Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When Done Does Not Mean Done . . .

So, I guess that when the Yankees said they were done with A-Rod they meant they would be more than happy to sit with him to discuss a 10 year $275 million deal.

Both sides can save face by making Boras the bad guy in all this. A-Rod's home page, which can be found under the Hit and Run section by clicking "Jeter's Favorite Site" cites his comfort and stability with NY. I'm going to venture a guess, and speak for married men on this one: that when the home town paper puts a full page picture of you with a stripper heading into the hotel room together, stability and comfort are not going to be the first two adjectives one uses to describe his feelings. . . .Does this guy ever say what he feels or what?

I"m of the mind that maybe Boras over estimated the free agent market and now has to go back to where the bank in the league resides - in the Bronx. - This is going to get very interesting, and with the writer's guild on strike, it fills that gap in my life that used to be occupied by new episodes of Soaps.

As for Mo - Management made him wait when he wanted a deal to get done, so I do not think there is anything wrong with Mo making Hank, Hal, and Randy wait.

I changed my mind on Posada - glad he's going to be with us to the end.

- - - - -

Breaking topic and going to the dangerous world of politics. This is primarily directed to those whose hatred for the current President of the United States is so strong, that it has clouded his ability to look at things objectively. Further, and more importantly, what those things may mean to the reality of our future as a nation. Luckily for all of those that suffer from this kind of emotional trauma, I am here and willing to work with them and get them to see the light. . . (in case anyone is wondering, I am a registered Independent. I don't trust any politician and tend to look at things from a forward perspective not a rear view mirror. I have pulled the lever for Dems, GOP, and Ind. - no ax to grind and am not in the tank for any particular party. I believe in free markets, fair taxes, little government intervention, a clean environment, have the overriding belief that the U.S. is a noble nation and that evil doers need to be confronted before it is too late, even if it means doing it alone . . . . That's it, that's my entire platform). So, here is the deal:

When you have Nancy Pelossi as Speaker of the House, and Harry Reid as Senate leader, the following is a given if any of the current crop of Dems get elected (except for Joe Biden but he has no chance according to the polls) : Amnesty for Illegals happens. Border gets even worse. Capital Gain taxes go from 15% back to 28%, Estate Tax reverts back to 45%, and Current Income Tax rates go up by a full 5 percentage points for anyone in a 25% bracket or higher. The price of gas will go up even more due to a corporate tax hike on Oil Companies. Socialized medicine. Weaker defense due to the repeal of the Patriot Act, outlawing of coerced interrogation, and seeking a permission slip from the UN every time we need to defend our interests.

Seriously, do you think terrorists would be breathing a sigh of relief with a Pelossi, Reid, and Obama/Edwards/Clinton running the U.S. government?

Why on earth would any American with any shred of patriotism side with people that have a vested interest in our country failing?

Yes - it is that simple.


The Scooter said...

Mid...I bow down before you....eloquently stated.

and I'm glad you saw the light on Posada

57 said...

I AM DISGUSTED!!!! 10 years and NO Bor-ass (that part I like... can Bor-ass spell collusion?)


You know what, that just gives us more money for Santana...

You just bought yourselves 10 years of 1st round playoff exits.. enjoy.


57 said...


The Scooter said...

Well I guess you can scratch one player off the list of players that 57 GUARANTEED would be in a Met uniform next year.

And FYI don't have the young arms that Minny would want in a deal for Santana. It's OK, Kyle Loshe is still out there.

Anonymous said...

This could be an historic moment - Mid actually has changed course on something - Posada.

I am taken back by the A-Rod move. He is actually considering taking less from the Yankees because of the $21 million pullback by Texas. When you look at the size of the contract and if the sides are willing to spread out the $21 million over a ten year period, it doesn't have a major impact on A-Rod.

Boras did over-estimate the market and when the Yankees refused to pay his game, there was no one else in town to pay the money. Deal isn't done yet. 57 when there was thought he might consider the Muts, you were there arms wide open now he is a prostitute. Sounds like mets history, they always get screwed.

Not sure whether this will come through under Old Prof or not it would appear Mid may have tried to block my responses, or under the Patriot Act the Feds screwed with my computer again.

Anonymous said...

Posada is also washed up...

Mid said...

So, I guess 57 is not happy about the A-Rod development? ? ? . . .

I don't know, he wasn't to clear on that one. So wishy washy . .

Old Prof - use the "other" if your Google/Blogger is blocked or if you have forgotten your pass code.

Crash said...

Holy crap I nearly fell out of my chair when I read Mid's retraction on Posada. Wow.

Let's not forget that not only did 57 predict A-Rod, but there may have been a post or 2 about Posada going to the Mets. What's next 57 you claiming Mo is a lock for Queens?

With Stay-Rod on the verge of re-signing this allows the Yankees to make a full offer for Santana if/when he becomes available because we didn't lose any prospects in trading for a 3B.

Girardi wearing # 27 is looking better and better. At this rate 57 Randolph should be wearing 0 at the start of the season.

The Scooter said...

It appears as if Mariano Rivera wants a fourth year from the Yankees. I can't believe I am saying this, but if that's the case, I say let him leave. No way in Hell can they give him a fourth year, and he HAS to know it.

Listen, I understand that he was insulted that they wouldn't talk extension last winter, but enough is enough Mo. Who the heck is advising him? and haven't they learned anything from the A-Rod saga?

Three years at $15 per is a fantastic offer for a 38 year old closer (albeit the best of all-time). Mo better be careful that he doesn't throw away 12 years of love and support that the fans of NY have given him. He is starting to come off as petty and vindictive and dare I say a tad freaking stupid.

I'm sure its the agent who's mostly to blame for this, but we didn't really give A-Rod a pass when we all knew that it was Boras who engineered the whole opt out thing.

I'm still all for re-signing Mo, as I think he is their best option to close (considering they want to put Joba in the rotation), but let it be known, that I'm starting to get a little pissed off with this temper tantrum of his.

Crash said...

The Yankees should not sign Mo to a 4 year deal. No one out there will give him 4 years and no one will give him $15M a year.

The only way he gets a 4 year deal from the Yanks, if it's a team option with a buy-out. If he doesn't want it...hit the bricks. At the start of the year he was only asking for a 2 year extension, now he's demanding 4 years. I agree with Scooter, he's really pressing the issue here and starting to look like a vindictive little baby and most importantly he's ticking the fans off who have supported him for years.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the Yankees offering a fourth year. No other team in baseball will offer four years to someone who will be 39 and definately not at $15 million per year. An SI analyst recently pointed out that at best Rivera will pitch 75 innings in any year and is coming off his worst career year (ERA wise) and should put aside the fragile ego and sign.

I would tend to agree. If the fourth year is an issue let him go to the Dodgers.

old professor said...

Okay, I now seem to be back with my regular name (I think). 57 it now appears the mets are turning their attention to signing Yorvit Torrealba (now there is a name for Mets fans to be chanting during a rally - Let's go Yorvit????).

As for the team landing Santana it will take at least four of the following prospects: Martinez, Gomez, Milledge, and the young pitcher that flopped last year - opps that could apply to the entire staff.

If Mo re-signs with the Yankees as will Molina, the only question mark will be first base (please get rid of Giambi - trade him to the Angels for Ervin Santana)

Mid said...

Cabrera, Duncan, and Hughes for Santana.

The Scooter said...

Yorvit Torrealba! Yorvit Torrealba! Nice work 57, you just signed a very consistent catcher....consistently BAD! He gets a hit every 2 out of 10 times he comes to bat, and he throws out 2 out of every 10 that try to run on him...Ahhh consistency.

Why wouldn't they just give the job to Castro?

57 said...

Mo Rivera is as good as a Dodger.

Don't you get the feeling that the Mets are lurking in the weeds ready to make BIG news VERY soon... I do. They'll own the back page in less than two weeks.

Minny will never ask for that much and Pedro will not leave. As I have said, time and time again, Milledge, Gomez and Perez for Santana oh, and two minor leaugers..

If we bring back Glavine, I quit the Mets.

57 said...

I guess the Torrealba deal is done. Not sure why, and this is a WASTE of money... Castro's bat is MUCH better than Torrealba who hit a paltry .212 away from The Beer Can last. He clearly was signed for his defense, but he threw out less runners than LoDuca did last year.

It's the calm before the storm gentlemen; the calm before the storm....

57 said...

Mike Lowell to Yankees as a First Baseman?

Crash said...

I don't know...that may be the storm. You should stop worrying about the backpages of the rags and start worrying about the act that's on the field. After all the Mets owned the backpages during their historic collapse. Backpages aren't always nice to own. As a Mets fan you need to realize one thing...the Mets own Queens, the Yankees own the rest of NY.

old professor said...

Mid, what have you been smoking or drinking or both? Duncan, Cabrera and Hughes for Santana - NO WAY THAT GETS DONE.

57 you are as deranged as Mid, the Mets are not going to make a splash and nothing is lurking in the weeds except swamp water and backwash from a septic tank. And where do you get Lowell playing first base (hey there you go, the Yankees sign Lowell and then trade Giambi to the Mets to be a pitch-hitter).

Joe Torre is now saying that Rivera will probably sign with the Yankees, though as he put it he is not sure what Mo is thinking right now.

Crash said...

And as far as the Lowell thing...there are 4 or 5 clubs that have offered him 4 years (the Red Soc only have a 3 year deal on the table). The Yankees are one of them and if signed he would agrees to play 1B. If the Yankees sign him it would be regrettable. His #'s outside of Fenway were terrible last year. His swing is made for Fenway not the Stadium. He may be a good glove, but his bat will disappear.

If signed, that may be some kind of record...the Yanks would have 2 Gold Glove infielders playing out-of-position because of Jeter. I think we all recognize Jeter as a multiple Gold Glove winner at SS, but I think we also all agree (except maybe Mid) that he is far inferior to A-Rod defensively. It would seem to make more sense moving Jeter to 1B, A-Rod back to SS, and Lowell to 3B. If Jeter wants to do what's best for the team he should pick up his crap and move across the diamond.

The Scooter said...

I figured it out.....Omar just royally screwed up (must be a language barrier thing)...He thought he was signing Joe TORRE and Jessica ALBA when he pulled the trigger on Torrealba.

57 said...

Between the NCAA Playoffs and Hot Stove this week, I need an IV

Mid said...

I know it would never happen - with that said, I think Jeter should take one for the team, offer to play 1st, let A-Rod go back to short, and have Lowell at third.

Am I foolish to think our starting pitching with a projected line up of Wang, Kennedy, Hughes, Chamberlain, and Mussina is good enough?

Outside of Mo Rivera - what else would we need to make us the favorite to return to a World Series now???

The Scooter said...

Mid, if you plug Pettitte into that rotation it looks a whole lot stronger.

They need to find a quality 8th inning pitcher.

I have a theory on the A-Rod backtrack....OK, call me a cynic but hear me out:

Something about this whole thing has been bothering the hell out of me since the news came out that A-Rod had gone, hat in hand, back to the Steinbrenner boys. It just seemed so out of character for him to #1 admit that he had made a grave mistake by opting out and #2 hang his friend and "father figure" Boras out to dry.

OK, so maybe they realized that they overplayed their hand and that the Yankees were the only team that would approach the $300 mil mark...and maybe they came to their senses and realized that Alex could make the most cash on Madison Avenue while chasing the HR record by being a Yankee rather than by being in Hollywood or Quincy Market or even Queens.....but try this on for size.....we all know that if he hadn't come back to the Yankees, Boras would have to drag this out through the Christmas holidays and into the new year, to play one suitor against the other and get the mega deal they were looking for. What if A-Rod and the Avenging Agent got word that Alex's name was going to show up (need I say prominently?) on George Mitchell's list? We know the report is going to be released before 2008 and if Alex is in fact on it, his value and his reputation would sink to a new low. What if team A-Rod figured (rightfully so) that it would be much smarter to mea culpavate (not a word) to the Yankees and get the best deal available TODAY then to roll the dice on the possibility that teams would completely shy away from investing anything close to that deal once it was known that not only was A-Rod a phony and a post season choke, but a cheater too?

Maybe I have watched to many Oliver Stone (the liberal bastard) movies, but something just doesn't seem right. I hope my fears are proven wrong once the list comes out...I suppose we will know shortly.

As an aside, no matter what happens, I think the Yankees are a far better team with Alex in the lineup and I am happy that it appears as if he will be there for the next ten years. I wasn't exactly "devastated" when he opted out, but no one can argue the fact that he is one of the top 2 or 3 players in the game.

old professor said...

57, Mo is not going to the Dodgers. Apparently Girardi has reached out to Mo and the indication is, Mo is coming back.

Scooter, you are right, too much Oliver Stone. First, if A-Rod knew he would be mentioned in the Mitchell report, he would have had a reducation in size and eventually output this year would have been affected. He has also fathered a child recently, medically steriods would make that somewhat difficult to accomplish. Steriods over a period time tend to make things shrivel up and become nonfuntional. (Would not have been out in Toronto with the dancer if that were the case - she could have made a lot of money with the tabloids).

Back to the Mitchell report, if all of the abuse enhancing drugs was before the current collective bargaining agreement, the Commissioner is not going to be able to suspend anyone. He didn't suspend Giambi, he won't suspend A-Rod (if he is on the list). It would be interesting to find out where Mitchell's list of 11 free agents using substances came from.

Glad Bonds finally got indicted. Should have come earlier apparently the Grand Jury did not want to eliminate the chance of him breaking the HR record.

Putting Jeter to first would actually improve the defense of the Yankees - no one would have to worry about short throws from short anymore.

old professor said...

A-Rod and the Yankees have agreed to the framework of a 10 year 275 million dollar contract. the Third baseman is back.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting to me is the fact that A-Rod could not wait 5 minutes into the BREAKING NEWS that Barry Bonds is a piece of shit, and had to release MORE BREAKING NEWS on how he has agreed to an 'outline' of a contract with the Yankees. Is this guy serious? Memo to A-Rod, the news IS bigger than you at times..

What is going to happen during the Presidential election when we crown a new President? Will there be more breaking news that A-Rod just broke wind in the middle of Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech?


I will NEVER comment on the waste of money that is Torrealba.


Will any #2 NCAA football team step up and take what is their's this year??? How many upsets can there be in one year before it starts to get boring?


Mid said...

HUGE article about Jeff Karstens on

Its about time my boy got some pub!!!!

old professor said...

Mid, you have to be the only person in North America with a Jeff Karstens fathead poster on your wall. Karstens is pitching for Team USA and beat the Mexicans (most of their better players are still coming over the border into Arizona). His next assignment is against Korea (KOREA - come on).

Let's wait to see what happens when he goes back to pitching against major league lineups. I doubt if it will be for the Yankees.

More sour grapes regarding A-Rod. Anon, his passing gas might be more inspiring and noteworthy than Hillary's inaugural address. Provided she gets that far. My boy Huckabee is moving up ever so slightly in the Republican polls and will eventually get the GOP nod (you have to like a Baptist Minister who can play rock and roll).

Crash said...

The Yankees and all teams are protecting themselves by adding language to contracts regarding performance enhancing drugs and making the contract void. In addition to A-Rod passing a physical, I thought I heard "and take a blood test".

Selig isn't able to suspend anyone for prior to the implementation of the rule (was it 2005?). If A-Rod or any player came up in the Mitchell Report post-rule, they probably could be suspended, as long as there was some solid evidence, and not hearsay.

The indictment on Bonds does not contain anything new or recent it's all prior to 2003. So no suspension for that. If he is found guilty on any charge related to this I would think the commissioner could suspend him for that. Which would effectively end his career. I would be fantastic to wipe him away from all record books, take back his MVPs, etc. I know it will never happen but it would be nice. A conviction on any count may also mean no Hall of Fame for Bonds. Since the writers ballot does mention to consider "integrity and honesty". It does not exclusively consider on field (enhanced) performance.

This has been a momentous couple of days, first Mid changes his stance on Posada, then he agrees with me about Jeter biting it for the team and moving to first. Forget Bonds and A-Rod...that should lead SC today.

Anonymous said...

Yep..Jeter bites something alright... a down comforter.

old professor said...

Regarding Jeter, a story appearing in indicates the state of New York's Department of Taxation is going after Jeter for back taxes. Apparently the is issue involves income from 2001-03.

NYS is saying Jeter was a New York State resident during that time and did not pay any state income tax. Jeter's contention being he was a resident of Florida which does not have income tax. Could be a huge tax bill looming for the Yankee Shortstop.

Regarding Bonds, what team is going to sign him now that he has been indicted of federal perjury charges and federal obstruction of justice. If someone signs him, it will be with the knowledge he will have to take substantial time off during the 2008 season to deal with the court case. It would appear he has been forced to accept retirement, which is the best thing that could happen to baseball.

Mid said...

Since the "big" '06 win, the Dems are now 1 for 26 on getting things done.. .

Anonymous said...

Let's tell it like it is... There is a vast right-wing conspiracy that will do whatever possible to keep another Clinton in the White House... clearly, if Bill is back in the White House, the country will be run like it should be run... We'll be out of Iraq and we'll have Bin Laden captured within 5 months....

Do you think that it is by mistake that we have not captured Bin Laden yet? C'mon now...


Anonymous said...

i meant "from getting into the White House"

Mid said...

Anon - what do you work the NY Times??

What you just said was either a blatant lie or you just are unaware of the American history.

The first Clinton was offered to take custody of OBL twice, and had him in an assassins scope on 5 separate times. In case your math is rusty, that would be 7 times he had him and opted to listen to lawyers and bomb empty tents and let OBL get away.

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