melky will be with the Yankees a long time. He is young and his defense is outstanding. Ultimately he wore down at the end of the season. Kennedy will be a good number 3 for the Yankees for a number of seasons. And Mid for the record, a number of scouting agencies actually do place Kennedy ahead of Hughes because of his control and the number of pitches he can throw. The Yankees have the makings of a solid young rotation with Kennedy, Hughes, and Chamberlain. If the Yankees actually are serious about building from within, those guys don't get traded. By mid-season you will hearing another name thrown around - Alan Horn. I also believe J. Brent Cox will have fully recovered from his arm surgery. This is the number 1 pick from Univ. of Texas a couple of years ago. Originally, he was thought to be the heir apparent to Rivera until he broke his wrist this past January and then needed shoulder surgery during Spring Training. The breaking of the wrist occurred during a fight and did not please the Yankees at all.

Rumors out of Tampa now indicated that Cashman has been given the power of final say on recommending a manager for the Yankees. If that actually happens, don't be surprised to see Girardi named the manager (only if Cashman has the balls to go against The BOSS).

The Scooter said...

Once again, Old Prof is "headline reading". Torre himself has addressed the prior incentives in his last contract. In fact, he brought it up before SI reported it. The difference is that those earlier "incentives" were basically bonuses and they are quite common in the contracts of managers nowadays. They are not really considered part of the deal and they are NEVER reported to the media. If Torre was offered 6 mil per year for two years, he would have accepted. End of story. To insinuate that he needed "added motivation" to win the World Series was insulting and bush league.

Torre's credibility is intact thank you very much.

Now onto YOUR credibility Prof.....If you wouldn't trade Melky, Wang and Kennedy for Santana you need to double your dosage of multi-vitamins because you're slipping. Have you learned nothing from The Red Sox playoff success? You need a great pitcher at the top of your staff to win playoff series. Joba may turn out to be great...Hughes may turn out to be great....Santana is great NOW and will be for the next 5 years.

old professor said...

Scooter, the issue of the incentives are covered pretty thoughly by Murray Chass in the Times. Incentives are incentives and Torre made it clear he found the use of incentives demeaning and an insult - he did not address the issue of incentives in his current contract when addressing the media. I believe the whole Torre thing comes down to both sides wanting out after 12 years.

For all his greatness, Santana was not the great ace as the season came to a close. Having Santana in the rotation would not guarantee anything. Andy Pettitte was as good if not better than Santana throughout the season. Pettitte was also lights out in the post-season and the Yankees are still home. When it all comes down to it, one pitcher still affects only one game out of five. Trading the youth for Santana doesn't make sense for the future of the team. the win now at all cost mentality seems to be a thing of the past.

57 said...

You're all wasting your breath on Santana. #57 will be in Queens in no time.


El Duque had successful foot surgery... 16-6 in 2008.


Red Sox in 5

The Scooter said...

You're getting lost in semantics with this Torre/Incentive thing Prof, and you are twisting the facts to fit your opinion and agenda....not unlike your buddies in the liberal media do on a regular basis.

Santana hit a lull at the end of the year because the Twins stunk...he is a competitor..put him in a pennant chase or a playoff series and he will help you win a championship.

Tell me exactly who you are afraid to part with in this deal....

It can't be Melky, a .270 hitter with very little pop who plays a slightly above average cf (albeit he has a great arm). Melky has peaked. His value is higher now than it will ever be again.

Is it Wang? Yes he's won 19 two years in a row, but he's been the recipient of some great run support. He pitches to close to a 4.00 era. If the playoffs taught us anything, its that Wang is not ready for prime time. In reality he's a very nice #3 starter on a good staff. And here's the speak of "youth"...Wang is One year younger (almost to the day) than Santana.

Kennedy? Nice pitcher from what we've seen so far. Upside is Mussina's career. Downside is a total bust. More likely he will be Ted Lilly. Again, a nice #3 pitcher on a good staff.

It would border on criminal NOT to make that trade if it's on the table.

Did 57 say something?

Crash said...

If Santana goes to the NL (forget the Mets bcz it will never happen) he would be the most dominant pitcher ever. He is already being mentioned as one of the best lefties in the hard hitting AL Central, put him in a weak NL and it's all over. He would challenge Gibson for the ERA title (1.17, I think?). El Duque having 16 wins after foot surgery...when did he starting throwing with his foot? It must be a new Cuban thing...

Crash said...

One other thing...I think I saw something about Girardi is headed to the LA Dodgers. Anyone else see this?

Crash said...

Twins with a stunning counter offer to the Yankees...Santana for Hughes, Cano, and a prospect.

The Scooter said...

That's not gonna happen, Crash

Crash said...

Wow, thanks for that insightful commentary Scooter. Well folks, they don't call him the best color guy in the business for nothing...

The Scooter said...

Actually, I think it's 57 who they call the best color guy in the business.

57 said...

I cannot stand him, and I think he is only concerned with himself... but A-Rod should get paid....
Some of his career highlights:

• Youngest ever to hit 300 HR, 400 HR, 450 HR, 500 HR
• 6 straight 40-HR seasons; 10 straight 30-HR seasons
• 3 50-HR seasons
• 2 MVPs (2003 & 2005)

In addition, he's on the short list of players who have led baseball in home runs, RBIs and runs in the same season:

Player HR RBIs Runs
Alex Rodriguez, 2007 54 156 143
Roger Maris, 1961 61 142 132
Mickey Mantle, 1956 52 130 132
Johnny Mize, 1947 51 138 137
Ted Williams, 1942 36 137 141

But now I look at the above list and say, which one of these folks did not play in a World Series?? Answer? A-Rod... Ted Williams is the only player that did not win one, but at least he helped his team get there.

At the end of the day, is A-Rod the type of player who would trade in the above numbers for a title? I think not!! If he loves money so much, maybe some incentives should be thrown in his contract in order to pay him dollars if he wins a title. Here is a thought... pay him a salary of $35,000 and if he reaches the WS, he gets a $27,000,000 bonus, and if he wins the WS he gets that figure for 5 years. Now THAT will motivate him... because, clearly, that is all he cares about.

Maris, Mantle, Mize and Williams are all rolling in their graves.. with the exception of Williams who is churning in ice...

Good Night Now.

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