Thursday, February 07, 2008

One Week To Go . . .

One more week before the machine starts up again as pitchers and catchers are set to report. I'd like to see a lefty emerge that is bullpen worthy. Outside of that, I am fairly comfortable with the projected starting 5, as well as some of the prospects or fill-ins that could be making spot starts from time to time.

Johan was introduced in Queens. He looked nervous in his press conference. I think the realization set in that he's not in Kansas (aka Minnesota) anymore.

I'm OK with Cano's deal. I'm curious to see the arb results for Wang.


I have watched the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl everyday, twice a day, morning and night. I'm sure it'll get old at some point, but the afterglow from this championship remains. . . . still on cloud nine.


57 said...

How is the Pedro Martinez cock-fighting 'incident' even NEWSWORTHY??? WHO CARES?? Last time I checked, WE EAT CHICKEN!!! PETA can go scratch.... Dogs are one thing.. BUT CHICKENS??? REALLY???

Brian McNamee is a woman.

Crash said...

I don't even want to hear what Pedro did and what Vick did in the same sentence. Two totally different things, not on the same level, period end of story.

This whole Clemens/McNamee thing has really peaked my interest now. I really want to see the hearing next week. I don't really care who is telling the truth, but I'm interested in seeing if it comes out either way. I probably would have held onto the amps and pins too, then sold them on eBay after he got in the HOF.

Too bad for the Yankees Schilling is hurt. That seemed like the only Red Sox pitcher they could hit consistently.

Anyone interested in doing an on-line fantasy baseball league? Thought it may be fun for everyone on the board to do one. I'm sure we could get some other participants in to make at least 10 teams.

The Scooter said...

I am greatly offended by the whole cock-fighting incident....if for no other reason but the fact that I had to see the words "cock" and "Pedro Martinez" in the same sentence.

Crash said...

I just can't get the image out of my head of Pedro Martinez cockfighting with Juan Marichal...disturbing

old professor said...

Okay without getting two much into what Pedro did, with what he makes you would think he would find a better way to entertain himself. I can see Yankee Fans during the subway series wearing kentucky fried chicken baskets on their heads.

The news on Curt Shilling is not good. His career could be over with the best case scenario returning into the rotation in the late summer. Strange the news surfaces now. If the Red Sox knew the extent of the injury earlier they may have pulled the trigger on the Santana deal. Great news for Lester because it definately puts him into the rotation.

57 said...

Joba and Hughes for Beckett??? Would you do it??

I would be in for that baseball fantasy league, Crash.

57 said...

I have to post this again because I am outraged....


As for this race for the White House; first of all, when I get my rebate check, I will be the only American to send it back to the White House with a note to Bush saying that he can go shove my rebate up his ass. Most of America will spend the 'economic stimulus package' on shoes from China for other items that will stimulate other economies more than ours... RIDICULOUS!! SPEND THE MONEY ON DOMESTIC INFRASTRUCTURE!!! CREATE JOBS!!!

McCain will choose Huckabee to swell the conservatives in his favor... and I think Rush Limbaugh's head is going to explode.

Mark my words, Florida will be the thorn in the dems side once again. Hillary will lose by a handful of delegates to win the nomination and will petition that the state of Florida delegates that she 'won' in the primary should be counted even though the primary was moved up and out of guidelines. Will be into May before this thing is cleaned up.

Hillary's financial arrogance has hurt her. For her to 'borrow' 5 mil of her own money is probably a win for Obama. Obama raised 4 million... AFTER THE POLLS CLOSED ON TUESDAY NIGHT!!!! Hillary had to BORROW to raise that much. She only has 18 million left.. she's screwed if they dont have some major gifts.. but, again, one can't donate more than, I think, 4,300 a year. They need to press some new skin quickly. She won't make it...

The Scooter said...

57 why don't you put your rebate check to good use and buy a frigging clue? You may not agree with Bush or his policies, but he is our Commander in some respect. If Hillary or even Obama were to somehow become President, I wouldn't like it...but I also would not disrespect the office and the country I live in and love by "telling them to shove it". How old are you?

And if you plan on sending back your rebate check, then why don't you send back whatever you get on your tax returns too, because that is likely to go away if a Democrat gets in office.

57 said...

I love my country, I just get frustrated that the gov't thinks this is going to stimulate our country. It won't.

I don't really care, but I'd like to see Phoenix win it all now with Shaq!! He's really a good professional among a leauge of thugs and criminals.

Mets will begin the season 11-2


February is the worst Month for sports!!! This is the worst time of the year. What to do....


Brittney might off herself.

Mid said...

Today is the first day I have not watched the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.
Pavano worked out for a whopping 12 minutes in Tampa - he said he felt good. - 12 minutes of work, getting paid $12 million this year, why wouldn't he feel good?
Huckabee winning states when others are telling him to bow out - can he run the tables??

Ok, that's it - I'm going to go and watch the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

The Scooter said...

Just thought this was interesting...was reading an article in the Post about stadium naming rights. The new Giants/Jets stadium in East Rutherford is expected to fetch close to $30 mil a year from some lucky corporation...The Mets got $20 mil per year from Citigroup for their new stadium.

I wonder what the new Yankee Stadium would bring in? Maybe $40 Mil per year? Maybe $50?

Looks like we will never find is the first quote from Randy Levine that actually has some intelligence attached to it...go figure:

"The Yankee Stadium name is sacred," he said. "Yankee Stadium is the cathedral of baseball and would be unseemly for a naming rights deal."

old professor said...

The Yankees don't need to solicit bids for the Stadium. $50 to 60m more in income for that team is a drop in the bucket. Leave the name Yankee stadium.

Looking at some of the numbers of the utility guys the Yankees are bringing in, does not inspire awe. Whether it be Ensberg, Lane, or woodward, the highest batting average is .222. And they are looking at one of them getting moe time that Giambi. Mike Sweeney is still available and may give a better showing than any of those individuals.

Will be taking some time off from writing in. Got to go to Cancun and soak up some sun.

The Scooter said...

Cancun??? Damn you Prof!

and they have the internet in Cancun...we expect a daily weather report.

Crash said...

Actually I think both Sweeneys just signed, one to Oakland the other LA Dodgers. I always get them mixed up. But the good one went to Oakland on a minor league deal. I wouldn't take either one of them. One can't play at all, and the other is always on the DL.

Both Ensberg and Lane have PEDs written all over them. Very sub-par years, followed by "breakout" year, followed by more crap. Either the ball was juiced or these guys were...

Crash said...

The NY Post is saying that it's official Joba will start the season in the pen as Mo's set-up man. The Yankees may move him into the rotation later in the season if someone else can step up during the season.

This to me is a no-brainer. This move makes the entire pitching staff better.

The Scooter said...

I hate the move, Crash...although I understand they are only doing it because they are trying to limit his innings to 130-140 this I suppose it's understandable.

As far as strengthening the staff. I couldn't disagree with you more. I still think that Joba is much more valuable as a starter then as a 1 inning reliever, every other day.

Lots of pressure on Hughes this year, as we all know that the Yankees could have had Santana if Hughes (even without Kennedy) was still on the table at the end.

Mid said...

I have a feeling if Clemens does not take the 5th - he'll be doing the perp walk for purjury.

Mid said...

In much more uplifting news, and a sign that there is justice, sometimes slower than most would like, but there is justice in this world:

Hezbollah Terrorist Imad Mughniyeh was killed. It took a couple of decades, but he finally got his.

Mid said...

It's all over for Clemens. His opening statement was essentially perjury according to Pettitte and McNamee.

Crash said...

With most of the news the last couple of days being focused on Clemens, there was a report about John Rocker failing a drug test for PEDs back when he played for Texas. This was discussed as a secondary story and focused on baseball turning a blind eye and even having a league Dr tell players how to use PEDs.

What is getting no publicity, and in my opinion is THE STORY, is that Rocker specifically mentioned a group of players discussing steroids. In this group was ALEX RODRIGUEZ.

Most people dislike Jose Canseco, but like it or not he has been right about this whole thing and is the voice and "expert" for PEDs in baseball. When he suggested A-Rod was using PEDs prior to the Mitchell Report, it was kind of laughed off. He then came back after the Mitchell Report was released and said he can't believe A-Rod is not in it. Jose knows something, though he has never played with A-Rod and may have no first hand knowledge, I would think the guys using talk amongst each other and it wouldn't take long to hear if someone like A-Rod was in fact asking about, purchasing, or using.

If A-Rod is using, the dark days are not behind baseball. A-Rod just signed the biggest contract in the history of sports (again), he will have made somewhere in the area of a half a billion dollars. He was suppose to be the savior of the game. He was suppose to claim the all time HR record from that mean spirited, lying, cheating, drug using Barry Bonds. He was going to be the BEST EVER to play the game. Uh-oh...

When A-Rod is "officially" linked to steroids, HGH, or other PEDs I for one will not be shocked, and neither should any of you.

57 said...

What was accomplished today? Nothing.. it was an absolute circus that made a stop in the media thirsty, gossip happy, tabloid saturated USA. It was embarassing, frankly. They are both lying about many, many things. It all came back to all came back to Petitte and Roger's nanny...that part was pretty embarassing for Roger.

I am pretty embarassed that with all of the domestic and foreign problems we have that we wasted over 4 hours (Today) on this nonsense... Someone will go to jail, but probably not. Sad day for baseball, our government and America.

Mid said...

Plain as day - Clemens is lying. He and Barry will be sharing a cell.

Crash said...

57 the only thing you have to be embarassed about is the fact that you're a Mets fan.

McNamee stayed calm and cool under tough questions, criticism, and down right name calling by the committee members. Clemens on the other hand looked shaken and at times could not even formulate a sentence. He looked awful, his wife looked hot.

This one does not go in the W column for Clemens. He will be investigated and will have his own perjury case and share a cell with Bonds.

I want to read the depositions given by Pettitte and Knoblauch.

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