Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl 42


Wow, what a game.


old professor said...

Scooter, you were on the wrong side of history. The Pats finish 18-1. I guess the Patriots didn't have a video of the final Giants walk-through to help them with their play calling. Having said that, I would have never thought the Giants would have gotten this far. I have been critical of the quarterback, who came of age the last month, the coach, who could finally relate to his players and I was critical of the defensive play, which in the last four games came up huge.

I guess this is way they play the game and have to put all of the prognostications aside. The defense of the Giants handed Brady his lunch. He was never given time to go deep.

Spring training starts in a week and the yankee pitching staff with the young guns is in place.

On the political side it now looks like McCain will get the Republican nomination after his super Tuesday coronation.

Crash said...


That D-Line was awesome all night. The LBs played well. Even the secondary played well. They blew coverage on the 2 TD drives, but didn't let anything deep beat them. Both teams were totally gassed out in the 4th quarter.

Eli played great, he had one INT but that wasn't on him, Smith has to make that catch. Smith at times looked like a rookie, but made a huge play for a 1st down.

The escaped sack, scramble, throw across your body, acrobatic catch is the best play I think I've seen in Super Bowl history. I know football has "The Catch", "The Drive", and "The Immaculate Reception", I don't know what we will call that was kind of all of those wrapped into one, it was amazing.

G-Men are CHAMPS!!!

The Scooter said...

WOW.....I didn't see THAT coming.

Stunned, shocked, name it.

Looks like there was in fact a "Team of Destiny" playing on Sunday, Prof....I just had the wrong team.

Game ball to Steve Spagnolo. I sure hope he doesn't take the Redskins job.

Some thoughts:

-Justin Tuck is a BEAST
-Osi Uminyora is a MONSTER
-Michael Strahan is annoying..but a Hall of Famer

-David Tyree made the greatest catch in Super Bowl history...Forget Dwight Clark...Forget Swann and Stalworth...Between Eli's escape and the grab by Tyreee, I think that just might be the greatest PLAY in Super Bowl History. ( beat me to is Crash)

and speaking of about "Manning Up"....the kid is a stud...the Giants have their franchise QB.

Some more thoughts...

-Props to the Giants O-Line
-Plaxico Burress is a warrior
-Trade Shockey
-I'm a hypocrite, but I'm happy for Tom Coughlin

Gotta go...I have to take my Patriots Flag off of my porch.

See you boys at Spring Training.

57 said...

Scooter... serves you right. It is the old addage, 'never forget where you came from'.. you should have been Giants all the way.

That being said, Tiki Barber will go down in history as the biggest asshole never to win a Super Bowl.

I am extremely happy for Coughlin and the Mannings... and to be honest, the best post game footage was Peyton and Eli talking at Eli's locker. Uncut, and unedited... true happiness both ways.

Everyone is right, possibly the greatest Super Bowl ever and no doubt the greatest play ever between Manning and (Syracuse Orangeman) David Tyree.

Best Commercial? Coke. Worst Commercial? Every single career commercial...the heart one quitting was the worst and most disturbing.

Yesterday was proof that the defense pays the mortgage and the offense just makes the house look nice. Pure physical football, executed properly, will beat a finesse team 9 times out of 10.

Justin Tuck could have very well won the MVP as well... 6 tackles, 2sacks and constant pressure.. you truly could have given it to the front 4 as well.

I cannot wait to see the ticker tape parade... the first one since 9/ downtown Manhattan. Kind of fitting as we all saw ground zero in the pre-game.. that is going to be a great parade!!

Congratulations New York Giants!

Crash said...

I must have watched the highlights about a thousand times, yesterday. The Alford sack on Brady in the 4th Quarter is the best hit of the game. There's another good one where Jacobs blocks and basically destroys a blitzing DB.

I'm still amazed at the "Great Escape" play.

57 said...

What does Clemens' 5 hour meeting tell you?

Peter N said...

Congrats to you, my blog friend. It's Peter, from you-know-where, and the Pats were outcoached on the defensive front, which is supposed to be Belichick's forte. Again, I'm glad you're so happy...I saw the parade on cable yesterday (Tuesday). I'll be talking to you as baseball '08 approaches. Again, I hope you're proud of your football team. I would be... they're the best!! Peter

Peter N said...

And yes, I'm a huge Red Sox (and Pats) fan, but the Giants are to be fact, I just did! Take care, my friends. If you like a Sox blog, I think my place is listed here. Not much baseball news...yet. All of you Giants fans should bask in this glow of that wonderful performance by your team, and maybe during the '08 baseball season, visit my place...thanks.

Peter N said...

MR, I just added you on my link list. I did not realize you weren't there in the first place. I'm sorry. I have a favor to ask of you, yes you. Can you change the name of my blog on your link list to read this...PETER'S RED SOX FOREVER...that would be so great. Let me know, okay? Have a great Wednesday, and to all your readers, take a look at my blog once or twice. Especially when the Yanks and the Sox are playing a three or four game series. Your comments are LAALWAYS welcome...middle relief leaves them all the time, and they're always

Peter N said...

...great comments. I had a phone call and could not finish my thoughts. I just did, though. I think.

Mid Relief said...

Peter - no problem will adjust later tonight.

Crash said...

Mid that's very gracious giving love for a blog dedicated to the rival.

I checked it out and will be dropping in there every once in a while.

I don't mind talking Yankees - Red Sox with a Red Sox fan as long as both sides are open to honest analysis from a logical stand point.

Peter don't be a stranger on this side either.

old professor said...

Yankees are in the process of finalizing the deal with Cano and have signed Brian Bruney. Anyone concerned that the bullpen could be a real serious question mark? Apparently the only sure spots to go north when the team breaks camp (barring injury) are Rivera, Farnsworth and Hawkins. No lefthanded pitcher (Henn, Igwa and Wright are the only lefties going to camp as possible relievers).

Wang is still headed into arbitration. They should offer him a contract for three years and have it done with.

old professor said...

A brief note to Mid and Scooter - Romney suspends campaign leaving a two person race - McCain vs Huckabee. About two weeks and a few blogs ago, I indicated not to be surprised to see a McCain/Huckabee ticket. That seems more of a reality today. Having said that there are those that believe McCain should pick Bill Frist the former senator from Tenn. (Why I don't know, but anything is possible). Rush Limbaugh has to be absolutely livid because he hates McCain - well I guess Rush can look in the mirror and realize he is irrelevant to politics.

Mid said...

I have a feeling that McCain will be booed at CPAC. I heard a bit of Mitt's speech today. Like Al Gore, he saved his best stuff for the concession...

Under McCain, Huck, Obama, or Hillary: The South West becomes apart of Mexico again, tax rates go up for any household with an income above $100k, and the Dept. of Defense gets merged into the Peace Corps - the next coming of France.

The Scooter said...

Actually, McCain is quite "hawkish", Mid. I don't have many concerns about his foreign policy....his domestic policy, however is a mystery to everyone. I guess we will soon find out.

I think who the democratic nominee is will have great bearing on whom McCain chooses as his running mate, Prof. If Obama gets the nomination, then he is going to take the south regardless of who McCain chooses, so he may not pick Huck OR Frist if that is the case (maybe he goes with Giuliani or Tommy Thompson). If Hillary wins the nom, then McCain will undoubtedly pick a southerner, because the south will be easy pickings with a "favorite son" on the ticket.

Who's the Red Sox dude? First we let a Mets fan in here and now a Sox fan? What's next, a Frenchman?

57 said...

Peter N ~ I personally thank you for Bill Buckner...

As for this race for the White House; first of all, when I get my rebate check, I will be the only American to send it back to the White House with a note to Bush saying that he can go shove my rebate up his ass. Most of America will spend the 'economic stimulus package' on shoes from China for other items that will stimulate other economies more than ours... RIDICULOUS!! SPEND THE MONEY ON DOMESTIC INFRASTRUCTURE!!! CREATE JOBS!!!

McCain will choose Huckabee to swell the conservatives in his favor... and I think Rush Limbaugh's head is going to explode.

Mark my words, Florida will be the thorn in the dems side once again. Hillary will lose by a handful of delegates to win the nomination and will petition that the state of Florida delegates that she 'won' in the primary should be counted even though the primary was moved up and out of guidelines. Will be into May before this thing is cleaned up.

Hillary's financial arrogance has hurt her. For her to 'borrow' 5 mil of her own money is probably a win for Obama. Obama raised 4 million... AFTER THE POLLS CLOSED ON TUESDAY NIGHT!!!! Hillary had to BORROW to raise that much. She only has 18 million left.. she's screwed if they dont have some major gifts.. but, again, one can't donate more than, I think, 4,300 a year. They need to press some new skin quickly. She won't make it...

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