Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January 1, 2008

ESPN speculating that the Goose makes it into the Hall, and that Jim Rice will fall short. Official announcement is soon to come. I think they are both hall worthy if the writers/voters are willing to translate the numbers for the era in which they played.

Outside of tuning in for a few minutes of the Stanley Cup playoffs I don't really consider myself a hockey fan. I was today though. Anyone else catch the Sabres/Penguins game ? Outdoors, at Ralph Wilson Stadium, with Buffalo doing what Buffalo does in January - snowing. 73,000 fans, Ronan Tynan singing God Bless America, actually a good game, on a real channel - it was great, and just what the NHL needs to try and return to a more mainstream status of a sport. Hopefully it becomes an annual event - "The Winter Classic"

Seriously - I could give a shit about these college bowl games. Get a playoff and produce a real champion.

I'm curious to see what this Sunday's 60 Minutes interview will mean for Clemens . . . or for Mike Wallace for that matter. Outside of under oath level of testimony in front of Congress and on cable news feeds, my feeling is that Clemens is in a no-win situation.

When is someone going to let the cable news whores in on the secret that no one cares who Iowa thinks should be President?? I think the table is being set for a third party candidate: I am convinced that a Bloomberg/Gore ticket will soon be announced.

Happy New Year!


Mid said...

Also - Ravens firing the entire coaching staff. -- I think it is deserved, they have under achieved the last few years.

Crash said...

I didn't watch the Sabres game, was too busy watching the best bowl game of the year, Michigan beating Florida. NCAA should go to at least the "plus 1" format. Everyone seems to be all over a Georgia v. USC game.

I'm just happy the NFL playoffs are upon us. Then pitchers and catchers report 2 weeks after the Super Bowl.

Crash said...

Things are not looking good for Rocket. He admits to being injected with the infamous B12. I think that's what Tejada and Palmaero were taking.

When it's all said and done we will see Rocket making tearful apology for lying to us, it will be just like Marion Jones. Too bad.

The Scooter said...

I know you guys aren't D1 College Football fans, but you have to admit it was a highly entertaining year...and after a slow start to the bowl season we got a couple of real good ones when WVA slapped around "Big Game" Bob Stoops and the Sooners and Coach of the Year Mark Mangino takes his underdog Jayhawks into Miami and pulls a stunning upset over VaTech. Yea I want to see a playoff too, but any system that keeps USC out of the title game is good enough for me.

Britney Spears hospitalized for all around wackiness.....I'd still do her.

Mid said...

I just look at what games we could have had had we seen the top 8 in CF playoff. Given how many days between the final regular season and the BCS final I think it could be done.

Crash said...

I am a college football fan (for the record I follow Michigan), I thought the season was fantastic. The upsets were great and provided a lot of drama. I love seeing the traditional powerhouses threatened by the smaller conferences. I just think the BCS is a joke. At the very least they need to adopt the plus one format. I mean if a team like Ohio State can finish their season as the #4 or 5 ranked team, not play another single game and wind up in the Championship game within 3 weeks is just a joke, especially when their only big games were against Michigan and Illinois. I think they had the easiest schedule in all of NCAA football. The fact that LSU can be moved into the championship game over a team like Georgia for no logical reason is ridiculous.

If the NCAA is going to continue to use the BCS system, they need to do a couple things. First they should not consider any pre-season polls. This is an immediate bias, everyone should start the season ranked at #121 (or 125 or whatever it is) and work their way to the top. No official BCS ranking should come out prior to week 8. The BCS should remove all human subjective elements in their calculations(like considering the other 2 rankings). I'm not a stats major, but I'm certain a mathematical formula can be worked out to determine the best team based on wins, losses, quality wins, upset losses, strength of schedule, etc.

Looks like Clemens will be in front of Congress in about 10 days. This is about to get real interesting.

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