Sunday, January 06, 2008

- Clemens Goes on the Offensive -

After watching the 60 Minutes interview between Roger Clemens and Mike Wallace I have decided that I am going to believe Clemens.

The media loves to tear down celebrities of all stripes, and I think this is case or situation is no different.

Ultimately, and unfortunately, I doubt Clemens can win this battle with the media and the majority of public opinion. His legacy and achievements, all of them, wiped out by a report with no legal authority, headed by a principal from the Red Sox organization.

Clemens will be hosting a press conference at 5pm on Monday (can be seen on ESPN 2), then he is off to the Hill to testify in front of Congress (under oath). McNamee will be there as well sitting next to him - awkward.


Mid said...

Clemens files defamation suit vs. McNamee.
It feels strange not having to complain about Eli Manning and the Giants on a Monday morning.
The Pats have a tough road to the Super Bowl in playing the Jags, then the winner of the Colts/Bolts.
I am in shock at how quickly the Clinton campaign derailed. Bill Richardson doesn't get the respect he deserves by the media. Obama is no Jack Kennedy. McCain wins New Hampshire, Huckster wins South Carolina, Fred Thompson's wife is hot, Romney wins Michigan, and Rudy runs the tables on Feb.5th

The Scooter said...

Clemens either has more balls than brains...............or..........he's telling the truth.

I was four for four on Wild Card weekend (look it up). Next weekends picks will come midweek....but as a tease, there is NO REASON why the Giants can't go into Dallas and come away with a win.

Don't count Clinton out yet...say what you want about her, but she IS a bulldog.

I can't argue with the rest of your take on the primaries, Mid.

old professor said...

Regarding Clemens, his investigators have indicated that McNamee was given the information of being a two time loser regarding felonies and now let's talk about Clemens. It would appear on the surface that McNamee gaveup Clemens to keep out of jail. As was stated by the investigator McNamee went from being suspect and criminal to key witness.

Mid regarding your prognostications on politicians: Richardson would get the respect if he could actually speak in public. He has a great deal of experience, and is very intelligent, unfortunately he can't get a clear message out. Unless something happens soon, Obama will be the democratic nominee - so much for inevitability. Rudy is not going to run the table. McCain will ride Ne Hampshire into the February 5th Super Day and do very well. It is becoming very clear that Rudy has too much baggage.

You have to like the Giants game. Eli actually ran the offense well (no turnovers) and the rookie running back seems for real. The backfield situation could be Thunder and Lightning II. The Giants have to like their chances against Dallas. Even in pro ball, it is difficult to beat a team three times in one season.

Crash said...

Scooter you are delusional. I was the only one who picked all four wild card games correctly. You had picked the Steelers over the Jags (look it up, it's in your own post).

If the Giants continue to play the same way, they have a legit shot at Dallas next Sunday, especialy if TO is out or limited.

It's about time Clemens took legal action. Everyone was saying he should sue, now that he is it still looks like a no win situation, and no one (in the media) is stepping up to his defense. Up until this point Roger was the same as Barry. This goes a long way in separating them.

The Scooter said...

Steelers over Jags was a clerical error....I meant Jags over Steelers.

57 said...

Completely believe Roger Clemens. He actually earned a lot of points in my book last night. He seemed in control, confident and sure of himself. Of course, the media controls our opinions (or at least can curb them) by the way they edit a story, but I think Roger came off well. I could here Susan screaming at home.. "OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS.... ROGER CLEMENS IS ON 60 MINUTES WITH MIKE WALLACE...CLAIMING HIS IS INNOCENT.."

Mike Huckabee is rock solid, and HIllary looked foolish on Saturday night. New Hampshire will be the equivalent of game 4 of any 7 game series...the swing game.

Crash said...

I think the 60 Minutes interview was garbage, but his press conference was great. I think his attorney is an idiot. He was sitting there cracking jokes while Roger was serious. I think Clemens has convinced me he's innocent, if not he's going to go down as the biggest liar in history.

Mid said...

Another year, another round of crap filled, meaningless division 1 bowl games puncuated by the Big 10 continuing its reign as the most overrated conference in the country.

Had the NCAA any stones to do a top 8 playoff (first 4 games are the rose, sugar, fiesta, and orange bowls), we would have had LSU, OSU, Georgia, USC, WVU, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Hawaii. Which would you have rather watched?
I am now thinking I'm changing my mind about Clemens - McNamee is out gunned and simply does not have the resources to mount any defense. Clemens knows that, so he's taking the Powell doctrine. I'll wait and see what happens on the Hill. - I'm flip flopping on this.. .
Today is HOF announcement - let the GOOSE in!!!

The Scooter said...

I really don't know where to go with this Clemens thing. One minute I think he's the biggest most arrogant liar on the face of the Earth and the next minute I think maybe he's telling the truth.

There doesn't seem to be the paper trail and corroboration that surrounds Barry Bonds, and as of right now it's just Clemens' words against McNamee's. But on the other hand there is tons of circumstantial evidence against the Rocket.

I don't even really care anymore.

Mid said...

What I care about is that Hank saying they're still in the Santana hunt. Makes me nervous he's going to cave and give them 2 of the big 3.

The scooter said...

Congratulations to the GOOSE!!!!

Sorry, Jim Rice

Crash said...

Finally Goose gets in. This was about 8 years overdue. In my opinion, Rice deserves it too. He was an 8 time all star, won the MVP in 1978 finished in the top 5 for MVP 6 times. I think what's keeping him out is that he only had a 3 year stretch of "being the man". Look at his #'s for '77, '78, and '79...amazing. After that he battles injuries and never really gets back to that. Next year is the final year for Rice I think. If he doesn't get in it's a shame.

McGwire didn't even come close (good). I'm tired of hearing about what a shame it is that certain guys aren't in. Guys like Jack Morris, Bert Blyleven, and Andre Dawson. They were very good players, but the Hall is not for very good. It is for the elite, the best of the best. I would rather see Dale Murphy in the Hall over any of those guys, but honestly he's not HOF caliber either.

Next year, barring a comeback, Rickey Henderson will be a first ballot HOF.

old professor said...


This year's bowl schedule was not all that bad. Regarding the teams you listed for your eight team playoffs, Ohio State, Hawaii, and Oklahoma lost. No matter what kind of format is developed, someone will believe they were left out. What this bowl season proved was: Ohio State builds its reputation on beating weak division foes, Hawaii was overrated and LSU proved to be the number one team in the country. The SEC is probably the top football conference.

I too am glad to see Goose get into the hall. However, I believe Jim Rice should have also been selected. You can't argue with the numbers he put up in his career. And don't worry about Hank giving up two of the "big" three. He has already said the Yankees offer on the table is the best one the Twins have received.

Mid said...

The heads of the SEC and the ACC have endorsed my 8 team, with the 4 big bowl format.
The demise of Hillary Clinton was apparently exaggerated.

Mid said...

Old Prof -

No duh those teams lost. What does that have to do with anything I said?? In a football game, there is always a winner and loser - I posed the question of looking at the top 8 pre bowls. - I don't know - read maybe before commenting.

The bowls have lost all meaning and most of their viewers. an 8 team playoff is the way - anything else is anti-american .

The Scooter said...



Yes, I said Giants....T.O. will play but he will be hobbled. Romo will struggle amidst constant pressure from The G-Men's D-line. Eli will manage the game well and only throw one pick. Thunder and Lightning 2 will rush for a combined 180 yards.

Giants 24
Cowboys 21

old professor said...

Mid, if left up to you, Hawaii would have been playing for the National Championship and would have been seriously embarassed. As for the bowl games being meaningless. Prior to the BCS, the bowl games were rewards for teams doing well and winning their conferences. There was not all the hype about a specific bowl game leading to to anything but a trophy and a lot of cash going to your school. If there has been a lack of interest in bowl games it is because of the increase in the number of bowl games. Where the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl used to be the premier bowl games with Gator, Liberty, Fiesta, and Bluebonnet being the second tier. (Yes this information brings into clarity my age). However, too many teams and too many conferences began to whine about being excluded. So to solve the issue, more bowls were created; ya let's hear it for the Motor City Bowl, The Music City Bowl, The Insight Bowl, The Military Bowl and congratulate all the 6-6 Teams for a fine .500 season. Next year they could have the Toliet Bowl for the two teams in Division 1 that finish without wins.

No matter what the NCAA comes up with, there will be someone whining about being on the outside looking in.

Crash said...

I'm picking upset city this weekend:

Seahawks (Packers have played over their head the entire season)

Chargers (Lightning strikes twice in Indy)

Jags (I hate the Pats, they have shown to be vulnerable, Jags run for over 200 yds)

Giants (well, just bcz)

57 said...


Giants: (because I'll be there)
Indy: (because Rivers will never win a big game)
Jags: (Pats can't score when the O is on the sideline)
Packers: (you have to run to win in Green Bay in January and Shawn Alexander has worn a dress this year)

Jim Rice will get in next year.. his last chance.

Next Met to get in? Rickey Henderson!!

The NBA is fixed.

Jim Rome is getting old.

The Scooter said...

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that the Yankees have significant interest in Mike Cameron. Does this mean they are close to pulling the trigger on the Santana deal?

57, Ricky was a Yankee..or if anything an Oakland Athletic....NO ONE and I mean NO ONE considers him a Met.

old professor said...

Scooter,The Yankees have signed rightfielder Jason Lane to a minor league contract (which keeps him off of the 40 man). I cannot see the Yankees signing Cameron. There are some rumors out there that Oakland because of trading Swisher and losing Stewart to free agency are contemplating signing Cameron.

If the deal for Santana is left to Hank to make the decision, the trade will be done no matter what the cost to the club. The asking price is too high for Santana. Hanks actions brings back the concept of what destroyed the team in the late 80's.

The Scooter said...

I disagree, Prof.

What has Hank done that "brings back the concept of what destroyed the team in the late 80's"????

Other than the Torre debacle (which I blame more on Randy Levine), I think the Yankees have shown remarkable restraint this off season. Hank has never come off his position that he will definitely not trade 2 of the big three for Santana and that Joba is untouchable.

As for giving A-Rod the him or not, the guy sold Hank on his desire to remain a Yankee...and they decided that he was irreplaceable.

I need evidence that Hank is destroying the team, Prof...

The Scooter said...

Cameron to the Brewers on a one year deal!

Rosenthal------"The Yankees had aggressively pursued Cameron, but their decision to pass on him indicates that they are still considering a trade for Twins left-hander Johan Santana. They were not willing to absorb the salaries of both Cameron and Santana, sources say."

Crash said...

I'm surprised the Yankees had interest in Cameron. Decent OF, but middle of the road power, lower average, a little speed. He was decent at a lot, but not great at anything.

Scooter I agree with you. Hank has done nothing to destroy the foundation of youth. On the contrary, he has done everything to preserve it. If this was the young Steinbrenner from the early '80's there would be no young pitchers in the organization at all. They would have been traded last year for some BP balls.

It seems Old Prof. has been sipping some of that old cough medicine a bit early with that statement.

57 said...

Has anyone heard ANYthing from Omar Minaya?? Is he dead?

Crash said...

I think Minaya was so proud of the Milledge deal he took the rest of the winter off.

Some good news on the Yankee young pitching front. I just read that Sanchez (from the Sheffield trade) has started throwing and should be ready to pitch again shortly after the season starts. And the 2007 first round pick who had surgery in Aug. Has started "playing catch" and could be pitching in the minors after the all-star break.

57 you really going to Dallas for the game?

old professor said...

Regarding the Yankees recovering from surgery - Sanchez has started been rehabbing and is expected to be in the minor leagues by early May. Brackman is another story - he had the surgery in August and was expected to miss 12-18 mos. Even with a rehab program underway, Brackman would not pitch until August and best guess would be in the short season league.

Scooter, regarding Hank and the
80's, he has indicated he has not made the trade because of others within the organization pressuring him not to. There is every indication that if left alone to make the decision on getting Santana, he would give into the Twins demands. Regardless of how good Santana has been, I believe the asking price is much too high. Interestingly enough, Hank has indicated if this was Santana's free agent year, there would be no question he would throw all the money Santana wanted at him (may give Santana something to think about before a trade and extension talks come into play say with the Mets or Red Sox - would that statement be construed as a form of tampering?). One additional hangup with Santana is the length of the contract he is requesting. Santana wants a seven year deal and Mr. Steinbrenner has made it clear (I guess it is okay to use that term until he changes his mind) he favors a five year deal.

By the way has anyone heard how baseball is reacting to Mark Cubans offer to buy the Cubs. He has indicated he would be willing to compete in the spending game with any team except the Yankees and would be interested in having the Cubs create their own broadcast network. Apparently some of the good old boys in baseball are not pleased with him wanting into baseball.

Crash said...

I think Cuban would be good for baseball. Remember they didn't want Steinbrenner either. Having a Cubs network is very doable for Cuban. He already owns HD Net. Look whammy has done with Mavs, they were a laughing stock, now they are always in contention for a championship.

No comment on Santana...

57 said...

crash, I am here and I met Howard Cross and Carl Banks last night at dinner. Cross even left a message for Mid on his cell phone...because someone does not answer his phone.

Banks was the most underrated LB of all time.

The women in Dallas are INCREDIBLE!! (Simpson not withstanding)

Crash said...

G'Men heading to the Frozen Tundra next week. One win away from the Super Bowl. YEAH BABY!!!

Support the Troops