Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yanks Blanked In KC

I like that Girardi was thinking outside the box for the game and opted to start the pen over the starter in anticipation of a rain delay - too bad the weather didn't fully cooperate by raining harder for a stoppage as expected though.

Bruney is stepping it up in '08.

I did not know that Traber is a former first round draft pick (Mets).

When I saw that Farney was coming out for a 2nd inning I knew the game was over.

Only the Tigers and Giants have scored fewer runs than the Bombers in '08.

Looks like both Posada and Jeter will be back for the Sox series on Friday.


The Scooter said...

Can we get a little love for the New York Rangers?

I know your guys beloved Sabres are nowhere to be found now that the playoffs have started, but at least Chris Drury might get a chance to drink from the Cup this year.

57, didn't we have a bet as to who would go farther in the playoffs, the Rangers or the Sabres?

Mid said...

The NY Rangers? Is that the law enforcement TV series that Chuck Norris acted in?

Crash said...

I liked the way Bruney stepped up. Farnsworth had a chance with a clean slate this year and he's doing everything to work himself back into the dog house and only pitch in mop up games.

Kennedy has had 2 bad outings now. Wonder how long Joe will stick with him.

I don't know if I like Andy starting tonights game. I would have thought having him, Wang, and Mussina pitch in Boston would be better. At least we'll see if Hughes can adjust to the rivalry.

Though the rivalry so far this year will be to stay out of last place in the East.

old professor said...

I am not sure why you classify Kennedy's outting as bad. It was pouring rain, Matsui did not get back on the ball hit to left allowing it to fall for a double and a run scored. He is what he is - an adequate #5 starter. Girardi's decision to not start Kennedy may have been considered a new approach, but from a pitching standpoint, you must prepare yourself mentally and get ready. Kennedy is told less than an hour before the game he is not going to start and may get in if the game goes beyond 5 innings. So turn the switch off let your emotions slip and sit for four innings and watch others do what you have been preparing to do. Not necessarily something you can ask a rookie to do.

Offensively, the Yankees look like a very old ball club. Giambi seems lost, Damon disinterested, and Matsui leads the team with 2 homeruns. They send Shelly Duncan down to Triple A to bring up a rookie who can field but can't hit. He seemed surprised when his drive to left was not caught. Cano may now feel the weight of his new contract and is pressing. Sad commentary when it is Molina and Abreu leading the team in hitting.

Scooter, don't throw me into the mix as a Sabres fan. Never was never will be. Rangers are the only successful team to currently inhabit the garden (wonder if any of them can play basketball - it is obvious the current Knicks can't).

Mid said...

I think we have the two best catchers in the league right now. Too bad only one of them is healthy enough to play.

Maybe with the bull pen used up they'll look to bring up Patterson. On the starting Ro, give Kennedy one more chance - if it doesn't work bring up Horne.

Mid said...

Getting back to one non baseball thing, I mentioned in the prior post about the lefties being on the wrong side of history again and Crash and Old Prof didn't know what I was referring to when I said the 1860s and 1970s.
In the 1860s there was a little skirmish going on, an unpopular President running for re-election, a hysterical media, and the opposition calling for the end of the war because it wasn't worth it. I know, it sounds familar doesn't it? Fortunately, the President didn't listen to media and the Dems and the Union was preserved, and an end to slavery.
In the 1970s, another war, and the call to vacate without concern for concquence was being led by you know who (Media, Dems). This time the CIC listened and they pulled out and promptly brought up the death of a couple million innocent private civilians.
That is what I was referring to about being on the wrong side of history. Those being two of the more indisputable times, but at every single major event in history their way has rarely been proven to be the right way (with exception to Truman and JFKs call to bear any burden)

See what I'm saying on this as it related to Tuesday's hearings?

Crash said...

Prof last time I checked it was raining for both teams. Kennedy comes in after the heavy rain has already gone by, starts off with a walk to Gordon, a double to Gload and, then a base hit to Buck. That's what I mean by bad. Maybe you classify bad, as 8 innings, 6 hits, and allowed 0 runs through the heavy rain. That's what Greinke did for the Royals.

The offense is definitely old. Damon needs to go, thankfully Giambi's contract is up. Cano started slow last year too.

I'm getting a sinking feeling this may be a long year.

Middle Relief said...

Well, we knew the success of the season was going to fall two cornerstones - the young pitchers (1 good outing of 3) and health (Jeter, Posada, Giambi).

Maybe we need to reload with the Karstens and Igawa.

The Scooter said...

Well pitched game by Pettitte...Bats came alive and and JoMo slams the door.

Just like you draw it up.

I'm very interested to see how Girardi manages against the Red Sox.

old professor said...

Mid, regarding your review of history, please check my response in your previous posting. It is much more historically accurate than your reference of the Civil War as a little Skirmish. That little skirmish killed over 600,000 Americans.

I can't believe I am reading Mid suggesting bringing Igwa back up. As for Karstens, I believe he may still be on the disabled list - could be wrong.

Crash, statistically, this season is comparing closely with the 1989 Season, which by the way was a long season. Hopefully the ship gets righted. On a brighter note, they are still ahead of last year's pace and the Red Sox are still in the basement.

Mid said...

OP - you have serious mental problems. A two year old possess a higher level of reading comprhension if you could not notice sarcasm.

Mid said...

The Yanks are at least .500 after 10 games. Better than last year.

Mid said...

I'm going to be interested to see how Wang does in Boston.

This is the one team, the one place, that seems to do in Wang everytime. If he does good well tonight, you know its going to be a great year for him.

57 said...

I'm reading a book that claims the founding fathers were basically a farce and more interested with selfish legacy agendas rather than the people's independence. The whole premise that we became free.... Sorry, the WHITE man became free. Why did they not abolish slavery at the time??? Valid question. As many triumphs as they were, there were as many tragedies. Jefferson was a joke and angel pagan will win the NL rookie of the year.

Crash said...

Pagen does look pretty good. But Willie will give the job back to Alou when he comes back regardless of Pagen's performance.

The Red Sox hit really well off of Wang, as a team they bat over .300, but that's scewed a little bit because Ortiz and Manny own him. I believe both are hitting at least .500, Manny may be closer to .600, and each have multiple HRs off of Wang. He has a losing record in Fenway with an ERA over 6.

Bucholz and Beckett haven't found their grove yet. Hopefully the Yanks can take advantage of that.

57, good pitching match up on Saturday at Shea: Ben Sheets vs. Santana. Sheets has looked dominate early. Last week Santana was out-pitched by Smoltz (ok, maybe not out-pitched, but a loss all the same)will the same thing happen this week?

Crash said...

I thought Wang was going to go No-No on the Sox last night.

That was an impressive outing. Giambi's bat may finally be coming out of hibernation. Cano just needs to snap out of it now.



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