Sunday, January 13, 2008

1/13/2008 - Random Thoughts

The Giants - one game away from the Super Bowl??! Wow, the team has come a long, long way in a few short weeks. So what if Eli isn't a super star - at least he has progressed into someone who can "manage the game".

While the NFL would probably have preferred to see a Packers Cowboys match up, they should be more than satisfied about seeing these two franchises reping the NFC in the championship game.

I know that anyone outside of Big Blue nation will be pulling for the Packers and getting the favored son back to the Super Bowl before he retires. (That's fine with me, Big Blue seems to play its best when they play the role of the bad guy.)

I am shocked that the Colts lost to the Bolts. Rivers is a punk, and the Pats will Spank San Diego by 3 TDs.

McNamee to testify with immunity in front of Congress - what does that imply for the Rocket?
Now I know how Ronnie Harmon felt for the Bills after dropping the pass in the end zone - 57 down in Big D had a run in with Howard Cross and Carl Banks - had Cross call me on my cell and I didn't pick it up!!!!

So far in '08, outside of watching others trying to restrain Hank Steinbrenner on a daily basis - not much activity to comment on in Yankeeland - anyone hear anything worth mentioning?


old professor said...

Beating Dallas in Dallas will gain the Giant Coach an extension. The defense came up big when it had to even after spending more than half the game on the field.

Defining moment in the game may be when Eli drove the Giants down the field in 47 seconds to tie the game at 14. This sent the Cowboys the message of "we are dead yet".

It would be nice if the Giants concentrated on sending Jacobs between the tackles instead of wide. The rookie running back could also be for real.

Returning to baseball, it appears that the only way the trainer talks to Congress is with immunity.

Do the Giants have one more big game in them?

Middle Relief said...

The Giants playing the Packers, in Green Bay is evidence to me that God must be a football fan.

I was calling for Coughlin's head after the pre-season, week 1, week 2, week 3 . . . I have had a change of heart and agree, getting the Giants to the conference championship is deserving of a longer term contract extension.

Is Toomer retiring?? I thought I heard him say in one of the interviews that he wasn't ready for it to be the last game kind of a comment.

The real story is not the Giants D, not Eli Manning - it is the rookies and the other young guns stepping up when called upon: Bradshaw, Boss, Smith, Aaron Ross to name just a few.

I am in a state of (pleasant) disbelief that the Giants are one game away from the Super Bowl.

Crash said...

I want to hear if 57 made it out of Big D in one piece.

Despite being extremely thin in the secondary, I think the Giants can beat the Packers. If the front 7 can pressure Favre, he will make the big mistakes and turn the ball over. Eli needs to keep playing like this. If he has 60% completion rate with 2 TDs & 0 INTs, Giants win.

I would love for them to make it back to the Super Bowl. They have exceeded my expectations for the year.

Old Prof you can certainly stop down to watch the game in HD.

It's good to see 1 NY team win in the playoffs.

The Scooter said...

The Drive before the half is to this point the greatest moment of Eli Manning's career. When he had to get it done...he got it done.

I agree wholeheartedly with you Prof about sending Jacobs between the tackles. Let Bradshaw run the sweep as he has an uncanny ability to know when to turn it up and he hits the hole like a madman.

I said it last week about the Giants going to Dallas and I'll say it this week about going to Green Bay: There is no reason why the Giants can't go into Lambeau and come home with the W.

Good call Mid; praising the likes of Bradshaw, Boss, Smith and Ross. But how about Corey Webster? He was pretty much assigned to take on T.O. one on one for most of the second half and he absolutely stifled him. Props to McQuarters too for the pick at the end and more importantly the punt return that set up the winning drive.

I LOVE the Giant's D-Line, and I agree if they pressure the old man (Favre, not Prof) he will make THE critical mistake(s).

Mid, don't feel so bad about missing that call....I mean it's only Howard Cross for God's if it were Zeke Mowatt, THEN you should be upset.

No One stops Brady and the Pats.

Is 57 going to Green Bay? He's better luck for the Giants than Jessica Simpson.

The Scooter said...

Oh, I almost forgot....

Did anyone else break down and laugh hysterically when T.O. started crying after the game? ~sniff/whine~ "He's my teammate...He's my's just not right"


old professor said...

Scooter worse than hearing TO whine like a woman going through menopause, was his statement that he always has his quarterbacks back. Yea right I wonder if McNabb and Garcia would agree with that assessment. T.O. was only trying to get the negative attention away from him.

How long before Wade Phillips is no longer the coach of the cowboys. Jerry Jones indicated after the game that this was the most disappointing loss he has been through since he bought the team. He did indicate earlier in the week that this was not a must win for Phillips. However, having given each of his players additional comp tickets to give to people to the championship game would clearly indicate he did not anticipate losing.

57 said...

What a football game! INCREDIBLE! It felt good being there, especially since I do regard the Giants being my first love.. I mean, I was born in Jersey, spent 6 years of my life there, vacation there, and have family there, and my father is a die hard and most of my family are Giant fans (anyone who is a Jets fan, I don't consider family)

I digress... I almost got out of there with bruises.. I was with 3 others in a SEA of Cowboy fans in our section...there was this one prick who would turn around and taunt every time the boys did something good, or the gints did something bad. Needless to say, there was a flag in the 4th, and it was on Dallas (clearly illegal motion, or illegal formation to those who know the game) and he turned around screaming, Giants suck Giants suck.. then I screamed.. "Learn the game jack ass..." at which point I said to myself, if the Giants win this game, and I get into a match with this guy, I will also (by default) get into a match with 50+ other people in the section that would have been happy to take their frustrations out on my head... so needless to say, I shut up..

Other than that, we were pretty subdued, but when the four of us got in the cab.. WE WENT NUTS and let it all out!!!

Go Giants! I LOVE this D-Line! They are awesome, and Osi made the tackle look like a youth football player in the 2nd half... The Giants have a shot at winning the SB because of their D-Line!

We were screaming "UP THE MIDDLE" all game long when Jacobs took it wide.... Bradshaw is a savior and Coughlin almost blew the game by not going for it on 4th and 1. they had momentum and it immediately swung back in the boys favor.

It was great to see the tons of Dallas fans crying at the end of the game.... TO not withstanding... I think T.O. cried because he was upset he was not invited to Cabo.

The Scooter said...

Funny, I thought 57 was a Bills fan.....he's as giddy as a schoolgirl over this Giant win.

Crash said...

Scooter I nearly pissed myself when I heard TO whimper like a little girl. I think Tony R. must be giving TO some man love on the side. He never cried like that for Garcia or McNabb.

A little side note I saw on ESPN, Toomer passed Mark Bavaro for most receptions in the post season. I always give props to Bavaro, he was THE man. Now if Mid missed his call, we would find him hanging from a chandelier.

Mid said...

It would be unfair for Wade Philips to lose his job. He's a solid coach, and just because he hasn't won in the playoffs yet, does not mean he won't. His team loves him and Jones would actually be hurting his team's chances by not bringing him back.
TO's comments about always being a good teammate obviously garbage, but I do think his emotions were real. He likes being a Cowboy and playing for QB who isn't gay.
Bavaro was the man, never liked how the Giants front office treated him toward the end though.
Green Bay's star running back - Grant - was essentially cut (traded for a 15th round pick and some brooms) 1st week of Sept by the Giants of all people.

57 said...

Scooter, kind of like you and the Jets, or is it the Cowboys, or wait.. the Patriots.. no..wait... The Dolphins?? I can never keep it straight.

The Scooter said...

Come on know better than that. I grew up a HUGE Lawrence Taylor (the true LT) Giant fan and I have lived in New England for much of my adult life...hence my Patriot allegiance.

You can't bleed Bills blue and all of a sudden cream your panties with Giant playoff win.

57 said...

I was cloaked in Red White and Blue yesterday.... Go Giants!

yesterday I forgave Scott Norwood for the first time in 17 years, so it allowed me to open up and accept the NY Giants.

Crash said...

Has it really been 17 years since "wide right"? I still think that was the greatest Super Bowl ever played. Especially since it was preceded and followed by a lot of blow outs. The Titans v. Rams in 2000 was a pretty good game too.

Sorry Scooter we don't count any of the Patriots Super Bowl victories because they are now and forever tainted (j/k);p

Mid said...

10 am EST: Another example of why I think the elected government should be arrested and/or sued by the general U.S. population.

We have a global war, slowing economy, in need of solutions for taxes, spending, health care, education, energy, infrastructure rebuild and the list goes on and on.

Yet, Henry Waxman feels the need to hold hearings on the Mitchell report - fine use of taxpayer money and resources.

These clowns in DC are stealing from the masses on a daily basis.

The Scooter said...

Mid, expand your mind a little. Major League Baseball is a $7 Billion (with a B) enterprise. Any industry that takes in that much money is subject to government scrutiny.

Tax revenue wise and employment wise (think about the tens of thousands of individuals whose employment directly or indirectly relies upon MLB), Congress has an obligation to make sure that the game is legit and strong.

See the forest through the trees, my friend.

Mid said...

Ok fine - I'll agree with your point, and if we can't sue them, then perhaps I'd be willing to compromise a bit on that and just settle for an occasional waterboarding episode just to keep them on the straight and narrow...

The Scooter said...

that sounds fair

old professor said...

Mid, I am going to have to agree with you on this one (sort of). The Congress should be spending more of its energy and money on critical issues facing this country. We are in the middle of an energy issue that is not going away, health care is an ever expanding problem, oh and let's not forget the war in Iraq or in Afghanistan (by the way the Marine presence in Afghanistan is being dramatically increased - another Bush surge).

Waxman is probably hoping to somehow turn the investigation into a way to ask the questions - What did Bush know and when did he know it? (An you know I am not a Bush supporter).

Scooter, if Congress wants to regulate baseball or take away its special tax exempt status, than can do it for a number of reasons, but steriod use by some of the players is not a valid reason to open a Congressional Hearing.

Regarding water boarding, my dental hygentist does a great cleaning that borders on water boarding and she seems to enjoy the process.

old professor said...

One more quick note, appaently the Congress has asked the Justice Department investigate Miguel Tajada and whether he lied to Congress three years ago. Apparently the testimony given to Congress is contrary to the information in the Mitchell Report - I still ask the question -much validity can be put into the information in Report when it comes from two convicted felons trying to save their posteriors?

Mid said...

The Mitchell Report - and is collaterol damage is yet another case in point of why not to take advice from unions. . . The next case will be the Writer's Guild, and the ongoing ever present example is the economic state of Michigan.

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