Monday, December 10, 2007


Thank you, thank you.. please sit're a great crowd. I would first like to thank Mid Relief for allowing me to post on this blog. Who knows where this could lead, but I've already contacted Scott Boras to track these posts and to start shopping my services elsewhere.

Where to begin? Well, what an interesting day in court for ANOTHER former NFL superstar (and I really should not be that kind at all) in Michael Vick. Vick got off scot free, in my opinion, and really should have gotten the full sentence of five years. He now has the ability, contingent upon good behavior, to see the light of day in a mere 18 months or so. So, at the end of the day, Vick supported and participated in the VICIOUS KILLING of pets. I think Judge Henry Hudson poignantly said, as he interrupted Michael Vick in the middle of his fake apology, that Vick should "apologize to the millions of kids that IDOLIZE you". The sad fact is that those words don't mean a damn thing to Vick. HE KILLS THINGS for FUN! And I'm not talking about killing ants with a magnifying glass; I'm talking about pets.. our pets...not just dogs..but our pets!! Burn in hell Vick...burn in Hell.

In an amazing turn about, Falcons owner Arthur Blank was interviewed during the MNF game and Blank "wishes Michael can play again in this league and possibly for the Falcons"... WHAT? But he did also say (of which he'll get a TON of hate mail for) that if Michael Vick spends his time in jail eating FRIED CHICKEN and french fries and blow up to 250lbs, then he might not make it back. Fried Chicken? REALLY? Fans, that's Arthur Blank c/o Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta, GA.....


The New York Mets... now wait, I am not going to say that they are the greatest team never to make the playoffs or how Mariano Rivera stole Billy Wagner's song... no, I am not going to waste your time by saying those things. However it absolutely sickens me after hearing Omar's latest sound bites: 1) "We won 88 games. That is not a terrible season 2) "Right now, you have to pick the Phillies [to win the East], because they're the champs. But I still like our club. "

Does anything scream 'FIRE ME' more than what he says above? I don't care how you project it, but you have show disappointment in the implosion of the team that YOU put together and enough of this glass is half full crap. And then you pick your arch nemesis to win the division? C'mon..if im David Wright im some faith and confidence in your players.


I don't care how many wins the Patriots will end up having this year, but it will be forever stained because Bill Belicheck is unethical. You cannot argue with unethical behavior in this case and running up the score on most opponents will not change the fact that Belicheck should never be mentioned in the same sentence as the greatest coach of all time (Lombardi) ever again!


Baltimore(-3) at Miami : Take Baltimore...won't be close
Buffalo (+5) at Cleveland: This is a field goal game that will come down to field position and special teams. Most important game for Buffalo in the past 10 years.
Kansas City (+4) vs. Tennessee: Vince Young won't survive in this league much longer and I'd take my money on Tony Gonzalez at home.
Indianapolis (-10.5) at Oakland: Indy has its confidence back and Jamarcus Russell may get the start...look for the Colts defense to have at least one touchdown.


For the Yankee contingent, I actually like hearing Brian Cashman say "Prospects are Suspects". The Yankees have too much future success wrapped up in Kennedy, Hughes and Chamberlain and that selling the farm for a 'suspect' might not do the Yankees as well as many may think. The Yankees pride themselves on building the franchise within... something that I have admired as a sports fan for years. I still think the Yankees can beat the Red Sox even with Santana. This will be the hungriest Yankees team in years when they take the field in will be interesting.


Why does Oprah Winfrey feel she has to talk like she's from the 'hood' when she is on the stump for Barack Obama? Oprah Winfrey is a racist and insulted MANY people


Just for fun, folks... Just for fun... PRESS PLAY


The Scooter said...

You kill ants with a magnifying glass?

You sick bastard.

The Scooter said...

From, talking about a scene at tonights Knicks game:

"The Knicks weren't the only New York athletes booed. John Maine and Oliver Perez, starting pitchers on the Mets team that blew a huge September lead and missed the playoffs, were booed when shown on the overhead scoreboard in the third quarter."

57 said...

You know as well as anyone how long it takes for a scorned NY fan to forgive and forget...

Crash said...

Omar should be fired.

No comment on Vick, people have wasted more than enough time on him.

"Not even close" on the Baltimore Miami game. Baltimore may be the worst team in the NFL. The last time the Ravens blew anyone out may have been some game in January 2001 (no further reference will be necessary the memory is too painful). Take the points as Miami wins outright.

Crash said...

I think Old Prof asked about Pavano and the 40 man roster and I was just reading on Newsday, that the Yankees will be releasing Pavano to make room on the 40 man roster for Hawkins. They'll pay him the $11M plus a buy out of $1.95M for the 2009 season. This part kills me...They are considering offering him a minor league contract. This would allow him to train/rehab at their facility and leave the possibility open for a return late in the season.

Pavano is by far the worst free agent signing by the Yankees in the Steinbrenner era. Just end it PLEASE!!!

old professor said...

I find myself thinking about the good old days when Mid-relief did this site. Now we have to end a blog with a picture of a NY Met. 57 please read the top of the Blog Comment Page, it states: THE NEW YORK YANKEE"S BLOG. Any reference to the minor league team that plays in Queens should be avoided.

As for the Miami Dolphins, they are destined to finish the season winless and their coach will be shown the door. The real interesting matchup would be if they played the Atlanta Falcons who would win - could be the first game in NFL History to end in a scoreless tie.

old professor said...

Another one of Joe Torre's 2007 projects has now been released. First Andy Phillips is designated for assignment and now Bronson Sardinha has been designated for assignment. This move becomes necessary because Andy Pettitte has accepted arbitration and moves back on the forty man roster. Too bad for the kid. He had an excellent spring last year batting over .400. He had a great deal of speed and could play both left and right field. May end up back with the Yankees on a minor league contract.

Carl Pavano probably will be signed to a minor league contract because of insurance reasons. The Yankees tend to take out insurance policies on a number of their pitchers who have long term contracts. While they pay the player who is injured, they get their money back from the insurance company. By signing him to a minor league contract they still maintain the ability to collect the insurance. First time the team did this was with Don Gullett (1977????).

Mid said...

Wow - surprised that Bronson was given the designation - while his activity was limited to pinch running when he came up, I was curious to see how the kid would develop.

So we have let go: Phillips, Sardina, Pavano and Henn - right or am I missing some others??

old professor said...

Mid, I believe you may have released Sean Henn before he actually has been released. I have not read anything recently nor have any of the team's transaction information for Oct., Nov., or Dec. indicate Henn being released.

All I have been able to hear is that Henn is still in the mix for the lefthanded bullpen person - which could change if the Yankees sign Mahay.

Interesting article in NY Post indicates Matsui would waive his no trade clause to facilitate a trade to the Giants. Information has not been confirmed by his Agent Tellum.

The other interesting statement I have read comes from Hank Steinbrenner - They will not package Hughes and Kennedy together either for Haren or Santana. This does not preclude the two from being part of two different deals. There also has been some interest in watching Kris Benson throw while he is in Arizona. Couldn't make it with the Mets, couldn't make it with Baltimore so the Yankees may be interested! The only interesting thing about Benson was his wife and her dressing like Santa Claus -opps sorry his ex-wife.

The Scooter said...

OK, time to critique 57's first guest post on this blog.

First paragraph.....all fluff, no substance. Injecting a little humor is ok, I guess so I'll give it a C+ for effort.

Second and Third Paragraphs (The Vick stuff).....Strongest part of the post, no question. Well thought out and passionately stated. Rates an A-

Fourth and Fifth way to inject insane Wagner/Mariano comparison. In fact I think 57 may be in breach of contract for mentioning Wagner in the same sentence as the Magnificent Mo' (Mid's attorneys are going over our options as we speak). The stuff about Omar was good pending attorney review.

Sixth Paragraph....Blog rule #1: Don't come off like a whiny bitch when talking about the greatest football team to ever step on the field. D-

Seventh Paragraph....will not be graded....Mid has given me the authority to state that this blog does not promote nor condone illegal gambling.

Eighth Paragraph...yes it took until the EIGHTH PARAGRAPH for 57 to say anything of substance about what this blog was built around....The New York Yankees. Surprisingly insightful, however...B+

Ninth Paragraph.....there can never be enough Oprah bashing for me. Well done......A+ know the whole Yankee choking thing seems to lose a little bite in the wake of the Mets' monumental and historic collapse during the last week of the '07 campaign. Silly and gratuitous video but the grade gets bumped a notch for the technical aspect of actually posting a vid here (would like to see that from Mid, from time to time).....C+

So all in all, 57's first post grades out to an 81.7 or a solid B-. Actually exceeded my expectations, but certainly room for improvement.

old professor said...

Scooter, you were too good to 57. Next the two of you may be swapping spit. The blog was dribble. Let's be realistic, Vick, killing ants, Oprah and the race card. Not only that but he was delusional one more time thinking the Bills will beat the Browns. And the Dolphins will be in the Super Bowl next year (and go undefeated).

57 said...

You want Anna Benson on that wall, you need her on that wall... trust me, it will be good for the entire Yankees team. She'll be sleeping with A-Rod & Jeter by week 6 and it will create a Ricky Vaughn/Roger Dorn scenaro that will propel them to a AL championship. I think Scooter is the biggest fan of Anna Benson on this page.

Crash said...

57 nice Major League reference.

Old Prof. I think Benson wouldn't be bad as a safety net for the #5 spot. He's been basically a .500 pitcher on bad teams with an ERA in the mid-4's...if he can do that with Pirates, Mets, and Orioles he may be ok with the Yanks.

Scooter, those items posted in paragraph # 7 are for "entertainment purposes only."

57 said...

It is Mitchell Report Eve. We could be staring at one of the darkest days in the history of sport tomorrow and what is even more concerning is that sources indicate that the report is believed to contain 60-80 names of current and former players and is based in large part on information Mitchell received from former Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski.

Here are the names that would upset me:

1) Ray Knight
2) Mookie Wilson
3) Len Dykstra
4) Mike Schmidt
5) Cal Ripken
6) Tony Gwynn
7) Keith Hernandez
8) Kirk Gibson
9) Gary Carter
10) Dave Winfield

Who knows how credible this clubhouse kid really is... but the world will find out tomorrow.

Crash said...

It is widely known that Dykstra used steroids. There is a very good article about the Mitchell Investigation process by Howard Bryant on If it's accurate the actual investigators were a bunch of clowns, showing they knew little about sports and even less about performance enhancing drugs. They were only looking for names and nothing more. They actually asked people to guess at who may have used.

The report is going to be a joke. It's just another lame attempt by baseball so they can say they're making an effort to clean up the game. It's a PR move nothing more.

The Scooter said...

Crash, the Bryant article is a plant and a campaign by the MLB players union to discredit Mitchell's report before it is even released. Don't fall for it. Mitchell's reputation is second to none, that's why he was picked to head up the investigation.

57 said...

I had the pleasure of meeting George Mitchell when he sat on the board of my former company. Stand up guy.

Mid said...

If any of the names listed above were on the list - it wouldn't impact baseball one bit.

If however it contained names like: Pujols, A-Rod, Howard, Ortiz - much more damaging.

Yanks formally finalized contract with AP - 1 yr/ $16mm.

I hate the prospect of the M-Report.

Crash said...

Mitchel may be reputable, but I personally believe he was not qualified to lead this investigation.

I think we'll just have to wait another day to find out.

Anyway it looks like Baltimore finally unloaded Tejeda to Houston. Baltimore gets a bunch of young players, Luke Scott and Matt Albers are the good prospects in the deal. 5 Players seem a little much for someone that has clearly declined since steroids have been banned. He can still hit for average and drive in runs though.

old professor said...

Regarding the Mitchell report two things to keep in mind: (a) Mitchell has an interest in the Red Sox - no one associated with the game should be responsible for investigating the game; (b) A great deal of the information regarding the players came from the METS Clubhouse Employee. How much crediability can be given to an individual who was fired from his job.

Regarding the trade - Houston must really be desperate for a shortstop.

The Scooter said...

As for Mitchell's association with the Red Sox, I have a hard time believing that he would risk his reputation by being biased in any way whatsoever. I think this is a non-issue.

As for Radomski, He has the goods. He sold and distributed steroids and HGH to major league ballplayers. His testimony is FIRST HAND knowledge.

Why are you all buying into this MLBPA propaganda before the report has even been made public? Do any one of you believe that steroids and HGH is/was not a MAJOR problem in MLB? Stop trying to come up with excuses as to why the report should be discredited and start coming up with solutions on how to fix the game.

Crash said...

Scooter that is what the report was intended to do. To investigate what went on, why it happened, and make recommendations for possible solutions so this type of behavior does not occur again.

If the report doesn't do that then it was a waste of $60M and 20 months.

I'm not buying into the MLBPA propaganda. I'm simply posing questions on what the report may contain. I'm really not on one side or the other here (players v. owners). I really think everyone is accountable here, and Giambi was right to say everyone needs to apologize to the fans. Players knew what they were doing, GMs and trainers certainly knew what their players were doing, the owners and MLB executives turned the other way as it was bringing in mega-$.

I'm very interested as to why you are so anti-MLBPA, and pro-Mitchell???????

I went back and re-read the Bryant article. I doubt highly that was a plant by the players association as you think it is. The article made the union look ridiculous and selfish, it made the teams and MLB look like they were naive, and the investigation was mis-directed.

That's why I just said we'll have to wait and see.

The Scooter said...

Crash, your point is well taken. I want to make it clear that I am anti players association AND anti owners in this whole mix. As for Mitchell, I don't have a feeling one way or another. My point about Mitchell is that he appears to be beyond reproach.

I can't wait for this report to come out.

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