Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yanks Back to Even

All three wins this season have come in games when with the team has scored 3 runs or less.

After 13 innings of work Wang has two wins an ERA of 1.38. I'm going to go ahead and up my predicted win total one more time and say he's going to notch 24, and maybe win the Cy Young this year.

What a difference a year makes. Last season I don't think Mo had more than one save after April. One full week in and he's got three already.

When will the bats get going?

It is a long season, a lot can change, but one thing I know for sure right now is that the Rays and the Jays have closed the gap - no doubt about it.


57 said...

Mets can't win in Atlanta... mental block. If the Cards did not beat the Braves in the 2000 divisional series, the Mets would have not went to the WS that year.

The Bullpen was HAMMERED this weekend... both starting pitchers left the game down only 1 run (4-3) (1-0), and in both cases we lose by 2 or more. Ominous start for the pen...

Did Pettitte say he's coming back to pitch in the new stadium?

old professor said...

Regarding Mid's fearless forecast about Wang - It is April and you already have him set to win 24 games - that's balance because you probably have Mussina losing 24 games. Wang will probably lead the Yankees in win, but I doubt he will win twenty-four games (he also has to stay healthy). Not bad for a pitcher the Yankees don't want to talk contract with.

Regarding Mo and the number of saves this year compared to last - this year he has had the opportunity to come in to save games, last year the Yankees were either being blown out or blowing out their competition so there was little need for Mo. One thing consistent with this year and last, the Yankees still have trouble with the bottom feeding teams. There is no way Tampa should be winning two of the first three against them.

57, giving up on the Mets already?? I did not realize the Mets are the oldest team in baseball. Their age will show by August (Alou will be back by then so at 42 he might be able to produce some offense).

How about those Tigers 0-6. They were considered a lock to runaway and hide in the Central. Swept by the Royals and the White Sox. Too bad they aren't going to the stadium to play the Yankees.

Mid said...

Tigers are the Yankees of the 80s.

I think the Rays are for real. BJ Upton might be the best CF in the AL.

Um, Baltimore is 6-1. How did that happen?

57 said...

Prof, I am not giving up on them, but Santana deserves better offense (albeit they were facing Smoltz) I just hope that the bullpen outing is not a microcosm of what we will see all year.

Crash said...

Actually Old Prof, the Yankees did want to offer Wang a 4 year deal (similar to Cano's), but he said no thanks I'll go to arbitration.

It's just the first week of a 6 month season so predictions off of performance this week mean little. I agree with Mid, the Rays are coming. If they can get consistent pitching they will make noise. Baltimore starting 4-1 is a good start for them, especially taking the first 3 from Seattle, who everyone has winning the West. I'm pretty sure they will come back to Earth later this month as the play the Rays, Toronto, and the Yankees. I'm also pretty sure the Tigers won't go 0-162...though you never know. Other "Wow" moments from this week:

The NL Central is HOT

Brew-Crew and Cards out fast
Brewers will go as far as Ben Sheets will carry them. They start out beating up the Cubs and Giants.
Cards also off to their best start in years. Rick Ankiel, not Albert Pujols, is leading the way of the offense.

The Reds are loaded with young talent. Not only do they have the best prospect in the game (Jay Bruce) in AAA, another Top 10 guy playing 1B (Joey Votto) and last years #2 pitching prospect at AAA (Homer Baily) but Cueto and Volquez are fantastic. They both had great springs and deserved to be pitching with big club. Remember what Lirano did 2 years ago...both of these guys have that type of electric stuff.

old professor said...

Crash, just a quick note - the Brewers started out fast last year and led their division for most of the first half of the season and eventually tailed off. It will happen the same way this year. Orioles will not be in contention this year. I would really like to see the Tigers finish 0-162 maybe that would shut Sheffield up or he might ask for a trade to the Angels.

As for the Reds, they do have some young talent that will be the start of turning the franchise around. If the young players plan out, they will contend for a long time.

The Scooter said...

First Week:

The Good-

Wang is pitching like a true ace

Joba/Mo is quite possibly the most dangerous weapon in the American League (and I still think Joba will wind up being more valuable in the rotation)

Pleasantly surprised with Bruney and Trabor

Phil Hughes looks real

Matsui swinging the bat well

A-Rod picking up where he left off last year

The Bad-

Giambi on the shelf

Cano at the plate

Posada has a bad wing

Johnny Damon

The Ugly-

Ian Kennedy's first start

Girardi missing two games because of a cold

Farnsworth and Hawkins already getting booed

The Mets bullpen

57 said...

I have to give Mid props on calling the Brewers start would peter out by year's end, last year. Let's hope is does this year as well.

Scooter, you're calling for Joba in the ro, but does that not mean he would have to go down to the minors for a few starts to get 'stretched out'?? I would think so.. and if that is the case, I will be sitting front row at Frontier Field in Rochester to see one of his starts. Would be the most watched game here since El Duque was here.

The Scooter said...

57, I guess I'm thinking more "long term" with Joba. I can see him staying in the pen all year, especially when Cashman goes out and gets Roy Oswalt at the trading deadline.

57 said...

oh and Crash, there will be severe repercussions if you DO NOT enroll in your new upcoming employee benefit!

57 said...

Scooter.. Im sorry, Oswalt is going to the Mets. Pagan and Pelfrey for Oswalt.

Crash said...

Scooter I was all excited thinking you were going to see the light and admit Joba was more valuable in the pen.

If Farnsworth and Hawkins pitch like they did on Saturday you can forget about Joba being moved to the rotation. I think they combined for 7 runs in 1 inning???

The Brewers will not fade this year. The Reds may, but not the Brewers. The Brewers get their young stud pitcher back probably next week from knee problems (Y. Gallardo). I'm predicting Ben Sheets finally stays healthy, because it's his contract year. He wants to get paid like an ace, he has to prove he can pitch like one...for a full season.

On the other hand, if the Brewers do fall out of it early, and Sheets is healthy, look for the Yankees to make a trade offer. They were very high on him a couple of years ago.

Mid said...

You take out Hawkins and the Pen has only gave up 2 earned runs.

I view Mo and Joba as a singular unit.

Ross O, Farnsworth, and Bruney have done well relatively speaking.

As long as they don't get burned out over this initial stretch perhaps it'll show that we have the best Pen in the AL

Crash said...

I think the Yanks bullpen maybe the most underrated pen in the league.

Mid I'm surprised you haven't said anything about Hawkins wearing #21. When he was imploding on Saturday some of the fans were actually chanting "Paul O'Neil"...

57 said...

Well, Captain got hurt... how long? and everyone was poking fun at Pedro...

Today marks the 34th anniversary of the REAL home run record set by Hank Aaron. April 8th, 1974. 715. He was snapple (all natural).

Mets open at home today and it is too bad that Pelfrey gets the nod. 6-4 Phillies... they need to go out and get Oswalt now or pick up someone on waivers... We MUST be Philly in this series.

The Scooter said...




Jeter will be fine 57, a few days tops. Thanks for your concern....and it's time for you to realize that the Mets have so little left in their farm system that they couldn't pull off a trade for Lee Harvey Oswalt...never mind Roy Oswalt.

Mid said...

I'm holding off on commenting more on the #21 thing - (saving it for future material).

Abreu a double short of cycle.

It pains me to say it - Moose pitched well -

57 said...

Scooter, we can manage a trade of Angel and Pelfry and maybe even Heilman for Oswalt... the problem is, we cannot rely on Sosa and Feliciano in the bullpen. Here's to praying that Sanchez has a full recovery awfully soon.

old professor said...

I had to take a nitro pill, Mid actually said Moose pitched well. Pretty brief statement Mid considering Mussina was lights out with the exception of one pitch. The crew in the box have attributed pitchers' early successes to Dave Eiland's insistence on pitching inside (something Mussina refused to do last year).

Regarding the injury to Jeter - offensively he has not been a major factor yet and defensively the Yankees improve with whomever they play at short.

One mystery to this point is the disappearance of Shelly Duncan from any playing time. I realize he had to serve a two game suspension, but I would have believed he would have been a better choice last night at first than Morgan Ensberg.

As for the possibility of the Astos trading Oswalt, you guys have been spending too much time in bars. No way, no how will they trade the only ace on their staff. The only way it happens is if Oswalt goes in and asks for and then approves a trade.

Crash said...

First...I'm not jumping on the Moose band wagon. 1 good outing in the last 12 months doesn't change anything...yet. If he strings 3 or 4 of these together then let's talk about the rejuvenated Mussina, but not after 1 decent start against a team he has always dominated against, that has finished last in the league (not just the division) for the better part of a decade.

Second, Oswalt isn't going anywhere. He just signed a long term deal last season that keeps him with the Astros until 2011 with a team option for 2012, AND he has a full no trade clause. So 57, you need to look elsewhere. The only place that would be willing to trade a starting pitcher may be Oakland. Rich Harden, Joe Blanton, or Justin Duchscherer are all probably available for the right price.

Mid said...

Old Prof - try reading Yankees news or catch a pre-game show now and then to get the scoop on your story before typing.

Duncan's suspension was in effect Monday. Thus, Morgan was the only option.

So, . . Jeter left the game early walking funny, and Pettitte was in the dugout with a smile one his face . . . coincedence??

The Scooter said...

Mid, you seem to have this strange fascination with homo-eroticism in the Yankee clubhouse.

Anything you want to tell us?

Crash said...

An odd 4:10 start time for today's game against KC.
Mets up early on the Phills
BoSox leading Detroit
1st Place Baltimore is leading after 4.

57 said...

Are you serious with this Mets bullpen??? Awful.. I was a little surprised that Perez was pitching today, although I should not have been.. and he left the game and the Mets were up.

Mets are in DEEP trouble. Forget a starter, we need a closer.

Beltran for Joba, straight up.

57 said...

I meant we need a STOPPER... we have a closer.

Mid said...

Wow, I am finding a high level of satisfaction in the Tigers start to the '08 season.

At yesterdays' hearings you had 3 prez candidates, 2 very clear positions - 2 were looking for ways to define defeat, and the other looking for ways forward.

I hate it when I don't realize there's an early start to the games. I didn't even catch any of the game until the mid of the 6th, when I thought I was tuning in for the pregame show.

ARod 4ks?

Beltran for Joba - are you crazy?

Crash said...

57 the Yanks pulled out of the Beltran sweepstakes when he was free agent when all they had to do was pay him. Why would they trade anyone, let alone Joba, for him now. Keep wishing 57. The Mets better find a way to beat Philly or it's going to be a long year.

Mid I agree, I am finding great delight in the Tigers poor start, but not at the expense of giving Boston a win. Can anyone stop Baltimore? They got another win yesterday. They are getting pitching and hitting...I know, still early. It was just a couple years ago Lee Mazzilli had them in 1st place at the all star break right.

The Scooter said...

Anybody want to give me "the field" vs Tiger this week at Augusta?

No, I didn't think so.

old professor said...

So much to comment on and so little time to do so. First regarding Mid's comments on defining defeat and moving forward. If moving forward means keeping American troops in Iraq to keep the three distinct ethnic groups who hate each other from killing each other off, sign me up for defeat. Until you have experienced the issue of war or carefully talked with veterans who are returning after their third tour of duty, don't be so cavalier about sending America's young to die for a bunch of ignorant towel heads who don't understand or want democracy.

As for Baltimore, Crash is right, Maz had them in first place for a long time before they collapsed and eventually he got fired. Same will happen this year. They don't have the pitching nor do they have the line up to compete over a 162 game schedule. I am also extremely happy the Tigers have gone into the tank. Their starting pitching has turned out to be a shadow of what it was, their bullpen is a train wreck and their offense is non-existent. The last time they started 0-7 in a season, they lost 110 games.

Hughes by the way stunk up the stadium in KC. He was inconsistent, and seemed distracted from concentrating on pitching. In addition, don't be surprised if Posada has to have season ending shoulder surgery.

The Scooter said...

I'm sorry...Prof's rant just can not go unanswered:

It's called building a much needed democratic foothold in the Middle East, Prof. THAT'S why we are still there and that's why we can't leave until the job is done.

"If moving forward means.....sign me up for defeat"

That's the difference between a liberal and a conservative. A liberal is always looking for a reason to retreat.

I have a feeling the Tigers have a run or two in them. I wouldn't throw dirt on them just yet.

Prof, are you just making things up again or do you have any insight on the Posada injury? Throwing out the term "season ending surgery" is not exactly "responsible" on your part unless you know something we don't know.

Middle Relief said...

Like the 1860s and the 1970s, the lefties will find themselves burdened with being on the wrong side of history yet again.

Crash said...

Mid nice of you to point out 2 decades in this country's history for you to hang your hat on.

I didn't hear season ending surgery for Posada but I did hear DL.

Middle Relief said...

Um, what was happening in those decades that I highlighted?

Those things only happen every so often.

57 said...

Crash, check out Delgado's stats so far.

old professor said...

Quick history lesson Mid, if you really meant the 1860's, this country was engaged in a Civil War over the issue of States' Rights. In essence, how much can the federal government step on states in regulating what goes on within the states (e.g. slavery, and the right for a state to leave the union). The south rejected the concept of Federal Government interference in favor of a state being able to run its own affairs (somethings never change), the Northern States led by Lincoln were inclined to allow the federal government to dictate to the states (hmmm, sounds pretty liberal to me).[Oh in case your were not aware, the liberal North kicked the south's ass]. Now on the other hand if you were referring to the 1960s- flower power, Kennedy (that would be John Kennedy, Mid), Cuban Missle Crisis, Bay of Pigs Invasion, the advent of the Drug Culture and love-ins and oh yes massive anti-war demonstrations against the war in Viet Nam. Other than that, I can't remember too much more.

In the 70's, you were conceived and delivered, recovery from the 1960's, and anti-war demonstrations against the war in Viet Nam (Hey hey ho ho, Nixon must go. My favorite however was dick Nixon before be dicks you).

Oh yes and Nixon had a surge of his own as he tried to use B-52s to bomb North VietNam back to the stone age. Did lead to peace talks and the US withdrawing from the war claiming we were able to preserve democracy. April 1975, South VietNam fell as the troops we trained dropped their weapons and ran like hell (parallels in history just never end do they?).

Oh and did I forget to mention that as part of the agreement we wrote off approximately 2,000 men missing in action.

Scooter, regarding Posada, the MRI did not show any structural damage, but he claims he has a dead arm and it is not getting any better. The injury occurred while throwing ackwardly to second base in cold weather. If he doesn't get better within a few days watch the news get worse.

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