Monday, November 12, 2007

Posada's Payday . . .

AP reporting that Jorge has agreed to a 4 year, $52 million deal. Wow.

Hopefully they have some spare change in the cushions left to sign Jose Molina.

Hear that silence so loud? Its the Mo Rivera camp. Bitter about not getting a new extension prior to the start of the '07 season, he will be testing the open market. I have a sinking feeling he's going to be punching a ticket to Dodgerland.

Is anyone other than me getting tired of Jeter trying to play the role of Joe DiMaggio?

NY Giants - Eli Manning is one of the best QBs in the league for quarters 1 & 2. Problem is, when the game tempo picks up in the 2nd half, he's still in that slow Southern drawl speed. I mean, who else finds a way to get multiple delay of game penalties running the "hurry up" offense? Horrible.

D3 Football - St. John Fisher earns its third NCAA bid in 5 years securing a 2nd seed in the Eastern Regional bracket. The big story is the NCAA moving the Teflon, 8-time champion, Mt. Union Raiders into the Eastern Region from its usual home in the North - not because the selection committee wanted to mix up the competition for the defending champ (they roll everyone in their league by an average score of 55-2), but because the NCAA didn't feel that there was a team in the East worthy of a #1 seed. . . nice. Fisher has the streaking Hobart Statesman in the first round, and Mt. Union gets Ithaca. I don't know if Mt. Union will get beat, allegedly this is their best team ever. One thing I do know is that there is no way they walk through the East the way they do to the North.

Prediction: The top two seeds have the toughest fights in the East bracket. Fisher edges Hobart 31 - 28, and Mt. Union gets introduced to the East by narrowly beating Ithaca 24-22.


The Scooter said...

I was very relieved when I woke up this morning to find that they had given him the fourth year. Listen, we all know that by year three he will be at first base or full time DH and by year four he probably won't be highly productive....but you know, that's the price of doing business.

With all the turmoil that has swarmed around this team since the nightmare "bug night" in Cleveland (speaking of swarms), it was imperative that they keep the heart and soul of this club. Jeter may be
the official captain, but Jorge is just as important a leader....and lets face, right now, Posada is the best all around catcher in baseball.

Don't worry about Mariano; the Yankees are about to overpay for him too...and yes, once again, it's the price of doing business. So be it. I'm sure he will be signed by the end of the week.

I certainly wouldn't be surprised if the re-upped Molina. He is the perfect backup to Posada and he should get a good chunk of playing time in'08.

Looks like A-Rod's choices will come down to Angels/Dodgers/Giants...although I'm sure Boras will try to sell the fact that he has a mystery team ready to go to 40 mil per. I'm all for collusion by the way.

Mid, why the cheap shot on Jeter? There are worse Yankees for him to emulate than Joe D.

Parcells had an interesting take on young QB's last night...He said that when he first came intp the league, Tom Landry told him that year one you want to see the rookie have the ability to learn...year two you want to see some real progress....and by year three he should be on his way down the path to being a star...otherwise you should start looking for a new guy to lead your franchise. That being said, do you think Brian Brohm falls to the Giants with like the 20th pick?

I would respond to your D3 football rant, but my head is spinning just from reading it.

old professor said...

If Mo wants to test free agency - vio con diaz baby. If he is bitter toward the Yankees, you don't need it in the club house. It may not come down to years and money for him. He feels he was disrespected - Yipes another fragile ego.

Mid said...

I don't think we are ever going to agree on Posada.

You equate a strong bat to the best all around catcher. Posada is the best offensive catcher in the game.

His defensive skills are sub par - why do you refuse to recognize this?

On Jeter - I want to start seeing on authentic person. Doesn't have to be O'Neil or Tino like, just stop trying to be an image 24/7.

Anonymous said...

I think that's just the way Jeter is, the way his parents brought him up, and the way his only manager taught's called respectful & professional. Both of which you know nothing about. O'Neil was a spoiled cry baby, and Tino had a fragile ego. You probably call them competitive emotional leaders. I'm not saying I didn't like their on field contribution or even that firey side, but it was who they are and it complimented the other personalities on the team. That's why I like some of the kids so much because they bring that energy back to the team while Jeter is the calm professional personalty. It creates balance.

And Jeter didn't seem to worry about the imagine when he said they could win without A-Rod.

Crash said...

Here is a quote directly from Mariano..."The Yankees are my first option, but if that is not possible, there is Joe with the Dodgers."

As reported on

The Scooter said...

I doubt the Dodgers will spend the money on Mariano, Crash. They have an awful lot of holes to fill and Takashi Saito was lights out in the closer role last year.

He had 39 saves, pitched to a 1.40 ERA and had 78 strikeouts vs 13 walks in 64 innings.

The only team I see making a huge play for him is the Tigers....let's see if Mo wants to go live in Detroit.

The Yanks closed on Posada because they knew the Mets were primed to offer him a huge deal....the fact that they didn't sign Mo before free agency kicked in tells me that it's the team that holds the leverage in this negotiation. Look for 3 years at 41 mil. I would be surprised if it wasn't wrapped up by Friday.

old professor said...

Scooter, we are headed toward Armagedon II because I am going to sort of agree with your analysis of Posada and as seems the usual disagree with Mid. Posada has proven himself year in and year out. This past year he had a career year.

Regardless of whether he is on the downside of his career or not, he was and is the only viable option for the Yankees. Mid, if you look at what was available through free agency, Posada was the top of the catching class. They could not risk losing him while they considered a trade for someone else (and when you look at it who would the someone else be - Navarro from Tampa?).

The best Yankee prospect for catching played his first year at Class A. He is only 18 and not ready for Prime Time. I do not anticipate seeing the Chinese catcher that was signed this spring and may be 17 in a Yankee Uniform now or in the distant future.

The prospect, Jose Montero, has a long way to go. They like his bat and his defensive skills, but he still has to work his way up the ladder. In four years he will be 22 and might be ready to takeover for Posada.

And since I am on the Posada bandwagon, one last thing. Jeter may be the Captain of the Yankees, but Posada is the emotional heart and soul.

By the way, there are some who think the Yankees may be interested in Pedro Feliz for their third base opening. Who in the hell is Pedro Feliz??

Mid said...

You guys are clowns as it relates to your ability to evaluate a player in totality.

A good bat does not clense all wrongs. As I have said, he is the best at the plate.

He is no where near the top class when he is BEHIND the plate. - No way.
Go back and watch the ALDS (especially Game 2) as a most recent example. How many past balls - how many of those runners advanced as a result, and how many of them scored.

The guy is not better than many from a defensive standpoint - Jose Molina is better - why else do you think he was behind the plate when Kennedy and Hughes where throwing toward the end of the season?

So just to recap - he's a good player. Great bat, poor defensively.

Crash said...

Feliz was kind of a bench utility player that really played well the last 3 or 4 seasons. He played some left field when Bonds was down, but he mostly played 3rd. He's about 20 HR power, 85-95 RBI, doesn't walk a lot, prone to strike out and about a .250 hitter...hey that sounds like Scott Brosius.

Here comes the dynasty...

The Scooter said...

Prof, agreeing with me again, huh? Next thing you know I will have you voting Republican in '08.

Come on Mid, get a grip. Besides the fact that he is major offensive force, Posada has a rifle for an arm and is stellar in both calling the game and working with the pitching staff. When rating a player's "overall" value at a certain position, you have to take into account how other options stack up. Are there better defensively than Posada? Of course. But his defense is certainly average (at the very least). That fact plus his far superior offensive numbers to players such as Molina make Jorge the only true option for the Yankees. Or maybe you would have preferred LoDuca or Torealba.

old professor said...

Scooter, the only way I vote Republlican in the next election is if the Candidate is Huckabee or anyone not named Guiliani or Romney.

The latest on the trade rumors front center around Miguel Cabrera. The Marlins are asking the Yankees for Hughes or Chamberlain and then want Melky and Tabata plus one more prospect. Stick the trade.

Okay mid time to put up or shut up exactly who would you prefer behind the plate as the all around (that would be defensive and offensive ability) catcher that would serve the Yankees better than Posada?

Anybody hear whether A-Rod has rejected arbitration?

Mid said...

If I had a rotation of young players (like say maybe Wang, Kennedy, Chamberlain, and Hughes)I would be inclined to play a more defensive minded catcher that I know can stop balls and control a game depednig on the situation. - Molina. (I would rather have Posada's legs rested and ready to go in a DH role).

As far as which way to vote? As it stands right now, anybody on a ticket that starts with a D would result in higher taxes, zero border control, amnesty for illegals, in addition to weaker defense. That's just the facts.

Why would you side with the party that wants more of your money, and is being endorsed by illegal immigrants and al Qaeda?

Think about it.

Crash said...

Mid makes a good point about young pitchers but gets his selection wrong. Molina does not call a better game than Posada. A young pitcher doesn't care if he bounces one in the dirt and it gets away...especially in the right situation. They need someone who they know will call the right pitch at the right time in the right sequence.

Molina can stop a ball in the dirt bcz his 350 pound frame is sprawled out on the dirt. If there is a high fastball 6 inches over his head he'll never get it. I think he's still chasing one down that went to the screen. Last time I checked there was only one guy Posada could beat down the line and that was Molina.

To further make your argument illogical for Molina, you are specifically referencing 1 play (a passed ball in the dirt with a runner at 3rd who can score). You can count the # of occurrences that happens on one hand. So to avoid those MAYBE 5 occurrences let's start a guy who sucks at calling a game, who hits .200 with no power, and is only good enough to be a back-up on 29 other teams...but you want him starting for the Yankees.


57 said...

Question, and I yield to anyone because I just don't know: Can A-Rod sign with a team, and then be traded to Minnesota straight up for Santana? If that can happen (not sure why it would not) who would be paying for that contract, the Twins, right? Or do the Yankees have to pay an arbitration 'award' winner no matter what team he goes to for at least a year? Reason why I ask it because the Mets should make that play.

Mid said...

During buggate in Game 2. Chamberlain clearly having control problems, Posada calls for the duece. Goes in the dirt, he tries to glove it, doesn't, and runner advances to 2nd.

Same runner on third, Posada continues to call for the deuce for Chamberlain, surprise, goes in the dirt, runner comes in to score..

Happened in Game 1 and 4 as well.

Molina was batting approx. .300 during his stint with the Yanks.

If you don't want a Giambi at first, then, when the game is on the line, you don't want Posada behind the plate. Jim Leyritz was better defensivly than Posada.

Quit being gay and just admit to the facts -

The Scooter said...

57, I'm thinking that Boras will secure a no-trade in any contract he accepts for A-Rod. Before he signs a new contract, A-Rod would have to reject the Yankees arbitration offer. Do you need me to explain the infield fly rule to you next?

Well stated, Crash...but it appears as if Mid still doesn't get it...let it go.

Prof, bring your cellphone camera into the voting booth with you because I want it documented that you would actually pull the lever for Hillary if she was up against Giuliani or Romney.

Crash said...

I had this big long response typed up for Mid...but decided to keep it short, so here is the edited version. No that scenario never happened in game 1 or 4. Go back and look at the play-by-play. You are wrong. Get the facts right.

Crash said...

On a side note...did anyone know that Bud Selig made $14.5M last year. And he's worried about players salaries being too high...unreal. The first place to start with a salary cap is in the commissioner's office.

Anonymous said...

It's now being reported 3 years $45M has been offered to Rivera...

Mid said...

I like Pete Abraham's take on the rumor of A-Rod returning to the Yanks:

"In theory, Alex could come to the Yankees and volunteer to eat the $21.3 million the Yankees are losing from Texas. In theory, aliens could land in Central Park as well."

The Scooter said...

Be careful Mid...Feingold and Madden of the Daily News think that a deal with A-Rod and the Yankees will be done within 3 or 4 days.

Anonymous said...

Let's so many places to begin. Let me start with politics. For those of you so inclined to believe the illegal immigration issue is a democratically created issue, apparently, you forget that Ronald Reagan was the first to issue what can be determined to be amnesty to illegals. Last check, he was a Conservative Republican. The state with the biggest problem seems to be Arizona, where nightly illegals come over the untended borders. The Governor of the state is Republican as is the most well known Senator (Mid that would be John McCain).

The illegal immigration problem will not be solved by the Democrats or Republicans as long as countries that border us have much lower standards of living. Mining the border would be the first step in preventing them from coming over the border. Properly shaped charges would send them back over the border. (For my friends in the federal government watching all of my key strokes - I am not serious).

Now for the election, do you actually believe it is going to make a difference who is elected. The Democrats placate the underclass in this country trying to promise them everything for nothing. The Republicans on the other hand sleep with big business.

And when it comes to Florida, both parties kiss the asses of the Cubans in South Florida by promising never to lift the embargo against Cuba. 48 years and counting now there is a successful forein program at work.

As for who I am voting for. Too early in the process. Hillary is starting to fall back to the pack because of stupid PR mistakes. Guliani will not be the Republican nominee. How many times should he have to be married, before someone (MID) realizes there is a serious character flow in the man.

Okay now to baseball, apparently Mo has turned the Yankees offer down. Crash - so much for him being signed within 48 hours from our last conversation.

Crash said...

I haven't seen or heard that Mo has officially turned down the Yankees offer. I believe he has not responded as of yet and is waiting to field an offer from the Dodgers. It won't be better financially, but if he really wants to play else where he has the right. That would create a hole in the rotation, bcz Joba would be the man closing.

A-Rod has released an official statement acknowledging he has met (or at least spoken directly to) Hank & Hal. I would hope that this isn't a ploy from A-Rod. If he's meeting with H&H this is a done deal. He realizes his agent cost him several million dollars. Regardless of the final $ figure, no team will be able to match the offer.

As for aliens landing in Central Park...have you ever walked through it???

57 said...

Scooter, The Infield Fly Rule is as follows.. you must have runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st 2nd and 3rd with less than 2 outs and the most important part of this rule is that the Umpire has FULL discrecton of whether the ball is popped up in the in-field even when it passes the dirt.... I was an umpire in little leauge and that is the one rule that was drilled into us.... that's what she said.

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