Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pinstripes Makes the Call to the Pen

The Lou Gehrig of Blogs (me) will not be in the starting lineup for the first time in 149 posts.

Our new author has agreed to the basic framework of a contract, and is presently negotiating some details with Pinstripes' people as it relates to content (limit Mets news to one paragraph per post, left-wing politics to one sentence per, and no comments on Jeter's orientation . . . not that there's anything wrong with that), and incentive clauses as it relates to marketing royalties when certain milestones are reached. We expect the deal to be finalized by Saturday, with a debut of a post shortly to follow there after.

Pinstripes did reach out to key members of the Yankees to get their take on the impact this would have on the organization but Hank Steinbrenner could not be reached, Girardi did not return our calls, and Brian Cashman threatened legal action if we ever tried calling his office again.

57 is soon to be in the starting rotation.


The Scooter said...

Good God!

57 said...

I have to say, I am looking foward to my people finding a way to get this done.

Here is what has happened on my watch so far:

Andrew Jones signs with LA
Dontrell Willis rumored to be going from the Tigers to the Mets
Bedard talks have quieted

And on my watch, the Mitchell report will be coming out. Food for thought.. the Travis Henry debacle could have been the best thing to happen to the players that have been sited in the Mitchell report. They are all going to claim 'administrative error'

Until my first blog!

I feel like Jay Leno filling in for Johnny Carson..... and you do remember who took over that show, RIGHT?

Mid said...

On this day, around 705 AD or so, the guy we know as Santa Claus (a well known Yankee fan) and its holiday (Christmas) was created/celebrated (Saint Nicholas's feast day)

old professor said...

Can someone please tell me how 57 now becomes the author of the blog. This is supposed to be a Yankee site and already he is trying to pass off hallucinations regarding Dontrelle Willis and the Mets. Let me guess his next blog will talk about the Syracuse Orangemen winning the national title in football and basketball next year.

On a more positive note, it would appear the Yankees are serious on signing Ron Mahay (apparently three years at $12m has been offered. They are going to pass on Vizciano unless he steps down from his four year $20 million request.

old professor said...

Can someone please tell me how a player who hit .222 can be offered a contract for two years at $36 million. Andrew Jones signed with the Dodgers for $36 million. Talk about overpaying for someone.

Crash said...

Jones only averaged 34 HR and 103 RBI over the last 10 years...has something like 10 gold gloves in CF. I can't understand why the guy got paid???

His average lasat year was 40 points below his career average. It's a fluke. He'll be back hitting .260 this year with his usual 30-40 jacks and 100+ RBI.

What's more interesting is that Boras was telling everyone he had someone with a $100M deal for Jones and he settles on 2 years for $36M. Boras is taking a beating this offseason.

Crash said...

Just saw an interesting comment by Buster O on ESPN. Everyone knows the Giants have a vacancy in LF possibility that has been mentioned...HIDEKI MATSUI!!!!

I didn't see this one coming at all. I would imagine the Yanks would look for a couple of bullpen arms. The Giants have floated Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum out there a couple times this week don't know if either of them would be in the return package.

The Scooter said...

Matsui for Cain or Linecum would be just too good to be true. I think that if the Yankees pull this off it is with eyes on flipping Cain or Linecum along with Hughes, Melky and 2 prospects for Santana and Nathan.

I hope Andrew Jones reverts back to form for Torre's sake.

I go away for two days and when I get back I find out that Mid has sold out to a Mets fan....and one with limited sports knowledge at that.....Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?

Crash said...

Let me start 57 off with a softball. Minaya thinks the Mets have the prospects to land Santana. Didn't he just trade his best (only???) prospect for basically nothing. And wasn't this prospect an OF that could have field specific needs for the Twins? Is this guy going for clown of the year? Help me understand this mess.

57 said...

I first have to respond to Prof. Mr. Prof, while being introduced to the media this past football season, and becoming quite the staple in Rochester now I might say, I have learned that you must be objective and fair. What you will not see on any of my articles are the following:

1) Mets will win the WS
2) Mets are great
3) Yankees suck
4) Jeter is a homo
5) A-Rod is a woman
6) Gay-Rod
7) Wagner is better than Rivera
8) Britney Spears is hot

I will do my best to stay objective and report the facts only to express my options to objections in the comment area. So for one last time... A-Rod is the MVP.. Most Valuable Prostitute. Ok, moving on....

Crash, as for the NY Mess...I mean Mets, it is increasingly frustrating to hear Omar say that he has a better idea now than he had when he arrived in Nashville of what it will take to make a deal. But it doesn't appear that knowledge will be enough. Shouldn't a general manager who has experience in this league be PREPARED going into winter meetings instead of using the winter meetings as a launch pad for experience? C'mon now... I am embarrassed by the moves we have made:

None at the Winter Meetings. Prior to Nashville, they acquired switch-hitting catcher Johnny Estrada from the Brewers for right-handed pitcher Guillermo Mota, re-signed switch-hitting second baseman Luis Castillo (four-years, $25 million), exercised the 2008 option on the contract of right-handed-hitting outfielder Moises Alou ($7.5 million), re-signed left-handed-hitting free agent Marlon Anderson (two years, $2.2 million), re-signed free-agent catcher Ramon Castro (two years, $4.6 million), and re-signed right-handed-hitting second baseman Damion Easley ($950,000).

Are any of the above players expendable for a guy like Santana?? Without a doubt...

The most concerning sound bite from Minaya at the end of the meetings was that "We still have time and we still have premier young players. We consider ourselves still in the hunt in a few places."

Im not sure when hunting season ends... but I feel that it is over and the train has left the station.

old professor said...

Crash, Hunter may have won some gold gloves, and averaged 34 homeruns, HOWEVER, most analysts believe he is on the downside a a career and that last year is reflective of what he will be. If last year was a fluke, then maybe Mike Mussina will find his 93 mile per hour fastball this year and his knuckle curve will again break from 12 to 6.

Does Matsui have a no trade clause?

The Scooter said...

Matsui has a FULL no trade, Prof. He would have to approve a trade to the Giants or they Yankees could buy back his "no trade" for $$$$ (which is far more likely a scenario).

57, I'm interested in what you think about the rumored deal between the Tigers and the Mets. It looks like the Motor City Kitties are offering Dontrelle for a package of Gomez, Pelfy, Schneider and maybe Church.

The kicker is that the Mets will have to take back the faded Pudge Rodriguez (soon to be suspended or at least outed by Mitchell's list) and his $13 mil contract in the deal.

Seems like an awful lot to give up for a pitcher who has pitched more like "Willis from Different Strokes" than Willis from 2005 Florida Marlins over the last two years.


The agent for Viscaino says they are moving forward assuming the Yankees are not involved. Cashman has not returned his calls. Is a deal in the works for Nathan???

Crash said...

Old prof. I will assume you meant Jones and not Hunter. Last time I checked Mussina was 137 years old, while Jones is only 30. And I would like to see your source for "most analysts"...because I have multiple reporters from ESPN, the folks at Scouts Inc., and Baseball Prospectus all saying most likely a fluke year. Sudden collapses can and do happen, and it may in fact happen to Jones, but the odds are against it. 1 inconsistent year is not a trend, it is an anomaly, maybe a warning sign.

Scooter that's the second time you mentioned Nathan to the Yankees. Is this rumor substantiated somewhere or are you talking just hypothetically? If the Twins keep Santana I don't see why they would trade a top tier closer, with no one there or immediately available to fill the role. If they trade Santana then I would say it's open season, because that's like throwing up the white flag for the year.

The Scooter said...

Crash, the Twins desire to move Nathan came from SI's John Hayman in an interview he had with Mike and the Dog. He thought there was no doubt they would move Nathan if Santana was traded.

Crash said...

I agree with them completely...the only way Nathan is moved is if Santana is moved first. Move both in the same deal??? I guess so, but that would be extremely costly. Probably talking at least a 7 or 8 for 2. Because if Detroit gets 6 players (2 blue chippers) for Willis and Cabrera the Twins will expect to get a lot more for those 2 stud pitchers.

AP is reporting the Phillies have an interest in Mussina. And if the Yankees could unload salary (like Mussina or Matsui) they could pick up negotiations with the Twins for Santana.

I don't know if Mussina would accept a trade at this point in his career. He is from PA, and moving from the AL East to the NL would be like adding 5 years to your career.

Jamal Ginsberg said...

Mussina to the Phillies is a given.

Matsui staying put.

old professor said...

First, yes Crash I did mean Jones just checking to see if your reading skills were up to par. Now let's take a look at all of this speculation. Phillies being interested in Mussina - who would the Yankees get back for an aging veteran? No one that can be of any use right now. Regarding Matsui, he has always made it clear the only team he cares to play for in America is the Yankees so I cannot see him waiving his no trade clause. However, the way the speculation goes is Matsui to the Giants for the two starting pitchers. The Yankees then package the two pitchers from the Giants, plus Hughes and Cabrera plus Jackson to the Twins for Santana and Nathan. (Did I read the Yankees left Jackson unprotected during the Rule 5 Draft and no one picked him up?)

The Yankees made a preliminary offer to Vizciano, but it is not in the range he wants (he wants a contract similar to Linebrink). His agent has indicated they are farther down the road in negotiations with other teams and the Yankees are no longer in the pitcher. Oh well see Ya.

The Scooter said...

From the AP:

"Andy Phillips refused the New York Yankees' outright assignment to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on Friday and became a free agent."

Looks like First Base is Shelly Duncan's to lose.

The Scooter said...

From Fox Sports:

"The Yankees, rebuilding their setup corps, are close to signing free-agent right-hander LaTroy Hawkins to a one-year contract believed to be worth approximately $3.75 million, according to major-league sources."

I don't know, but whenever I remember seeing Hawkins, he was getting lit up. Anybody think he can help?

Crash said...

He did well in Colorado this past year as a set-up guy. I think he was a closer at one point with the Cubs. He could help in the middle/ late innings but I don't know if he'll cut it as the set-up man though. But that's nothing new. The Yankees haven't had a true set-up man since Mo in 1996. Think about it, after '96, it's always been 2 or 3 guys as the set-up guy (Nelson/Staton, Mendoza/Karsay, Quantrall/Gordon/Sturtze, Proctor/Farnsworth, Vizcaino/Farnsworth, etc.)

I know everyone wants to see what Joba can do in the rotation, but with the success he had last year in the set-up role I would be hard press to move him out of that spot. There bullpen was soooooo much better when he was there.

Something about messing with a good thing...

Crash said...

I'm liking what the Giants are doing so far. They haven't played great but find a way to win it or hold on for the win. The last couple of years they were finding ways to blow games in the second half of the season and limp into the playoffs. Hopefully they can make more than a "one 'n done" appearance in the playoffs this year.

Bills had a big win today too, are they still in the playoff chase?

57 said...

Contract negotiations went through the night, but I have reached an agreement with Pinstripe Postings and will be posting my first blog on Monday evening. Topics: NFL Playoffs, Patriot Cheaters and Yankee future

The Scooter said...

Let me save you some time, 57"

NFL Playoffs:

Who cares? The NFC is playing for who gets the privilege of being number 19 in MY Patriots unprecedented run to the Championship.

Patriot Cheaters:

Sour grapes, my friend....Sour Grapes. ~Insert Al Davis' most famous quote here~

The Yankees Future:

More Rings!

Any Questions???

Crash said...

Scooter how the hell are you a Yankees fan and a Patriots fan? That almost defies logic. Were you a Pats fan all those years when they were the last in the AFC East or when they got smacked by the Bears in Super Bowl XX or was that "before your time"?

I hate how good the Patriots are right now. I would imagine this is exactly how all non-Yankee fans felt from 1996-2000. There was an overwhelming rejoice when they lost in 2001 and even more so in 2003. I think the same will be said when the Pats start to crack...but that doesn't appear to be anytime soon.

The Scooter said...

Been a Pats fan all my life. Plunket, Grogan, Tony Eason....

Mid said...

Yanks signing LaTroy Hawkins tells me Vizcaino is by by..

No onto the NFL - this is a big if and hypothetical: If the Steelers meet NE in the playoffs - I think that'll be the best chance anyone has at beating them. While the Steel Curtain turned to Swiss Cheese on D - they moved the ball pretty effectively on them. Pitt will win in a rematch - if they can get by the Colts that is.

57 - Making a Farnworth-like debut, being late on his first post.

The Scooter said...

57 can only post every other day..and then only for one inning at a time.

The Scooter said...

Michael Vick....23 months.

I think that's fair.

Mid said...

In my opinion, someone who has starved to death, beaten with a bat to death, slammed on the ground to death, choked to death, and electricuted to death, dogs - got off light with 23 months in prison.

He should have gotten the max (5 years) plus a daily session of gang rape as a starter.

Crash said...

I would think that's the end of Vick as a player. 23 months puts it into the 2009 season. I would think the NFL would suspend him for probably 2 years after he gets out. That means he would have missed a total of 5 years (counting the current season). What a way to piss away your prime years as an NFL player. Locked up in the big house. Maybe he'll film a documentary while locked up, kind of like a real life Longest Yard.

I think Mid needs to make another call to the pen if 57 can't post a topic soon.

The Scooter said...

Where the hell is Old Prof? Is he boycotting this blog until this whole 57 thing runs its course?

And Mid, in the negotiations, I hope you got 57 to never refer to Billy Wagner as "the Sandman" again. That one should be a deal breaker.

old professor said...

Scooter, I am not boycotting the site. Had to do a little bit of mall walking and some visits to people that can be referred to as doctors. Hawkins could be a nice fit for the Yankees. At one point he was with Minnesota - they used him as a starter, long reliever, then back to a starter and then to the bench in the pen. Eventually went to the Cubs and learned to pitch.

Mahay could be next.

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