Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Stove is Warming Up . . .

As the GM conference winds up, it appears that A-Rod's value is winding down.

Cabrera is on the block, but the Marlins are asking for too much in return for a deal to happen.

Perhaps a trade with the Cardinals for Rolen could be a possibility. And just for nostalgia, I wouldn't be opposed to the Yanks offering Aaron Boone an invite to Spring Training.

I sincerely hope the Yanks don't offer any more than 3 years and $40 million to Posada. Molina is a more important re-signing to the Yanks than Jorge. Winning teams do not need or expect offensive firepower from their catcher, they need field generalship, and solid defensive play (Exhibit A is the ALDS, Exhibit B is Jason Varitek).

3 years with a player's option for a fourth is all that will be needed to re-sign Rivera.

NL News: The Phillies just ensured that they're going to win the NL East again with the acquisition of Lidge . . . The Mets just sit around and get older . . . If Gred Maddux passes Clemens on the all-time wins list does the Rocket Stay retired?


57 said...

Lots to say....

Shrewd business move by Cashman in offering A-Rod arbitration. Not only will the Yankees receive compensation from any team that is awarded Stay-Rod, but if A-Rod accepts Arbitration, bascially he and Bor-ass are saying that the Yankees/MLB now control the market and they dont and they'll accept their lower offer. This will save the Yanks in the media because it would not look like the Yanks negotiated after they said they wouldn't if they keep Stay-Rod. I like the move and I like good business.


The perennial discussion about potential collusion between teams and free agents at the GM meetings is getting boring. Can they think up new topics and more important ones. How can you EVER police that contract clause.

Unions will crumble if A-Rod ever becomes an player/owner.


Joe Torre to work on a memoir of his years with the Yankees.


I hope Tony Romo gets hurt on Sunday for the season. He thinks he is the shit and it really aggravates me. Someone needs to take him down a notch. Maybe he should win a playoff game and not choke in one before he struts.


Brad Lidge is horrible. Billy Wagner will eat him alive.


11 names in the Mitchell Report are free agents right now. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm who could THAT be? They have all been contacted...


Cabrera will go to the Cards.. Rolen to Twins.


Santana to Mets


Britney Spears is STILL hot.

Mid said...

I think that the crack and caffeine are starting to catch up with you . . .

old professor said...

The Yankees by offering arbitration are in a no lose situation. If A-Rod accepts, they have their third baseman back and would not appear to have negotiated with him. In addition, it will give the Yankees an additional year to try and work something out if they are really interested in keeping him. If he rejects arbitration and signs somewhere else, the Yankees get that teams #1 pick in the draft and a supplemental pick as well. Great way to continue to build for the future.

In the last blog, there was a lot about the trading of Hughes versus Kennedy. While Hughes has garnered all of the ink about the hottest prospect in the Yankee system, Kennedy still has a greater upside. (As per the experts). Another arm that is getting some attention is Alan Horn.

Yankees this weekend will offer four year contracts to both Rivera and Posada. Contract will be close to $50 million for each player.

The Scooter said...

So Mid takes a day off from shining up his two favorite apples (Karstens and Rasner) and he starts with this whole "Molina is more important than Posada" thing again. I really hope you're kidding on this one, Mid. Every time I think you are about to turn the corner as far as not saying stupid stuff regress.

Give Posada the fourth year and let's move on.

I could see Rolen at third. If he's healthy (a big if), he could be a serviceable stop gap.

I'd still do Britney Spears.

The Scooter said...

Prof, who are all these "experts" that you keep referring to...No one and I mean NO one that I have heard has said that Kennedy has a higher upside than Hughes....Do you make this stuff up as you go along?

Crash said...

I agree with Scooter, no one has ever said Kennedy has a higher upside than Hughes. The experts still don't list Kennedy in the top 5 prospects for next year.

The whole A-Rod arbitration thing will take a long time to play out. It's definitely a fall back position, but he doesn't have to accept/reject the arbitration offer until January 15th. Salary figures are exchanged by Jan 18th with hearings set for Feb. 1-21. So basically he still has plenty of time to test the market. And remember the arbitrator doesn't reward what they think a fair salary would be, they pick one side or the other. So the Yankees can't make a ridiculously low offer. If it gets that far I would be surprised to see them offer less than $25M while A-Rod would ask for $30-35M.

Speaking of arbitration, the Yankees have 4 other players eligible: Wilson Betemit, Brian Bruney, Cano, and Wang.

Looking way ahead, this is most likely Giambi's last year in pinstripes...coincidently Mark Teixeira (I believe another Boras client) hits the free agent market at the same time.

Mid said...

Scooter and Crash are both wrong on Ian Kennedy.

Torre and Cashman were interviewed the week of Kennedy's pending debut late August early Sept. Both said that of the three prospects - they had their highest hopes reserved for Kennedy due to the variety of pitches and control.

Hughes has two pitches, and if put in a corner would rather trade the highly inked Hughes over Kennedy.

That's why it was Hughes/Cabrera for Peavy, not Kennedy/Cabrera.

Mid said...

Look, on the Posada thing. What is more important to a team at the catching position????

Posada has a great bat for a catcher. His defensive skills are and have been proven to be a liability. If you dispute that, then you don't watch games closely if at all.

Offer Posada the 3 year with an option for a 4th, and kepp it at that. Make sure to re-sign Molina. When they can find a solid young catching prospect, move Jorge to DH, Molina as starter/mentor to the prospect.

The Scooter said...

You're delusional, Mid (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?)...either that or you have no concept of the term "marketing". Cashman needs to turn Kennedy into the next Greg Maddox in order to get the highest value for him. They never offered Hughes and Cabrera for Peavy, in fact the talks have yet to progress to any offer, whatsoever. Stop listening to Gammons.

Crash said...

Actually I heard in a post season interview with both Cashman and Eiland that Kennedy was a complete surprise and they didn't know what to expect from him.

Hughes has 3 plus pitches: fastball, slider, & curve. His problem was when one didn't work he tried throwing his fastball by everyone. Two problems with that: 1. When you overthrow a fastball it flattens out.
2. Everyone in the show can hit a fastball, and they'll light you up like a pinball machine.

If Hughes can trust his stuff he's great. He needs to relax and pitch (please reference the post-season) and not over-throw and not think too much. Thinking will only hurt the team. Plus if he can work on a change-up in the off out.

And you need to learn the difference between "talk" and offers. For the last time there was no offer for Peavy. It was just GMs going through the feeling out process. And for the record, if that was an offer, it makes sense from both sides and I would pull the trigger on that deal.

old professor said...

Scooter, Through most of the month of August the talk out of the booth, coaching staff and some of the ESPN analysts was about Kennedy.

If you believe everything that is coming out of Tampa, Kennedy, Hughes and Chamberlain are not on the block nor are they entertaining offers on any of the three.

Regarding the comments regarding Posada, I can see both sides of the coin on this one. Offensively the Yankees have already lost A-Rod, they can ill afford losing Posada. Having said that, the question does have to be asked with all the games that he has spent behind the plate with little rest, just how much more does he have left?

MLB is now beginning to foster the rumors about the current shortstop from the Orioles going to the Yankees if they can get him to agree to play third base.

Crash said...

Actually the Yankees have changed their position, or rather clarified their position, and by doing so confirm what I have been saying all along. They would not trade Hughes, Kennedy, or Joba for a position player. They would be open to trading one of them for Santana. It's good to see Hank Steinbrenner step in and confirm what I've been saying for weeks now.

The Scooter said...


Couldn't sleep last night so I found myself watching women's tennis on ESPN 8 (the Ocho)at about 3 in the morning.........I have one word for you guys: Jelena Dokic

OK, that's two words...but you all can thank me after the "Google".

Mid said...

not bad... maybe she can play third

Crash said...

That game sucked...I hate Romo & T.O.

57 said...

Manning is not the answer for the Giants... he can't win a big game.

Mid said...

They should have kept Kerry Collins - Eli Manning is a good 1st and 2nd quarter QB.

When the game picks up in the 3rd and 4th, he's still in his slow, southern drawal state and that's why his numbers suck in the 2nd half.

How else can you explain a team that gets a delay of game call during the 2-minute drill???? pathetic!

Mid said...

essentially, the NCAA's have crapped on the east by placing Mt. Union in their conference.

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