Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yanks Set 3 Interviews

The Yankees have announced that so far they have set 3 interviews for the vacant manager job, and may interview up to 5 when it is all said and done.

Don Mattingly, Joe Girardi, and Tony Pena are the three announced interviewees.

Mattingly is widely considered to be the favorite by the idiots in the media going into this process. However, on paper anyway, he is the least qualified in my view. Both Pena and Girardi have experience in NY, they both have experience in actually managing, and both have won Manager of the Year awards. Interestingly enough, both won those awards with the lowest payroll in their league at the time.

As of now, I am partial to Pena getting the nod.


Mid said...

Red Sox have been to the World Series twice since the Yanks have last been to the classic . . . is the world coming to an end?

The Scooter said...

I never thought, in my entire life, that I would ever ever have to root for a team from Colorado in any sport. This is bad. I can't name anyone on that team except the short stop and I know for a FACT I can't spell his name...Oh yea, and Helton...he's still there, right? Wait a minute....wait a minute....something's coming to me.....KAZ MATSUI!!!!! Another one that got away, huh 57?

Go Rockies!

Anonymous said...

with a 7 game series to be played in Colorado and Fenway, what's the over/uder per game? - 17 to 23 Runs per or what?


old professor said...

The world series this year will bring one thing to the forefront and that is the season is too long. They have already had six inches of snow in Denver as of Sunday morning.

If played to the full seven games, the series will end on November 1st. The season has to be shortened to get back to the World Series staring the first week of October. The 154 game schedule could accommodate that.

Regarding the Cleveland-Boston series, it is amazing that a pitching staff that held the Yankee offense down could implode when facing the Red Sox. Sabathia and Carmona were awful and Jake Westbrook was well Jake Wetbrook.

Mid said...

I think there's something to the shortened season idea.

Does not surprise me one bit that Carmona crapped the bed vs. Boston - he's a streaky type player, and you just knew it would run out at some point.

right now, of the three, Mattingly is my least favorite option (I'm surprised because he was my favorite player). Pena or Girardi.

The Scooter said...

Once again, I will be SHOCKED if Mattingly doesn't get the job. Not that I necessarily believe he is the best choice....Actually I think the best choice is the guy they just insulted.

57 said...

First off all... you cannot shorten the season because if you do the math, i am sure you'll find that even only 8 more games result in MILLIONS of dollars for MLB and more money to pay those LUDICROUS contracts. Its not that they want 8 less games, they CANNOT AFFORD IT.

Secondly, Kaz Matsui was a waste..and so was Kazmir... they'll show their worth soon enough. Matsui will be a paltry 3 for 24 in the WS..if not, worse. mark it down.


57 said...

when will the shoe drop on the NFL players involved in a MAJOR, Mitchell-esque, steriod ring... over under 2010?

The Scooter said...

First of all Kaz Matsui was mismanaged with the Mets, He is showing his true worth with the NL Champions. Secondly, Scott Kazmir is still only 23 years old. He has won double digits THREE times with the horrible Tampa Bay Devil Rays...You only wish the Mets had a young pitcher with so much upside on your roster.

AS a Met fan, I'm sure you're used to rooting for a completely different team once October comes around.

Middle Relief said...

Who'd the Mets get for Kazmir again?

I was reading an email from Mailbag and thought - oh yeah. When the Yanks signed Clemens, he said he would make public what was said in his meeting with Steinbrenner at the end of the season - Clemens has yet to say anything - wonder if or when that'll be revealed.

If the Yanks don't sign a manager within the next few days, I'd say A-Rod is as good as gone..

old professor said...

It never ceases to amaze me how bitter 57 can be about ex-Mets doing well. The trade of Kazmir will in the long run come back to haunt the Mets. They tried a long time Yankee technique - trade a top prospect for a veteran who might be able to help them. I may be wrong, but didn't they get Zambrano (not the one with the Cubs) for Kazmir? He ended up being released by the Mets and is now with the Blue Jays (or was). Great trade.

The Mets did give up on Matsui much too soon. They brought him to NY with a great deal of fanfare, and then moved him from his normal position. Now that he is in an area where the media will not broadcast every swing and examine every meal he eats, he has relaxed and allowed his natural abilities to take over. The Yankees should have a manager in place by the end of the weekend. They will have interviewed three people, one of which is a minority which should satisfy the Commissioner's Office. It may not make Jesse Jackson or Gary Sheffield happy, but the will have met the required criteria.

57 said...

Anyone can hit well in Colorado.


Big showdown on 11/4... Colts/Pats in INDY. Game of the YEAR!


Anyone hear (and I am DEAD serious about this) about the rumor going around regarding Torre to the Mets?


Sox in 6


Giants might run the table.


Bills found their future


Greg Ryan was fired as the US Women's soccer coach. It is refreshing that some sports still hold coaches accountable for irresponsible moves during important games. (Hope Solo)


If the Yankees were smart, they would hire Wally Backman as their manager.

Mid said...

The game of the year will be the G-men vs. NE Pats. G-Men will win by at least 12.

The Torre to the Mets things was started by Gammons. I'd be surprised if offered if Torre would take it at the expense of one of his friends and former colleagues.

I think the Rockies continue to roll and take down their first WS Title.

Torre, A-Rod, Mo, and Posada to the Marlins.

Very glad to see the coach from the U.S. Women's soccer team canned. In addition to being the best goalie on the team Hope Solo is pretty hot, so there was no reason not to player her.

Crash said...

3 years $40M for Posada??? That's crazy. I wouldn't offer half that much. No other team in baseball would even be close to offering him $13.3M a season...especially at his age. Treat him like Torre...he didn't perform in the post-season, offer him 1 year at $5M with incentives. That's more than fair and maybe even too generous.

Middle Relief said...

Given that he just about single handily cost the Yanks the ALDS, I would let him walk and re-sign the far superior defensively Joe Molina.

old professor said...

Exactly what are Crash and Mid smoking. Whatever it is don't let your mother find out. Posada and Rivera are both worth the rumored contract amount, though Rivera may wait to see what other teams offer. Posada did not single handedly cost the Yankees the post-season. No one in that lineup hit. Not Giambi (he didn't play), not Jeter Mr. November choked the chicken several times), not Matsui and not Cabrera. Cano had some consistency. And face the fact that the only well pitched game was by Pettitte. The Yankees were outhit, outpitched and outcoached. It was a complete ass kicking.

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